Monday, October 31, 2005

*MAS In-flight entertainment*

By the way, my endless worry for my clinical internship + not being able to meet up with Ah Choy for a long time since he’d have left for Thailand by the time I got home + Ah Yung refusing to speak to me + the fact I didn’t pack till this morning + no sleep + having to type out Dddy’s surat rayuan (or his driving license was gonna get gantung) as well as my personal compilation guide to Madrid + Barcelona for Uncle Matthew + realizing I must have packed so rubbishly left me feeling SO crappy that I figured I’d have to do some stress-release bawling in the plane later after Mmmy dozes off. Thoughts of what Gypsy Sue told me after a tarot interpretation of my career didn’t help either. The line at the check-in was so freaking long and I really thought I was about to lose it but something miraculous happened, something I thought I would only (ever) read in books / magazines or see in movies or probably only get to experience when I turn 40: WE GOT UPGRADED TO BUSINESS!! OMG. Say it with me babydolls: OMG. So I guess my ultra-cute posh outfit combo of basic MNG v-neck vest + jeans + red Urban Outifitters uggs + Stella Adidas jumper + Jasper Conran hand carry + Vuitton Vernis Bedford really paid off!! I thanked the check-in girl profusely [how awfully unDIVA of me but I really was grateful!!]. Mmmy and I were like tweenies in Barbie heaven. Even the 1-hour delay didn’t ruin my mood. We’re GOING BUSINESS!! *Ultraman stance*
This is my 3rd fill of bubbly. Totally taking advantage of the fact I’m here. This may be the first and last time I get to travel this great a class till I’m probably 35!! I have corny songs on my jukebox list: Fix You, You’re Beautiful, Love’s Divine… We get to watch movies at our own pace, they gave us each an Aigner pouch (AIGNER WEIII!!) with cute mini toiletries and even the lavatory uses Crabtree + Evelyn Lavender handwash!! Don’t even get me started on the space. What I absolutely hate about myself is that despite everything that’s good, all that can play on my mind are the bad ones. Why do I let thoughts like those infest my mind? Why do I even put myself into assh*le situations such as those? I don’t know is it a price I have to pay to redeem the penance of having this attitude of mine? Wah 6 hours to destination. Time flies when you’re going BUSINESS. *clappety clap*

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And since when did I stop talking to you?

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