Saturday, October 29, 2005

nasi glorious nasi

I believe Ah Yung has trust issues. At least I feel he does. Like the solution is done best through running away (to shower?). I suppose having said this; he will NOT be speaking to me for a LONG while. I already told him to use the magic word. Beats me why he didn't... thus I thought I was still in safe base. Oh well. Maybe with some luck, we’ll be on speaking terms next year.

Yesterday I teman-ed Dddy and Uncle Matthew to go buy a Mont Blanc pen + cufflinks for their associate. Uncle Matthew wants me to help them look up some great places to go in Barcelona and Madrid. I did and will type it out nicely for him today. I love Mont Blancs. There’s this new one with sparkly luminescent white finish and a pearl end along with the signature white zenith. SO cute!! I’d prefer the fountain tip but it’ll take me ages before I could get to that budget box. When I start to work I shall save for the ball-point one first. They also have a limited edition range to commemorate, like, Don Quixote etc. So cool.

Years back, the family’d come to KLCC a whole damn lot. And if it’s time to makan, Dddy would drag us all to go eat in the Kelantanese stall at the food court ‘cos Kelantanese kids (he and Mmmy) are ALL like that. They’re somewhat Japanese-like… a lot of patriotism to the state. “Kelantan Kelantan EVERYTIME eat Kelantan!! Damnit…!!” I’d mutter under my breath. Sophiekins’d roll her eyes and do a gagging gesture but no choice-lah. Dddy’s money. So if Dddy’s money puts Kelantanese food on the table then Kelantanese food we shall have to eat. But these days the tables have turned. I realize I have started to like things my parents like. Which, come to think of it, is a rather scary thought. I’m turning into the replica of my parents. OH MAN. Inevitably we all do I suppose. Very scary. So anyways, post-pen + batik shirt shopping, we were supposed to go eat this chicken noodle in Jalan Imbi that I LURRRVE. Dddy knows it ‘cos I make the family fetch me there straight after I land from the airport every time. But as I walked past the food court I couldn’t help but felt a sense of longing for Nasi Kerabu so I turned to Dddy and ask him if that Kelantanese stall still existed [at one point it disappeared-mah to Dddy’s dismay]. He got so boyishly excited and quickly pointed to Mek Kelante. Moi: “Aiya eat nasi only-lah!! Lazy-lah go Imbi.” Kekeke.

New tip from Ah Zai: I didn’t fix the picture quality value box on my far right. Must go check. No wonder pictures are all grainy. All I needed to do was give him the chief complaint and he could immediately tell me the management. *snap snap* for Ah Zai again!! Miss ChewChew had wanted to bring me to this great place called Departure Lounge which unfortunately was closed by the time we got there. How awful for me. It looks so cute from the outside, I bet it’s even greater in the inside. Anyway we ended up in Syed Abu mamak near Miss ChewChew’s and chattered a lot about her beef with everyone: her boss, her colleagues, Miss PalnaPalna (mostly), Ah Han, Miss TanTan… Later on we went back to her place and Ah Zai joined us there. I really think they should be conjoined at the hip ‘cos he just left her place 2 hours ago. Like what the..?!! Miss ChewChew says she enjoys this new clingy relationship as she never really had the boy cling to her before and it felt rather nice. So basically since she’s already clingy a person and he’s clingy too so the whole clinginess makes than breaks the relationship. It got me to thinking. Since I’m clingy, would that mean I should get a clingy boy too so… it wouldn’t matter that I’m clingy?? KAKAKA. I think it’s rather hilarious. But Ah Zai’s fun. I usually never meet Miss ChewChew’s men ‘cos I’m hardly around. I only met Jason (her first) once and now Ah Zai. Ah Zai’s cute-lah. Boyish cute. Maybe because we’re all the same age that we can get along so well and the best thing is we’re all on the same wave length!! He calls me rude, I call him stud... Good fun. Guess it’s the one thing good about dating people our own age.

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