Thursday, October 27, 2005

"sunny came home"

I was in Rock Corner, The Curve to get The Bravery: self-titled and Tatu: Dangerous And Moving when this boy walks past me and my head seemed to be magnetically drawn towards him. It was his scent. A mixture of stale cigarette smoke and cologne and g*d knows what else. He smelled exactly like SunnyC!! Oh g*ddd how I miss SunnyC. Let me narrate whatever hazy memories I have of him to commemorate my first UK crush. Please excuse moi if there are factual distortions ‘cos it has been such a long time ago.

When I first joined Bellerbys College, Brighton I remember walking past this bunch of boys in their bubble jackets smoking outside the cafeteria. One of them was SunnyC. Although he was vertically challenged there was this ultimate air of coolness, I can’t even begin to describe, that enveloped him. He watched me and I quickly dodged his glance. He overwhelmed me.

We shared the same basic Math class. Since I was such a perky cheerleader back in the ole days I always made it a point to wish everyone a good morning. All his friends must have thought I was this bizarre moron but they loved me anyway. First class he picks the seat right next to me but totally keeps in silence during the entire learning session [I later learnt from Miss ChuaChua, it's what Hongkie people mean by being 'cool']. It wasn’t until we had to use the calculator that there was a form of conversation. I didn’t have an electronic calculator, the one I had was regular. He then asked me if I wanted to share his so we shared-lah. By that time surface introductions have been exchanged. SunnyC was puzzled how come my name sounded Chinese. Ya duhhh ‘cos I am!! As soon as he knew that he refused to converse in English with me and made me reply in Cantonese. Now, my Cantonese is freaking crap but I sooo wanted to talk to him. He told me initially he thought I was a Malay girl since I came from Malaysia. Boy, he sure had a lot to learn!! When the class ended, I returned him his calculator but he told me to keep it ‘cos he had another one. I wasn’t used to this sorta generous gesture but he insisted I kept it and so I did... sending flutters down my stomach.

Regrettably the enthusiasm was short-lived ‘cos I later learnt of Miss KhawKhaw, his girlfriend (who I initially prayed would have been his sister). They seem so sweet together. She was as thin as a bean pole and as nice as cupcakes. I couldn’t dislike her so I just shadowed my fancy. Miss KhawKhaw liked me much too. I know SunnyC found me to be the most endearing thing. Most boys do. They won’t fancy me but they would find me UBER CUTE that they had to keep me close. Not very beneficial in my arena though. And another sickening thing is their girlfriends would be totally fond of me too. Bloody hell. Those sorta loves I DON’T WANT wei. Anyway-lah we all ended up living together in this miniscule flat ‘cos Miss LimLim and I needed some flatmates in order to afford our own pad. I loved living with SunnyC and he loved living with me. He likes it when I teman him to get ciggies and watch him play pool and I like it when he takes the top off his Nissan Sunny (pun not intended) so I can feel the salty breeze on my face as we cruise pass the seafront. He likes it when I watch porn with him or those horny English television and I like it when he hooks my arm into his when we’re walking on the street. He likes it when I cook thong suey and help Samantha whip up miracle Chinese dishes and I like it when he bakes stuff in the oven or makes mayonnaise cheong instant noodles (his specialty). He likes to fall asleep beside me and I like to touch his cheek ‘cos he has the most amazing skin. [Miss NingNing always tells me she finds our relationship to be absolutely mind-blowingly weird. I have no defense. It was a little weird] He likes me to wear his stuff like his glasses (when I broke mine) and his parka and I like to have things of him close to me. He likes to tell me things like his family and I like to tell him about my friends back home. He loves to yap about Hongkie koo-wak-chais and I love to hear about them. As much as I liked him, I was very disappointed when he cheated on Miss KhawKhaw with this irritating b*tch from China. The f*ckerette was over the house a lot and I despised her and him for being such a liar. I still adored him though. And he knew it. Making use of that, he quickly performed extensive damage control and soon things were back to normal… almost.

There were a couple of times when we got really pissed off with each other. Once was when SunnyC arranged a trip for us to go ice-skating in London. I was out clubbing the night before so I overslept. By the time I got up everyone was all geared up to go. I decided to stay back ‘cos the heater was broken and I hadn’t showered and felt like ick. I was thinking of going to use Miss NingNing’s shower at Cambridge Grove halls. SunnyC flew into this rage that I’ve never seen. I was, like, what’s the big deal with ice-skating?? I don’t even like it. I’ve already reminded him a million times it’s the thing I least like to do. Besides minus one me would mean more space in the car. What does it matter if I didn’t tag along since 10 of his mates were gonna go?? He called the event off that instant and stomped up to mope in his room. What the F*CK?! Later Miss ChanChan (b*tch) knocked on my room door and tried to persuade me to approach him. Adoi. I explained to her that it shouldn’t matter that I didn’t go since the entire gang was already going. She also couldn’t understand how come he was so frustrated. In the end I went and apologized to him-lah of course, reminding him that I didn’t enjoy ice-skating… his anger had soften by then and he elucidated that he organized the trip for me and he would not go places without me coming along *sigh* I told you our relationship was weird. [Later he reorganized the trip and reminded me about a million times of the subsequent date. We went. He’s a brilliant skater. It’s no wonder why he takes pleasure in it. He glides like a swan and could even do backwards and side-skating. How cool is that?!! I, on the other hand, couldn’t skate to save my life. Going ice-skating with him is the best ‘cos ever so often he’d swoop over, grab my hand, and drag me around the rink. It feels like I’m walking on water. Miss b*tch wasn’t too keen about that] Now, our house was always filled with people. Mostly of girls who fancied the pants off SunnyC. Ah Jaso’s fan club didn’t help keep the people out either. SunnyC had been craving for some male bonding for quite sometime and when he found Ah BJ, he was ecstatic with his new found boyfriend. I wasn’t familiar with Ah BJ and found him to be kinda cocky so I never joined in their excursions. One evening they were gonna go cook at Ah BJ’s sans moi. I had my jagung thong suey gurgling in the pot for ages. Now fresh corn don’t come easy in the UK so I was really excited. I had only popped out for abit to have dinner with Miss NingNing and when I got home I saw my corn in the trash and in the sink and zero pot!! I was outraged. Could they have been anymore stupidER?? HELLO?? My food in my pot!! Place gurgling thong suey in bowl then borrow pot!! SIMPLE no?!! I gave it to them properly when they got home.

moi: I want to know who here is SO STUPID that he cannot even think to store my food before borrowing my pot?? Don’t protect each other!! Own up!! I don’t need to get all huffed up and waste my energy… if one of you would just tell me. I just need to know who’s the idiot?!!
*giggle* Now when I look back, kick-ass funny. They were all quiet as church mouses. Hehe. Nevertheless we made up in the end with SunnyC rapping on my door and doing his usual schmoozing… he did it with a can of corn between fingers. I couldn’t help but laugh. He knew my weakness as how I knew his.
The day we went our ways for good was at Heathrow after a year of living together in Brighton. All of us were heading home for the holidays and would return to our respective universities after that. We were the last 2 to leave and spent time mucking about the terminal, taking silly pictures and speaking of the past. I told him I used to fancy him kaukau. He asked me why I didn’t do anything about it? Perhaps ‘cos he cheated on Miss KhawKhaw… thus he wasn’t as nice as I perceived him to be. He vindicated that it was a one-time incident and that I shouldn’t judge him on the one mistake he made. I still wouldn’t trust him.

Years have gone by and we’ve totally lost touch now. It was still OK last year… he’d slaughter his wallet and call me in Indon trying to persuade me to be his girlfriend. We have this hilarious game where he’d try to convince me to get with him and I’d tell him he’d have a chance in the next lifetime. But I think he’s back with Miss KhawKhaw now. I should make it a point to call him sometime.

Our most recent picture '02. Somehow I look a lil' mongloid there *cringe*. He bought me my first Birkenstock Birkis that I had been meaning to get myself for 2 years. It's fire-engine red and I love him.


Anonymous said...

You're not that fat. In fact you remind me of my aunt. You look like her though, only you're a bit younger.

shelbybaby said...

ahh... that's b'cos all FAT ppl look the same. further justification? put roseanne and camryn manheim together. creepy similarity no? not that FAT still means FAT-lah babydoll.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm sorry but you are not fat! This is false advertising in this BLOG! You are not fat! You come to the U.S. and you will see that you are actually kinda HOT!

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