Sunday, October 09, 2005

"oh, this is the start of something good. don't you agree?"

I signed up at Equinox today, finally. It didn’t turn out to be THAT expensive after all. It must be ‘cos of my charming personality (or endless whining) ‘cos that guy at marketing gave me like a darn great reduction. So I end up forking out only 2 juta rp for the membership fee when I was supposed to pay 6 jut. How cool is that?? Anyway the gym’s facilities’ pretty much like Fitness First except that is has crappier classes and they don’t serve other free drinks apart from H2O. Damn. But it has a whirlpool though and cold plunge whatever that is. So I had something like a preliminary fitness assessment and I told one of those random instructors that I do NOT want to do weights. At least he was cordial enough to oblige me by prescribing lots and lots of cardio instead. He measured my fat percentage and lo and behold I fall under the PLUMP category. KAKAKA I didn’t even know that box existed. Well it does, right above overweight and (horrors!) OBESE. I need to make a 6% FAT reduction in order to be certified normal. He was basically shaking his head in the inside. 6% is a very STEEP climb or in this sense decline. Which he then began to remind me again: LOTS OF CARDIO. DIET. DISCIPLINE. Yikes. The double-D words I can never heed. I was reading a sign on the wall and I have since decided to make sure every trip I go I would cardio for 1 hour 15 mins (approximately 500 calorie burn) and do abdominal exercises (on those 3 machines). I’ll also bring my light weights and do a bit of arm stuff. Cardio kills me. I mean the first 5 mins I’m fluttering like a hummingbird [SunshineP used to call me his little hummingbird] but when the 15th minute kicks in, I can feel my heart struggling to shove the contents of my atrium into my ventricle vice versa. G*D my stamina sucks big time. Today unfortunately I struggled to complete only a meek 35 mins of power-walking and elliptical machine. I couldn’t even do more than a set of 20 reps of abdominal machines. And ideally I should have done 3 sets. F*ck. Also my knee started acting up when I did full sit-ups. Full sit-ups are hard. I managed to do 5 real good ones. Crap. Also I’m 57.5 kg which means that I put on 2 kg during the 3-week holidays when I was home. Crap again. Although 57.5 kg was the exact weight I weighed just before leaving for the UK. I now weigh what I weighed when I was 17 (7 years ago). Sh*tty. Some big progress must be made before this year ends. I know I say this ALL the time but who knows maybe this time’s different. I know I say that ALL the time too but it did work for awhile. I’m not 65 kg anymore for starters. Maybe one day I’ll get to say “I’m not 57 kg anymore for starters”. Also when the dough arrives, I’ll go check out that yoga center Miss KhaiKhai mentioned trying. I know I said yoga makes me cry (and it really does) but I saw some muscle definition with Body Balance that I never thought potentially existed in my body. SO I really should go for Yoga and PILATES [the latter is a g*d sent, too bad they don’t have classes for that here]. Miss DingDing says that it’s right opposite Kimia Farma in a tiny road called Jalan Sukimin and that place is called On The Green. I’m still trying to figure out which angkot would pass through that place and back.

I lost my Evita Peroni hair slide. That piece of red plastic cost me a damn bomb. Bloody.

Guess what I found at Pasar Kota Kembang today?? F.R.I.E.N.D.S in a season per disc!! Very very cool. Thank goodness I never bothered to get them when they were in series form ‘cos now I have the entire series in 10 discs (season 1 to 10). Say it with me: OMG!! Miss MasMas was absolutely peeved ‘cos she had been collecting F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever and her collection has amounted to these big bulks of folders while mine only takes up 10 DVD pockets. Oh hohoho. So darn pleased with myself. I usually loan them off her or Ah Mael (while we were still on friendly terms) but now I can watch it at my own pleasing. I haven’t watched season 10 yet so all those new episodes really got me cracking!! I hope that when I do get married that my relationship will be just like the Geller-Bings. I hope my husband will love me just as Chandler loves Monica. When I was a teenager and F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the best thing that ever happened to television, I wanted to be Rachel oh-so-badly (didn’t every chick?) and I thought that I probably was a Phoebe instead but now that I’m a little grown up: I’m MONICA. Monica Geller. And sometimes when she walks down her chubby memory lane with visions of herself shaking her FAT bon bon to 80s music, I see myself staring right back at me. So right now all that’s left is for me to do is to find myself a Chandler Bing. Would help if I could cook like Monica.

My failed attempt at making NON-baked caserole: mash potato topped with alfredo sauce + lingon berry jam.

Oooh I just found my Evita Peroni hair slide!! I accidentally threw it into the waste paper basket.
I just changed my sheets. I LOVE the aroma of fresh sheets. I especially adore the laundered scent. When Mmmy does it, she goes really heavy on the blue Softlan fabric softener… oh bliss!! I like to nua and sodok mattresses with fresh sheets. Mmm…

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