Friday, November 18, 2005

build me up buttercup


Aiii. I think I made an irreversible mistake today. A lecturer from Japan, Dr Konyama, came to Cicendo Eye Hospital to make a speech on Community Eye Care. Since English IS my first language, I found his lecture rather fascinating and totally paid attention (his hilarious Jap accent helped). I even made notes and found 3 items in his slides that I did not get:
What does he mean by mid-level eye care personnel?
What does 'diligent / lazy' have to do with Eye Care network?
What did he mean by tertiary prevention for the disabled?
So, like… duh(!!), I demanded some clarification over those statements. After the Q&A session, a few residents made snide comments on how "pooh their English is so bad that even interns could understood the lecture and ask questions while residents just stood around gaping". I suppose they must think I made them look bad. Now they have all the reasons to target me. Firstly because I'm Malaysian (!!) and secondly I'm an intern. Perhaps I should have just kept my questions to myself. I can't help it if I enjoyed the lecture while they sat around idling and cracking jokes to each other like schoolchildren. Besides they should understand that reverse the language to Indon, I would have idled instead since I'd have trouble making sense of what's happening. I can see smug looks on seniors' faces like I totally screwed it big time and that they are totally gonna benefit from this. Damn the f*ck-lah I tell you.

Then during my evening sleep (i call it sleep 'cos it's my sleeping time), I had this dream bout SunshineP. F*ck. So now I can't stop thinking bout him. SunshineP has this capability of making me obsess over him. I guess he still sticks around in my mind 'cos I really felt that he liked me for who I already was and mostly who I wanted to become. I've never met anyone like him since. And I looked like such a geek then. I mean I still look like one but back then I really looked dorky. At least now I'm a lil bit thinner and my hair is poker-straight. I tend to fester a lot when it comes to him and the recent email fiasco brought me out of hibernation mode... To my utter disdain. I wish I didn't like him that much.

When I was somewhat liked...

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