Wednesday, November 30, 2005

cicendo eye hospital

Still ill. Wish I was home. I wouldn’t need to even use a brain-cell to think bout food. Right now I haven’t had time to medicate myself. Just tried to get extra rest (which then compromises on work hence the piling load) and suck on some Strepsils. This puzzles me, I never get sick ever. I’m like this strong FAT ox. And it’s not as if I’ve been partying hard or eating that much rubbish even. I can’t be working THAT hard ‘cos I know for sure there’s space for more diligence. Perhaps all this sitting in front of a desk filled with books gave my body such a culture shock it just ran amok.

Fingerprint punch-card. How cool is that?!

In the nick of time...

lovely lychees

Everytime I come home and we drive by a pasar malam I'd go: "Mmmy when the heck you gonna buy me my lychees?" She always says she'd remember but she never does. And when we're in some overpriced grocery store and I spot a bush o 'em just waiting to be selected and bought, she'd halt me and promise to get me really succulent and fresh ones from... yea you guessed it... pasar malam. Weeks'll go by and still no signs of juicy reds in the refridgerator. SO when I spotted a bunch of drabby lychees packed in a styrofoam plate hanging about the Bandung fruit corner, I figured I might as well have crappy ones than none at all. They were NOT sweet, NOT fresh (some were mouldy) and NOT even red but I enjoyed myself immensely. I love 'em even if they're crappy.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

this fire is outta control. i'm gonna burn this city. burn this city.


It's raining really heavily (just awhile ago, the lightning stroke and created fire at the building beside our window... literally(!!) KAKAKA) so my group is having random discussion bout refraction. I am starting to be comfortable with the syllabus. I entered the department knowing absolutely nothing and just as I feel I'm starting to be able to get a grasp on some substance hence able to follow my group, it's the exam week liao. Right now, I'm prancing on my Dopod ‘cos my reading material is at home. I have been working quite hard but slowed down since I fell ill. My system of studying is different from my group-mates mainly because I, myself, need to be prepared before I join the conversation and they don't understand this. For them, even if they don’t know nuts, they feel they should join conversation so in the end they’d know where they lack. I'm still in the middle of getting used to them while they are trying too to get used to me. The biggest barrier is language mostly. Being sheltered in the English program have made communication (especially medical terminologies) a chore between us but I am very fortunate they have easily brought me in and embraced my idiosyncrasies. That's one thing bout non-cool crowds, they are more accommodating to strangers and of course I try to be pleasant to them too. They know a lot. They seem so santai but ternyata when questioned by our proceptor, they can narrate the answers off their minds like a robot. 1st week I felt so malu, every time my proceptor questions me, all that could come off my mouth was: "saya kurang tahu Dr". At least now I don't say it as often.

Basically I'm practicing the whole 'fake it till you make it' persona. As usual-lah lecturers think I kinda know stuff and a number of them recognize me especially my name. In a sense I enjoy the attention with hopes it's more advantageous than the contrary. But as usual they hold high hopes that I know stuff and well I don't quite.

Being an opthalmologist seems quite nice. I think it's a cool specialty.

I wish I had more knowledge. If I knew more then I'd be able to enter the dept with some form of info and be able to explore and dig out facts and by the end I’d have mastered the dept. Instead now, like I said, I WAS fumbling and JUST as I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.. Game over liao. What a waste huh?

So busy. Everyday all I do is just trying to catch up with the crowd’s intellect. No time to do anything fun. Perhaps only on Saturday night when I use the internet and Sunday morning when I go buy groceries. I SO want to watch Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire but just can’t seem to find any time. By the end of this week, we finish Opthalmology so maybe I’ll go watch it this Friday. As for the next dept, I’d have to start preparing start Saturday so the wheel of work starts turning AGAIN. Afraid that next dept I won’t be as lucky as I am this trip and will get scolding kaukau.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

when moi eats...

at J.u.s.t Thai:

at Teapot Cafe:

at Marche:

at that mamak in Paramount:

Friday, November 25, 2005

rain rain go away


F*cking crap. I came to BEC 2 buy a flashdrive ‘cos Sophiekins took my I-disk Tiny. She lost the mini MyFlash I gave her. I wanted to get the 512mb LG which was so miniscule, sleek and shiny but… 500,000rp is beyond my budget. Got the 256mb SuperDrive instead for 215,000rp. Also had to stock up on ink. Have to do a case report on Glaucoma today. Now suddenly outta nowhere the sky decided to rain cats and dogs. Damn kau crap. Real lucky my Dopod has got wifi so I can access to free hotspot net while waiting for the weather to calm down. And I picked today to wear my nice sandals... Damn.
Haven't had much time to write about things that really matter to me like Paris Fashion Week '05, my fellow intern colleagues who I have grown to love (most of them anyways), my thoughts on my 1st dept and my struggling effort to lose 5kg (or at least significant amount of weight that this Burberry pants I bought would fit me casually on the hips) by December. Speaking of which I got them on an absolute deal!! Could’ve kissed myself if I could.

Monday, November 21, 2005

these are a few of my favourite things

"When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad..."

Let’s talk about a couple of awesome sh*t I brought back with me to Indon this trip.

First up is my Paul Frank / Andy Warhol: Lips purse. Once in awhile Mr Frank would do outta-this-world collaborations with some of the finest artsy icons of the planet. My personal favourites are the ones he did with Hello Kitty (absolutely wiped out, I’ve searched everywhere to no avail), Mark Ryden (I recently managed to score one of the last few purses in London this month), Scholl and just this summer: Andy Warhol (all hail guru of pop art!!). I am so proud to own this purse. Just looking at it gets me all squishy with glee.

Next up is my pink Scurvy watch. Now, if there’s one thing I take time to buy it’d be a watch. I hate wearing watches. Haven’t worn one since the Baby-G era (only wore it ‘cos of the c’est magnifique neon performances I score when I push on the ‘Light’ button). I just find it too clashy against other wrist accessories and who needs a watch when your mobile phone has a clock+alarm? Anyways, I had to get one ‘cos we’re required to wear watches with seconds hand for pulse counting purposes etc. I scouted the entire town for a suitable watch for myself. I wanted something discreet yet funky, NON-leather (‘cos I’m allergic to it) and something that would not compromise my personality. The moment I laid eyes on the Scurvy in the P Frank website, I knew it was THE watch. Thank goodness the London outlet stocked it. I know I won’t be hitting Tokyo / San Francisco anytime soon.

My motion eye sucks.
After some HEAVY shaking...

JEM and the Hologram T-shirt… great fabric too. Reminds me of those Saturday mornings when I’d creep out of bed hoping that RTM2 would be airing Jem and the Hologram instead of The Potato-head Family. Sometimes on their good days we’d get Jem, The Carebears and My Little Pony back-to-back!! Was a lil’ up market for a cheesy tee but I feel it was an investment well made. It’s a great shade of purple with the band’s tour list at the back. Got it in Urban Outfitters. They stock the best tacky crap ever!!

Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe Vera. I just ran myself my first bath since I moved in this morning. Divine!!

L’Occitane :Lavender Liquid Soap handwash. Lavender posseses antibacterial properties while the shea butter combination gives it a more skin-friendly disposition. I just love the smell of my fingers after a handwash. I even bought the Linen spray to squirt my curtains before I leave every morning. Mmm…
There's more. But I'm too lazy to yak.

Friday, November 18, 2005


build me up buttercup


Aiii. I think I made an irreversible mistake today. A lecturer from Japan, Dr Konyama, came to Cicendo Eye Hospital to make a speech on Community Eye Care. Since English IS my first language, I found his lecture rather fascinating and totally paid attention (his hilarious Jap accent helped). I even made notes and found 3 items in his slides that I did not get:
What does he mean by mid-level eye care personnel?
What does 'diligent / lazy' have to do with Eye Care network?
What did he mean by tertiary prevention for the disabled?
So, like… duh(!!), I demanded some clarification over those statements. After the Q&A session, a few residents made snide comments on how "pooh their English is so bad that even interns could understood the lecture and ask questions while residents just stood around gaping". I suppose they must think I made them look bad. Now they have all the reasons to target me. Firstly because I'm Malaysian (!!) and secondly I'm an intern. Perhaps I should have just kept my questions to myself. I can't help it if I enjoyed the lecture while they sat around idling and cracking jokes to each other like schoolchildren. Besides they should understand that reverse the language to Indon, I would have idled instead since I'd have trouble making sense of what's happening. I can see smug looks on seniors' faces like I totally screwed it big time and that they are totally gonna benefit from this. Damn the f*ck-lah I tell you.

Then during my evening sleep (i call it sleep 'cos it's my sleeping time), I had this dream bout SunshineP. F*ck. So now I can't stop thinking bout him. SunshineP has this capability of making me obsess over him. I guess he still sticks around in my mind 'cos I really felt that he liked me for who I already was and mostly who I wanted to become. I've never met anyone like him since. And I looked like such a geek then. I mean I still look like one but back then I really looked dorky. At least now I'm a lil bit thinner and my hair is poker-straight. I tend to fester a lot when it comes to him and the recent email fiasco brought me out of hibernation mode... To my utter disdain. I wish I didn't like him that much.

When I was somewhat liked...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

flab attack


As usual, we're constantly waiting for some VIP... This time the eye hospital director. She cancelled on us yesterday and I've got a feeling history is about to repeat itself today.

Should start being concerned with my weight again. Everything that used to be loose is now tight. Last I weighed myself (just before returning to Indon), I was a whopping 60kg!! I gained 5 kg of f*cking holiday weight. I can't help it. Once I hit home shores my appetite goes on overdrive and despite knowing I'll be back, I'd gobble food down as if the apocalypse is near. The heavy traditional English breakfasts for an entire week didn't help either. I can NEVER think before I eat. I just can't. Food just looks / smells too enticing. I have such weak willpower.

But I shall have to resume the battle of the bulge. I have just bought 2 pairs of great jeans… (no, they're not Rock & Republic :( which have absolutely smashing cut) but *sigh*: cupcake issue-lah!! This is a phenomenon when FAT girls like me buy pants a size or 2 too small. As a result, the waistband digs real deep into our hips/waist creating a cupcake visual... Something that looks along the lines of a mushroom / atomic cloud. So in order to fit my ass and lower nonexistent abdominals into those lovely denim pants, I must drop 5 kg ++ pronto.

Speaking of jeans, I have big big problem finding good jeans. I prefer them usually with a bit of Lycra so that it'll hug everything tight giving away a falsely slimmer silhouette. I've tried all the new 'it' jeans, high street-lah of course.. What u think, I Victoria Beckham meh?! And to absolute no avail. Guess (the label) wah worst of all cuttings. Topshop's new line, to me, just doesn't compare with the old cuts. Miss Selfridge also disappoints me except for its petite range. I even gave upper high street a try: Diesel, Replay wayyy too much publicity. Not that big a deal also. Thing is, jeans people tend to forget that there are FAT chicks like me who have not-so-big thighs but absolutely NO waist... So standing inside a pair of stone-wash measured to English female anthropometry, all I can do is shudder at the sight of breath-constricting waistband and flimsy baggy thigh area. So unsexy. BAD BAD BAD!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

has it just been a day?


So right now I'm waiting for our group's turn to get our fingerprint recorded as we'll be using it as our "work" punch card. Dunno if it's a cool thing or the mere contrary. Traces of slick / dampness / dust could unqualify our scan and render us absent. Twice no-show equals d.o (drop out).

I'm still quite lost in terms of Bahasa Indonesia conversations after 4 years of being sheltered in the English program. I can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to survive case reports and so forth. Our attitude accounts for 30% of our marks. Oh dear. I'm so lazy and barely understand anything to be able to construct productive questions!! There goes-lah.

Made a couple of new acquaintances (Miss Mumu, Miss RusRus, Miss WiWi, Miss HilHil, Ah Hath) from my own group. Ah Octa's the group leader so it's pretty automatic he tries to be friendly with me. Ah Fit's the best. He's our group E president and his company is endearing. He makes me feel very much part of the group n the conversations flow quite well. I don't think the 2000 batch is pleased we're joining 'em and I foresee some bits of trouble having to work with them if ever required.

I can't wait till it's time to go home. Have a bunch of sh*t to read up: cataract, refraction, differential diagnosis of red eye. A lot for the few mere hours I have left today.

9 hours later and I'm waiting for my bakmi ayam jamur to get all tah-pau-ed in the hospital canteen. I'm so tired and frustrated... Mostly because I didn't sleep a wink last night owing to overwhelming anticipation and jetlag residue. I know why doctors can get so cranky. I feel like lashing out on someone already. Thank goodness I stay alone. What the f*ck??!! It's already 16.15 and no sign of the bakmie. I mean my soto ayam lamongan's been sitting beside me for the past 20 mins. So f*ckg tired. Just wanna hit home, pop in a dvd as I munch my tele meal... Take a nap, do my work and if I'm lucky, snooze for an hour before having to get ready for the next day.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

g*d only knows

I just came back from upstairs. Was consulting Miss PunitPunit about the Opthalmology dept. She’s done with it all and is currently packing up to leave for good in mid-December. I sure wish I was her. Thank goodness I met Miss KhaiKhai and Miss TharaThara on the plane. They suddenly reminded me of Miss PunitPunit and Ah Vi… those people must know much about internship since they just finished it. So she was out 'till about 3 am and it was only then that she called me… I was already in la-la-land by then so it’s fortunate she missed-call me ‘cos I didn’t hear the message beep at all. I quickly ran up to her place only to realize other than my own room, I have NEVER ventured to unknown pastures. That’s the person that I am I suppose. I don’t take risks and I don’t explore. So there I was on the 1st floor of my halls and I didn’t know WHERE to go. Weird ah? Luckily she came out to find me. She has some material that might be related for the pretest. I’m gonna study it KAUKAU today. Gotta sleep first though. Have tons of mundane chores to do:
  1. Buy detergent + fabric softener + Toilet Duck for the maid
  2. Clear my desk
  3. Reload my mobile pulsar (credit)
  4. Get some foodstuffs that are braces-friendly
  5. Photocopy notes
  6. Pay the tailor (for my internship lab coat + scrubs + curtains although one of ‘em was TOO damn short that I shouldn’t even be charged for it!!)
  7. Get drinking water (Aqua by Danone) which comes in gallon-form
I was late for my flight. I was too f*cked to set my alarm (odd since I ALWAYS set the alarm for the airport) and left Dddy to do it for me. Aiya the old man told me he fixed it for 04:45 which leaves ample time for the journey but instead he fixed it for 05:45. We lost an hour!! Suddenly had to rush to the airport and what frustrates me is that I don’t know if I got everything or not with the commotion. Bloody crap. I urged Dddy to step on it ‘cos we’re in a f*cking Compressor but yet I see bloody Volvos and BMWs zipping past us in the fast lane. We SHOULD be able to go faster than this… unfortunately something was way wrong (just when we need it the most) with the f*cking engine-lah ‘cos the moment he hit 150 km/h, the gear automatically shifts down a notch. What th…?!! So to be safe we didn’t dare go anything beyond 120-130 km/h. Crap. When we need to be real quick this bloody car doesn’t seem to wanna show us its optimum use. I pushed my trolley like a bag-lady on fire with all my crap piled upon it. I know Miss MasMas is gonna scream if she sees that I had brought another piece of IKEA furniture to Indon: under-the-bed plastic storage [eh I really needed this, the books were starting to mould and I don’t want lizards / cockroaches infesting my sh*t] which measures about 1.5 x 1.5 m each (I brought 2). Since there was only 10 mins left till the counter closes, I know it’s impossible that I should wait through the queue ‘cos it was like a kilometer long!! Quickly consulted one of the staff handling the people about and I found that I could check-in at a special last-minute counter. There was a choice of 2… young balding boy or dark ugly man. Uh… now people don’t realize there is a big step into choosing who checks you in ‘cos a nicer person will waiver more weight off the penalty charges. Female staffs are the worst. Thank goodness they were both male but who to choose ah? I decided to go with dark ugly man. He had just fined the person before me properly… hmm might have been a mistake choosing him but when I look over to the neighbouring counter, young balding boy was being all stern with the old couple ‘bout the fine. OK-lah at least dark ugly man didn’t have such a strict disposition. When it finally came to my turn he had to lug luggage to the belt and handed me to this geeky malay boy on the other side. I don’t know if it was my SHEER luck or the fact the fella seems blur-blur ‘cos he didn’t charge me OVERWEIGHT!! Wahhh, immediate check-in and NO WEIGHT PENALTY?!! Super. Didn’t feel that bad after that. So reminded Mmmy to take a complimentary NST newspaper, courtesy of AirAsia, for Dddy as I rushed to KFC on my own to buy a stash of large mash potatoes to last me the weekend. I tend to tighten my braces a couple of days before I leave so I usually buy soft food like mash (Indon KFC don’t serve mash) in a bulk so I don’t have to think about food throughout the weekend or at least till I get things settled. Mona was terpinga-pinga that I boarded the plane so late ‘cos I’m NEVER late. I’m usually the first to enter / exit the plane. It’s a record for me this trip… check-in 06:45.

Thought of typing up some previous entries since I got them all on small written notes but maybe later today. I should get some sleep so I can get stuff done (especially some studying) before Monday kicks in. Have been doing a lot of backdated entries recently like ‘departure lounge’ etc… Still waiting for Sophiekins to post me my pics (I prefer to get the entries in with the images in one shot) since I didn’t have a camera in UK and had to use her Kodak as Dddy had to use his for Spain and my Sony DSC-P1 kongkiau already. I didn’t even know the bloody Kodak has zoom. As a result, had been taking miniscule pictures of the Eiffel since I wasn’t familiar with her camera. Was considering getting a Contax I4R but I don’t think it’s sold in Malaysia. T3 November 2005 says it’s the smallest camera for now and it even has Carl-Zeiss lenses!! The Panasonic D-Snap seems cute too… but dunno-lah. Still thinking bout it. Don’t know whether to just get a crappy cheap camera or a good one… For now my Dopod has a built-in camera. The images are all grainy but OK-lah, better than nothing I suppose.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

"it's a jungle out there"

The 2 hours before I have to leave for the airport is usually one of the most miserable 2 hours I have to live through. At this moment everyone is asleep so I am alone... I cannot make them stay up with me because people have to work and so forth. Who am I to make them compromise their time for me anyways? I will worry about the excess weight of my baggage because f*cking AirAsia only allows 15kg per passenger and the money I will have to cough up for the penalty. I will be absolutely distracted and heavied down with what that awaits me in Indon: it used to be just exams but now it's clinical internship... having to deal with patients, sucking up to residents and nurses, trying to not get in the consultants' bad books... faking absolute friendship with team members and seniors. I'm not prepared for this. I feel so afraid. Like I know I will be walking through a forest of horrors and unknown evils but it is the only way if I want to get to the other side. These few days I have contemplated just setting up an abode this side of the forest. I don't need to venture ahead. I can just stay here forever. I wouldn't have to be so fearful and most of all why must I seek pain? But then I think. My family lay at the other side. And I need to get to them. Alot of things that cannot be achieved this side of the forest awaits me at the other. Thus, I shall have to motion ahead. I'm just so tired of having to think of everything else but myself. I question the purpose of life. I question the value of happiness. I am sick of crying. I don't want my soul to weigh a tonne. This wanting-to-give-up-but-cannot-afford-to story is beginning to sound old and pathetic. Why does it get harder and harder??

Friday, November 11, 2005

h&m does stella mccartney

H&M's Stella McCartney line launches today. I've set a reminder on my dopod to remind Sophiekins at 10am UK time (coincidentally when the store opens) to check the line out for me. My instruction was to buy everything in size 12 (H&M cuts are miniscule) and then return whichever I don't fancy after extensive scrutiny. Mmmy joined in the bandwagon so Sophiekins's duty is to buy for 3, herself included.

I don't know what's f*cking wrong with the H&M site. It's exceptionally slow and stupid. I'm not sure it's the bloody sh*tass server or the fact the whole f*cking world is probably trying to access to the same webpage. So here I am staring into the screen, waiting for the bloody flash to load.

Waiting for the bloody flash to load.

So so anticipating the line. It's couture at high-street prices!! Sophiekins regrets being too indecisive thus belated with last year's Karl Lagerfeld. Keke fortunate for me, I snapped up Lagerfeld's stuff cepat-cepat... Couldn't linger anyway 'cos I was due home. If it wasn't for the horrid currency difference, I would have bought his entire line. I shouldn't complain. I did manage to score myself a demure chiffon blouson, a prom-ish frock, LBD and 2 shirts. The collection looked so Chanel. *snap snap* for fashion!!

I wonder who's gonna be the next guest celebrity designer. I'm thinking it could be Tom Ford 'cos he just retired from Gucci. I mean so far designers who left their houses seem to be collaborating with H&M: Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), Stella McCartney (Chloe ) so who knows I strike jackpot with Ford for H&M ;D

Afew of my ultimate favourite items from the collection. The runway was made ala musical chairs. Quite an original idea.

In the end, b*tch with embellished cardi couldn't stand to lose and pulled the chair of floaty dress girl. Poor piece of shit. Damn kau vile-lah the modelling world.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

sigh VIII

Talking to Miss KhaiKhai gave me a dose of reality. I don’t want to go back to Indon on Sunday. I don’t want to start internship. I don’t know anything. They are going to bombard me with questions on the first day and I’m going to know nuts. I’m so scared and people apart from my coursemates will NOT understand. I mean having to have knowledge is one thing… then there’s the whole sucking up to seniors, residents and even nurses. ‘Cos 1 foolish step and the exile will lead me nowhere else except to the land of demise and failure. There are doctors’ habits I must learn up and memorize: e.g got 1 fella that require you to wear batik when taking exam. All those minor stuff that adds up to lot. And all I can do now is just cry and cry. SO useless. I’m so useless. Anything and everything… cry… only know how to cry. Sh*t. Makes me really think if all this is worth it in the end?? ‘Cos it’s not giving me anything but pain. And when I think it over… I mean the fact that I’m sticking to my guns in this means that I can never turn away from it ever. And I’m not happy doing this. IS this what life is really about? Being practical all the time?? I always thought it was about being happy or finding happiness. I don’t know what to do or which path to choose. I don’t want to break my parents’ hearts again. Not again. One time enough to kill me. It was such the steepest climb to get back where I am. Even till now I reek of my low self-esteem. 3 more days to Sunday: Hell Day more like it. For awhile these 2 weeks I forgot about everything. But inevitably, I will always have to go back there and I will always have to cry and I will always feel angry with myself and the world…

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I HEART London / just looking

Dragged our weekend luggage through George (by ASDA), Disneystore, Oasis [my absolute favourite upper high-street boutique which unfortunately is unavailable in Malaysia and even if it was, the currency exchange would charge us with the death penalty] and Gap after having breakfast in Wetherspoon. Wetherspoon is a pub-chain in the middle of the city centre which serves traditional English breakfast for £1.99!! You get a sausage, 2 bacons, 2 hash browns, a mushroom, an egg (sunny side up) with baked beans. What a damn deal, right?!! You bet your ass we plan to eat there almost every day. F*ck my weight, money’s more important!! High-street shopping absolutely rocks. Walking about the cobbled streets brings back good ole memories.

Met Sophiekins at Lime Street train station to get printouts of our Eurostar and hotel bookings. She bloody only printed the Eurostar booking!! OH MANNN she really asked for it this time!! Got absolutely mad at her and yelled at her properly while Mmmy was busy getting a hot ham + cheese baguette at UpperCrust [the last time they were here, I found that Dddy + Mmmy can’t stand cold sandwiches so I introduced them to UpperCrust heated ones. They were so in love with them, they requested for the damn bread almost every day :D]. Sometimes Sophiekins can be so foolish and negligent. I specifically told her to print out copies of 2 different bookings: train and hotel. And she thinks she’s being all high and mighty by doing me this favour. What the f*ck?!! It’s not a favour… it’s a blimin’ chore.

When we arrived at London Euston, Mmmy looked so wiped out I suggested we took a cab instead of the Underground. Mmmy hates the Tube :D She doesn’t understand how come so much walking is involved especially when we need to change lines. I forgot how great taking a cab can be. Perhaps it’s ‘cos taking a cab (in London especially) costs a blimin’ fortune and the fact the traffic jam can be absolute murder. I SO enjoyed watching London life pass me by as we zipped in and out of alleys. On the way to the hotel, I saw Liberty [I ALWAYS wanted to go to Liberty!!] and a Scottish kilt shop nearby. The ultimate excuse for coming down to London was to help get some Scottish kilts for Aunt Biau and some of Mmmy’s colleagues at work. Actually they titip-ed eons ago (ever since I studied in the UK) but they never gave me their sizes so I never could buy them any. I was really delighted that we found that little shop because now there is no need for me to go search for that other kilt shop near the British Museum (goodness knows where that is) I had found initially on the internet. Glee glee glee!!

I very very HEART Regent Palace Hotel!! It’s smack in the middle of the city (L1 L1 L1!!) right in the heart of Piccadilly Circus and just a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square, the West End, SoHo and mere seconds from Regent Street. Despite it being a small hotel with mini rooms, I really believe I got such a great deal: £45 (ensuite) per night. The miracle was I missed the peak price just by 2 days *snap snap for MOI* ‘cos Uncle Matthew had to settle for the £99 rate since they were gonna arrive a few days after us. Usually Regent Palace is booked to the brim and with Halloween and all, I thought I could never have gotten a space [previously I never EVER could] but I did. Bless the internet and the fact we’re staying on off-peak dates.

We trotted off to the kilt store and Mmmy managed to do her kilt shopping. The Greek saleslady really had a good eye for colour. She knew how to match our skin tones with the many different tartan shades. Hats off to her-lah *snap snap*. [I bought a female one initially but decided to get Mmmy to sell it off ‘cos I really should have bought the male kilt. Even though it costs more, it had cuter buckles and it fits me well. I don’t have a waist to save myself so the male cutting would have been more appropriate. Aiii regret regret]. Next stop: Liberty-lah of course!! I’ve incessantly admired Liberty products in Vogue and Glamour and have always wanted to visit the place but got lost every time I searched for it. Now I realize I’ve been searching at the wrong corner of London all this while kekeke :D Oh Liberty, I’m so hooked on you. Their stuff are SO FABulous with a capital F.A.B!! Mmmy and I discovered this Peony Scent body spray. I almost died. I so LOVE products at Liberty. Been meaning to try out Bumble & Bumble hair products to see what the darn fuss is about but decided to give it some thought first. Money is an issue after all. Unfortunately the Memoirs of A Geisha line by Fresh hasn’t arrived or I would’ve bought the flower petal face mask to try it out *sigh* It would be nice if I earned in pounds… shopping would be so much easier. Now every time I pick something up, I’ve got to do multiplications in my head… consequently putting it back down. I cannot spend RM200 on a bottle of body lotion. I’m not the bloody Princess of Arabia!! Sigh again. There’s just so many great products to try out and so limited funds.

The women’s floor was excruciating. Matthew Williamson, Temperley, Ghost, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, etc… I spotted this Matthew Williamson signature frock that I always wish I could afford. This one was a purple Tokyo print silk number. I swear my fingers trembled as they ran through the smooth fabric. The colour was mesmerizing. I felt like I took ‘shrooms or something ‘cos the scent and the sight of that dress gave me such a psychedelic high. I thought the closest I could ever get to a Matthew Williamson outfit was touching the image on the screen of my Vaio. And here I am: face to face with the object of my desire. Must be destiny. I KNEW I had to try it on!! It was now or NEVER. I was so relieved that despite it being a quiet day, all the sales assistants were busy attending to some other rich duchess. I quickly grabbed the dress, and like a commando in a battle field: skidded into the changing room and swiftly tug the curtain close *giggle* The dress didn’t fit me perfectly but I know if I hitched the straps up a bit and wore heels I’d be nothing short of FABULOUS. FAT but FABULOUS. Too bad it cost RM7000++. Sophiekins'd probably think I look preggers (English slang for pregnant supposedly) in it but f*ck that: it's empire line!! Walking away from it almost sent a tear to my eye.

"there's things i want,
there's things i think i want
there's thing i have
there's things i wanna have"

OMG. This SO rocks. As usual what moi cannot buyeth, moi photographeth.

"i'm just looking
it keeps me smiling..."

What else did I fancy in Liberty? I really like this Marc Jacobs twin pocket/buckle leather clutch. And there’s this Liberty silk eye-mask in different motives (comes with matching cosmetic pouches and mini totes) which is so smooth, like a baby’s bottom. They stock Coco de Mer lingerie which so so rocks!! Also love this Lulu Guiness department store tote. Umm… so many many-lah!!

Random window display. London high-street's the best.

Mmmy wanted to eat the same beef hor-fun in some Chinese restaurant during our previous trip in February. Wah(!!) Chinatown so damn big, how the f*ck to find?? Funny though, I did manage to locate it after all. Ordered sweet and sour pork too. I love the English-Chinese sweet and sour pork. Mmmy thinks it sucks ‘cos of the excess flour they use to coat the meat and the fact the sauce is too tangy and putridly red in colour. I LIKE!! Mmmy, on the other hand, love the English-Chinese fried beef hor-fun. Some dishes just aren’t the same back home. She was ecstatic that we could pack unfinished food remains *giggle* I love this about English-Chinese restaurants too.

Finally, I let Mmmy do her souvenir shopping before returning to the hotel. Realized that Guys and Dolls are playing in the theatre just opposite our hotel. Cool!!
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