Friday, November 11, 2005

h&m does stella mccartney

H&M's Stella McCartney line launches today. I've set a reminder on my dopod to remind Sophiekins at 10am UK time (coincidentally when the store opens) to check the line out for me. My instruction was to buy everything in size 12 (H&M cuts are miniscule) and then return whichever I don't fancy after extensive scrutiny. Mmmy joined in the bandwagon so Sophiekins's duty is to buy for 3, herself included.

I don't know what's f*cking wrong with the H&M site. It's exceptionally slow and stupid. I'm not sure it's the bloody sh*tass server or the fact the whole f*cking world is probably trying to access to the same webpage. So here I am staring into the screen, waiting for the bloody flash to load.

Waiting for the bloody flash to load.

So so anticipating the line. It's couture at high-street prices!! Sophiekins regrets being too indecisive thus belated with last year's Karl Lagerfeld. Keke fortunate for me, I snapped up Lagerfeld's stuff cepat-cepat... Couldn't linger anyway 'cos I was due home. If it wasn't for the horrid currency difference, I would have bought his entire line. I shouldn't complain. I did manage to score myself a demure chiffon blouson, a prom-ish frock, LBD and 2 shirts. The collection looked so Chanel. *snap snap* for fashion!!

I wonder who's gonna be the next guest celebrity designer. I'm thinking it could be Tom Ford 'cos he just retired from Gucci. I mean so far designers who left their houses seem to be collaborating with H&M: Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), Stella McCartney (Chloe ) so who knows I strike jackpot with Ford for H&M ;D

Afew of my ultimate favourite items from the collection. The runway was made ala musical chairs. Quite an original idea.

In the end, b*tch with embellished cardi couldn't stand to lose and pulled the chair of floaty dress girl. Poor piece of shit. Damn kau vile-lah the modelling world.

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