Sunday, November 13, 2005

g*d only knows

I just came back from upstairs. Was consulting Miss PunitPunit about the Opthalmology dept. She’s done with it all and is currently packing up to leave for good in mid-December. I sure wish I was her. Thank goodness I met Miss KhaiKhai and Miss TharaThara on the plane. They suddenly reminded me of Miss PunitPunit and Ah Vi… those people must know much about internship since they just finished it. So she was out 'till about 3 am and it was only then that she called me… I was already in la-la-land by then so it’s fortunate she missed-call me ‘cos I didn’t hear the message beep at all. I quickly ran up to her place only to realize other than my own room, I have NEVER ventured to unknown pastures. That’s the person that I am I suppose. I don’t take risks and I don’t explore. So there I was on the 1st floor of my halls and I didn’t know WHERE to go. Weird ah? Luckily she came out to find me. She has some material that might be related for the pretest. I’m gonna study it KAUKAU today. Gotta sleep first though. Have tons of mundane chores to do:
  1. Buy detergent + fabric softener + Toilet Duck for the maid
  2. Clear my desk
  3. Reload my mobile pulsar (credit)
  4. Get some foodstuffs that are braces-friendly
  5. Photocopy notes
  6. Pay the tailor (for my internship lab coat + scrubs + curtains although one of ‘em was TOO damn short that I shouldn’t even be charged for it!!)
  7. Get drinking water (Aqua by Danone) which comes in gallon-form
I was late for my flight. I was too f*cked to set my alarm (odd since I ALWAYS set the alarm for the airport) and left Dddy to do it for me. Aiya the old man told me he fixed it for 04:45 which leaves ample time for the journey but instead he fixed it for 05:45. We lost an hour!! Suddenly had to rush to the airport and what frustrates me is that I don’t know if I got everything or not with the commotion. Bloody crap. I urged Dddy to step on it ‘cos we’re in a f*cking Compressor but yet I see bloody Volvos and BMWs zipping past us in the fast lane. We SHOULD be able to go faster than this… unfortunately something was way wrong (just when we need it the most) with the f*cking engine-lah ‘cos the moment he hit 150 km/h, the gear automatically shifts down a notch. What th…?!! So to be safe we didn’t dare go anything beyond 120-130 km/h. Crap. When we need to be real quick this bloody car doesn’t seem to wanna show us its optimum use. I pushed my trolley like a bag-lady on fire with all my crap piled upon it. I know Miss MasMas is gonna scream if she sees that I had brought another piece of IKEA furniture to Indon: under-the-bed plastic storage [eh I really needed this, the books were starting to mould and I don’t want lizards / cockroaches infesting my sh*t] which measures about 1.5 x 1.5 m each (I brought 2). Since there was only 10 mins left till the counter closes, I know it’s impossible that I should wait through the queue ‘cos it was like a kilometer long!! Quickly consulted one of the staff handling the people about and I found that I could check-in at a special last-minute counter. There was a choice of 2… young balding boy or dark ugly man. Uh… now people don’t realize there is a big step into choosing who checks you in ‘cos a nicer person will waiver more weight off the penalty charges. Female staffs are the worst. Thank goodness they were both male but who to choose ah? I decided to go with dark ugly man. He had just fined the person before me properly… hmm might have been a mistake choosing him but when I look over to the neighbouring counter, young balding boy was being all stern with the old couple ‘bout the fine. OK-lah at least dark ugly man didn’t have such a strict disposition. When it finally came to my turn he had to lug luggage to the belt and handed me to this geeky malay boy on the other side. I don’t know if it was my SHEER luck or the fact the fella seems blur-blur ‘cos he didn’t charge me OVERWEIGHT!! Wahhh, immediate check-in and NO WEIGHT PENALTY?!! Super. Didn’t feel that bad after that. So reminded Mmmy to take a complimentary NST newspaper, courtesy of AirAsia, for Dddy as I rushed to KFC on my own to buy a stash of large mash potatoes to last me the weekend. I tend to tighten my braces a couple of days before I leave so I usually buy soft food like mash (Indon KFC don’t serve mash) in a bulk so I don’t have to think about food throughout the weekend or at least till I get things settled. Mona was terpinga-pinga that I boarded the plane so late ‘cos I’m NEVER late. I’m usually the first to enter / exit the plane. It’s a record for me this trip… check-in 06:45.

Thought of typing up some previous entries since I got them all on small written notes but maybe later today. I should get some sleep so I can get stuff done (especially some studying) before Monday kicks in. Have been doing a lot of backdated entries recently like ‘departure lounge’ etc… Still waiting for Sophiekins to post me my pics (I prefer to get the entries in with the images in one shot) since I didn’t have a camera in UK and had to use her Kodak as Dddy had to use his for Spain and my Sony DSC-P1 kongkiau already. I didn’t even know the bloody Kodak has zoom. As a result, had been taking miniscule pictures of the Eiffel since I wasn’t familiar with her camera. Was considering getting a Contax I4R but I don’t think it’s sold in Malaysia. T3 November 2005 says it’s the smallest camera for now and it even has Carl-Zeiss lenses!! The Panasonic D-Snap seems cute too… but dunno-lah. Still thinking bout it. Don’t know whether to just get a crappy cheap camera or a good one… For now my Dopod has a built-in camera. The images are all grainy but OK-lah, better than nothing I suppose.

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