Monday, October 24, 2005

online & offline punching bags

I'd better f*cking go socialize. I’m turning into a bit of a f*cker for every minute that I lay idle.

sophster says
: I don’t want to give them varsity
sophster says: if I kick them out they’ll prob start their own anyway…
moi says: hmmm I waiting for ah yung's response but he away
moi says: and he kinda not in mood to talk to me anyway cos I pissed him off yday
sophster says: ask him to hurry up…
sophster says: Ohh
sophster says: Why?
moi says: I asked him personal questions and he not the kind to answer also I was probably rude to him too
moi says: hehe cos he’s kinda like my online punching bag

sophster says: See? Told u you’re a b*tch… ppl down to answer, so dowanlah…
sophster says: U already got few friends and u piss em off…
sophster says: Sommore he help u so much…
moi says: I know. Sh*t.
moi says: Just that sumtims its funny to irritate him

sophster says: Does he understand that?
moi says: dunno. Maybe I shud tell him. But then it takes the fun away if knows that I do this for fun.
sophster says: I know u’re a b*tch so sumtims I just tell u to PISS OFF
moi says: waitlah. Maybe he really busy
moi says: somehow he will talk to me one
moi says: or maybe not. Maybe I too cocky bout our relationship
sophster says: yah.. u are..
sophster says: I bet u think u damn cun wit ppl
moi says: hahahahaha. Yah. [cringe]

Aiii. I already wrote an apologetic email to him-lho. Still, he refuses to talk to me. Man, damn kau mengada right??

I raised my voice at Dddy too. Feel real rubbish now ‘cos after reviewing the conversation in my head I realized it was me who was petty and absolutely immature. It all started with the bloody Kenari acting up-lah. Stereo system fail, air-cond buzzing like a pasar malam generator and now it can’t even central-lock. I’ve gotta manually lock every f*cking door on my own before leaving the car. SO 80’s. Since Dddy was going about how he intended to replace the problematic Kenari (given that Sophiekins partially murdered it by smashing the entire frontal into a truck) I asked him bout the progress. Then he goes and tells me Mmmy decided to not replace the Kenari till I graduate and they'd get me a 3-series then. WHAT?!! I’ve got to be stuck with this junk for 2 years… and it’s going to be more than that ‘cos I can’t be driving a blimin’ 3-series to housemanship. The hospital staff is going to target me properly. I will still require the use of the small-car for a minimum of 3 yrs. Since other small-cars, i.e. Cute, don’t have AP no more, what’s left is just MyVii (waiting list so f*cking LONG-lah!! Bloody 8 mths. Furthermore loadsa opportunists want an extra RM 1,000 to supposedly ‘help’ secure an earlier date), Swift (Ah Choy was thinking of getting that and I’m damn kiasu. I refuse to have the same vehicle as he. Besides that thing cost like RM 90K or something like that. RM 90,000 for a small-car!? I don't think so :P Also it looks more Kelisa than Kenari and I do NOT fancy the Kelisa look), Atoz / Picanto / Jazz (old model-lah… they’ve existed for years and if I’m gonna pay RM 60,000 it might as well be a new model), Getz / Savvy / Matrix (UGLY. Period). We were targeting the Vitz but it’s gonna probably be priced at RM 60 – 70K (CBU: Complete Built Unit) arriving in March ’06 and really, I don’t know why I became so mangchang I started yelling at the top of my voice that I don’t wanna have to pay RM 60K for a small-car and in that case I want a Smart car instead (4-door, engine in front) / A-Class!! Dddy explains that a Smart car would not have a good second-hand value etc… making me even more adamant bout test-driving one that instant. With the way he way trying to sweeten the situation, I really should have cut the old man some slack. I’m such a good-for-nothing child.

P.S: Honey-dew Vitagen ROCKS!! So sedap. I drank Yakult for years till this came along. [ya ampun strabismus gw jelas banget!!]

P.P.S: I finally figured out how to spruce up my pictures via Photoshop!! Ah Zai taught me. He didn't even have to yap much since I'm such a great student. All he said was "She use Adobe Photoshop. Snowflake is inside. But you have to find one...". Wah Ah Zai damn terror. He's now my Yoda Master of Zen kelima. With just those absolutely BOGUS navigational tips (3 to be precise) I found what I needed almost instantly. *snap snap* for Ah Zai :)

P.P.S: L'Occitane rules!!

Do you know this mosaic (available in every L'Occitane counter) is shipped in especially from Francais? Tres cool no?

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