Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"you can take it all away, i don't need it, underneath, i'll still be the same"

I MUST enroll into that EquinoX gym tomorrow. By hook or by crook. I can feel the weight I’ve been losing piling back up and with the rate I’m eating my larder dry I’d put all the weight I’ve ever lost back on and (horrors!) more. I should get a weigh-in soon but last I did I weighed 57.6 kg. Tragic. I still have to touch the 50 kg mark before I start to celebrate any form of accomplishment. Hmm… sometimes I wonder how I’d look like 7.6 kg lighter. Never knew myself thin. Was teased a FAT-ty ever since I could remember. Was always the FAT-test in kindergarten right up till uni.

Moiss KhaiKhai and almost the whole-damn-world’s-trainer Joe told them to select a body-type goal that they wish to achieve. Miss KhaiKhai’s is Amerie. Miss PetchiPetchi’s is Selma Hayek while Miss ArenAren’s is Catherine Zeta Jones or vice versa. I think if there’s anyone’s body I’d like to have, it’s be Kirsten Dunst’s or Eliza Dushku’s or Jessica Alba’s. G*ddd their bodies are to die for!!

Hot me-to-be!!

Wah bloody. Last Saturday, the girls were supposed to meet up for gossip-n-grub at Score in Ciwalk at 8 pm. I wanted an early start ‘cos I needed to get my hair nicely done and send a couple of emails before dinner time. The funny thing was, there weren’t any Margahayu-Ledeng angkots (turquoise blue with yellow stripe) when there should be loads available. At one point I got so tired of waiting so I just flagged down a random angkot, which happened to be a Kalapa-Sukajadi (dark blue with green strips) one and asked if they passed through Cihampelas. The driver nodded so I climbed in and took the seat nearest to the entrance so I could figure when I’d need to stop. I wasn’t so familiar with the route he took but I thought he might turn into Cihampelas at some point. Next thing I knew we traveled so far as to ITC!! I almost died. That’s like 40 mins traveling into the damn town when Cihampelas is only less than 5 mins from my place. Aargh!! He even had the cheek to turn around and ask me where I was headed. I insisted I told him I was heading to Cihampelas and he retorted that we passed it wayyy before. What th…?! I don’t think we passed anything remotely near to Cihampelas or I’d have yelled “KIRI KIRI!” fortunately someone in the angkot knew something and suggested I get down and take the Kelapa-Ledeng angkot (dark green with blue stripe). I had to bloody pay 2000 rp for a journey I didn’t even need. And I was slightly petrified. Getting lost is a small phobia of mine. I got onto a Kelapa-Ledeng angkot and asked him if he passed Cihampelas. And again the f*cker said yes. OH MAN. It was more traveling and at one point I got worried so I asked the lady beside me if we had already passed my stop and she replied that we haven’t. So I patiently waited and scrutinized the passing buildings hoping to score a familiar landmark or two when suddenly someone got out and grumbled that this angkot had already exceeded the Cihampelas stop. I had to immediately jump off and figure the next step. One of the fellow passengers had pointed out another angkot that I should take and after parking my ass for a couple of seconds I realized that it was going in the opposite direction that I was heading and had to jump off that one too. OMG!! By the time I got to Ciwalk I had to walk there ‘cos I was too afraid to take another bloody angkot and it cost me altogether 5000rp and over an hour’s ride when it was supposed to be just 10% of that cost and only 5 mins of my time. If I had known this was going to happen I’d have taken the Cicaheum-Ciroyom angkot (green with orange stripe) to the perapatan Evergreen and go on foot after that. Bloody.

Miss MilahMilah got engaged. That very Saturday of my disastrous journey. With this fella she met in Score (Woohoo how corny is that?! She scored in Score). A couple of months ago. Indon. 2 years younger than her. An accounting STUDENT. Wahlau. Miss KhaiKhai was filling in the details of whatever she knew of the situation ‘cos she’s real familiar with Miss MilahMilah. Miss MilahMilah’s a year my senior even though we’re the same age ‘cos I f*cked a year over up. ANYWAY she recently broke off with a bloke who was a professional dancer of some sort and did gigs with TooPhat etc. Miss KosKos and I expected it. There was no way Miss MilahMilah’s parents would allow her to kahwin a dancer unlike Britney’s. The funny thing was things happen in such a jiffy and I really cannot imagine that she’ll be married next year. Next year. The thing that puzzles me is that how come she agreed to get hitched with an Indon guy? This means she’d have to live here permanently. Jakarta, Bandung what difference does it make? It’s still Indon. OMG. The entire weekend I pondered on how powerful love is. The compromise and sacrifices people make just to be with their loved ones. I always thought moving across the ocean to be with the one you wanna share your life with is absolutely dreamy. Now I’d think twice especially since Indon isn’t UK. Actually moving to the American suburbs can be pretty damn crap too. She must be quite accepting of the lifestyle here ‘cos apart from her I don’t think ANYONE else I know wanna stay here a second longer than needed. Everyone’s just dying to go home. She’d be leaving friends and family behind… mamak... LRT… KLCC… Jaya Jusco supermarket… Dave’s Deli… IKEA… char kuey teow (OKlah she might not yearn that too much)… nasi lemak. So many stuff-lah. So sometimes I wonder, let’s just say as much as I want to go home what if one day I fall in love with an Indonesian prince… would I stay and marry him or not? (of course prince-lah. Hello? Anything beneath that will be shown the damn door). Love is so …(?).

Perhaps one day I will know.

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