Wednesday, November 16, 2005

flab attack


As usual, we're constantly waiting for some VIP... This time the eye hospital director. She cancelled on us yesterday and I've got a feeling history is about to repeat itself today.

Should start being concerned with my weight again. Everything that used to be loose is now tight. Last I weighed myself (just before returning to Indon), I was a whopping 60kg!! I gained 5 kg of f*cking holiday weight. I can't help it. Once I hit home shores my appetite goes on overdrive and despite knowing I'll be back, I'd gobble food down as if the apocalypse is near. The heavy traditional English breakfasts for an entire week didn't help either. I can NEVER think before I eat. I just can't. Food just looks / smells too enticing. I have such weak willpower.

But I shall have to resume the battle of the bulge. I have just bought 2 pairs of great jeans… (no, they're not Rock & Republic :( which have absolutely smashing cut) but *sigh*: cupcake issue-lah!! This is a phenomenon when FAT girls like me buy pants a size or 2 too small. As a result, the waistband digs real deep into our hips/waist creating a cupcake visual... Something that looks along the lines of a mushroom / atomic cloud. So in order to fit my ass and lower nonexistent abdominals into those lovely denim pants, I must drop 5 kg ++ pronto.

Speaking of jeans, I have big big problem finding good jeans. I prefer them usually with a bit of Lycra so that it'll hug everything tight giving away a falsely slimmer silhouette. I've tried all the new 'it' jeans, high street-lah of course.. What u think, I Victoria Beckham meh?! And to absolute no avail. Guess (the label) wah worst of all cuttings. Topshop's new line, to me, just doesn't compare with the old cuts. Miss Selfridge also disappoints me except for its petite range. I even gave upper high street a try: Diesel, Replay wayyy too much publicity. Not that big a deal also. Thing is, jeans people tend to forget that there are FAT chicks like me who have not-so-big thighs but absolutely NO waist... So standing inside a pair of stone-wash measured to English female anthropometry, all I can do is shudder at the sight of breath-constricting waistband and flimsy baggy thigh area. So unsexy. BAD BAD BAD!!

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