Sunday, October 30, 2005


Halloween party was pretty cool-lah. I had good wholesome fun (*cringe*… can’t believe I used the word wholesome). Quirky bit 'bout it is that I stumbled upon Miss RacheRache who’s a long lost neighbour / friend. I was sitting in a corner doing surface conversations with Miss TinTin (Miss PalnaPalna’s assistant: the only person I know there) when Miss PalnaPalma comes up to me with this stern look on her face.

Miss PalnaPalna: I did NOT invite you to sit around and talk to Miss TinTin. *proceeds to grab my hand leading me off into the unknown* GO MINGLE!!

moi: But I don’t know how to mingle.
Miss PalnaPalna: OK go talk to the cowgirl there, she’s my friend. Go play games!!
moi: Hi. So umm… I’m guessing you’re a cowgirl *gesturing to her cow-print hat and checkered poplin shirt*. Hi, my name’s…

Miss RacheRache: I know you’re… I recognized you the moment you walked in. We used to live near each other. My name’s...
moi: OMG Miss RacheRache!!!! I SOOO remember you!!
Miss RacheRache: You never changed abit. You’re the little girl I’ve always remembered. Your face is the same.
moi: Tell that to me again when I’m 35 OK? Then I’ll kiss you!!

What’re the odds of this ever happening?? I remember going cycling [boy I sure did loadsa cycling… I seem to always be cycling with people back then] with her a lot when I was probably around 9 – 10 years old. We even auditioned to be in some Colgate advertisement together. She brought me there but in the end her younger brother got it. He’s supposedly breaking girls’ heart in Singapore where he now works. I think the clearest memory I have of her is once she asked me if I’d like to have ham. And I was, like, I WANT… so she goes into her kitchen and retrieves a ladle filled with boiled ham, plopped the soggy meat into a bowl and served it to me. *giggle* I sure as hell remember the most futile bits.

She’s all good now. Just got married a year ago to a real cowboy. He owns more goats than cows though. In Ulu Langat if I’m not mistaken. Miss RacheRache works in Faces now in the sales department for now. Wow. SO much has happened.

Another quirky thing is that I really think I know Steven Khoo: one of the Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelors 2005 nominees. I think we used to chat quite abit on IRC / ICQ. Too bad I didn’t have the guts to ask him if he knew a person called Jumpstart *cringe*. So lame-lah me. But now, come to think of it, what have I got to lose-eh?? Damn.

I won a trip to Genting with this boy who came as a psycho doctor. Another of the odds happening: being paired up randomly with a make-believe medical personnel in a horrible game called bobbing apples. He does PR for Sunway Medical. Basically someone had to hold the apple up in front of the other fella’s face using a string as the other someone eats it without using the help of hands. Quite tricky-lho. And I was wearing my Ralph Lauren linen frills top and I don’t wanna be bobbing about apples in that!! [I got the top for ONLY RM20 after expertly rummaging through the discount bin *beams with pride*]. We couldn’t decide who should go for the apple and since both of us damn the ja-im (jaga imej), I suggested we "jus". He lost. Kekeke. I think we’re both pretty competitive cos we WON with him crunching on the apple like a starving donkey. YEAY!! *clappety clap* Later I saw that he came with a nurse who I easily presume is his chick. So sweet yah? I told him that he could have the prize to share with his chick. I like it when people are together. They seem delighted.

Afterwards, I joined in another game which was wrapping someone up with a loo roll into a mummy and my partner was this 2 year-old boy Ah Jayden. He’s SO SO CUTE and AMUSING. He was real

shy at first but I think I owe it to my comical face that he warmed up to me soon enough. Anyways I wrapped him up real good. His parents were really accommodating. Ah Jayden is so good looking but his parents damn biasa-biasa only. [I SO WANT MY KID TO LOOK LIKE JAYDEN!! I’ll let him go to Cosmotots so he’ll be as intelligent as Ah Yung but since my husband’s a doctor / architect he would excel brilliantly in science. I’ll bake him cookies and smother him with so much lurrrve :) OK straying from topic] We didn’t win ‘cos children get edgy after awhile and Ah Jayden literally broke free before the due time. Still good fun-lah. What did I say? Wholesome fun-leh? I met so many wonderful people today. Too bad none of ‘em were young eligible bachelors but for awhile it didn’t matter to me. I fell in love with human race :)

I had been acknowledging this old wizard maybe ‘cos of our fellow personas and just as I sat quietly in a corner waiting for Miss PalnaPalna to finish up, he came to say hello.

Wizard: Who are you waiting for?
moi: Miss Palna’s a good friend of mine so I support her events, in return I get a ride home. Wizard: *chuckles*
After some more senseless small talk…
moi: So, what’s your role here?? [very casual tone, like I’m asking how the weather is]
Wizard: *slightly taken aback* Well-uh, what do you mean?
moi: Miss PalnaPalna’s the PR organizing the event so are you, like, the manager or something?Wizard: *chuckles* Well-uh, I oversee everything. I’m one of the directors.
moi: Wahhh!! [OMG *gulp* I’ve been speaking to the director like he was Murni’s waiter… quick think!! Salvage situation!! Salvage situation!!] OHHH SO YOUR OFFICE IS THE ONE BY THE WINDOW WITH GOOD VIEW AND LOTSA CITY MUGS-LAH!!
Wizard: *guffaws out aloud* And how do you know this?
moi: [aiii… bad save bad save stupid stupid] Well-uh, I helped Miss PalnaPalna do free temps, in return I get to peer into everyone’s office…?
Wizard: I see I see.
moi: So-uh what you think of Miss PalnaPalna’s work?
Wizard: *chuckles again* You’re really one with questions-ah?
moi: [everyone say this about me that it’s getting creepy] Just trying to help a friend *big friendly grin*
Wizard: She’s doing a good job.
moi: I’ll help pass on the compliment.

I narrated our conversation to Miss PalnaPalna who was absolutely flabbergasted or perhaps mortified and a little amused I spoke to her director like that. She laughed till no end despite. I didn’t know he was the DIRECTOR mah. Thank goodness I have a funny-haha face. People tend to not be thaaat angry when they look at my cartoon features.

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