Tuesday, October 25, 2005

mary magdalene

Aiii my return kena kantoi. Miss PalnaPalna msg-ed my phone and I thought that all had been revealed, THEY KNOW I’M HOME. Ahh crap. No point disguising further, so I msg-ed her back to let her know I was going to the Halloween party after all. Actually it’s just that she had accidentally msg-ed my M’sian number. Damn, shouldn’t have replied(!!). So anyways she tells that Miss YeeYee's having a thing at Darul Ehsan mamak at SS3. I didn’t think it was a wise thing to just crash Miss YeeYee’s thing in case she might feel uneasy that I suddenly popped outta nowhere. Besides, I’m not 100% comfortable with Miss OiOi and Miss LeenaLeena so… it might turn out to be the worst idea ever to show up at the thing.

A couple of days ago Jennifer from Anya Hindmarch contacted me to tell me the jpegs I provided for my Shopper bag were not big enough files to make a good print. I had to get a scanner asap and thus had to contact Miss ChewChew to let her know I was home ‘cos Ah Boon (Miss ChewChew's brother) supposedly has a scanner. She was disappointed that I didn’t let her know I was back. Well, if it makes her feel better I didn’t contact Ah Choy yet and might not even. Ah Choy’s the first I call when I get home. I don’t know why. It used to be Miss ChewChew. Things change I suppose. So anyways things ran late ‘cos I think I kinda f*cked Ah Boon's comp up at a certain point… thank goodness it wasn’t serious though [lesson learnt: don’t touch people’s comp] and in the end Miss LeeliLeeli (his wife) suggested that Ah Boon should just do the scanning by himself. He offered to do some touch-ups while at it. WAHHH free touch ups-lho!! *snap snap* for Ah Boon and Miss LeeliLeeli.

Miss YeeYee's back from Singapore [she’s a science lecturer in a university there and is bonded to stay with them till 2007 as she had received a scholarship for her studies prior to this]. SO I had known bout this as she had emailed me telling me she was going to be back and it would be nice to meet up. Thing is, I didn’t feel like meeting up with her so I never bothered to contact her (or anyone for that matter). But we went after all and it didn’t turn out half as bad as I expected. I suppose EVERYONE made real effort to communicate. I know I did and I could feel Miss LeenaLeena and Miss OiOi did too. Miss ChewChew had some beef (Ah Zai’s word for issues) with Miss PalnaPalna and Miss TanTan. Explanation later. So the whole point of going to Darul Ehsan and also the ultimate reason why I bothered to tag along is ‘cos Miss YeeYee has a boyfriend and it was more of an introduction thing that day. Now Miss YeeYee used to say that she had decided to remain chastise as a patronage to God or somesort like that. Something along the lines of nunhood except she’s not permanently at church. I knew it was sheer bullshit. Just that she didn’t have a boyfriend ever and it was some stupid defense mechanism against questions like “So you have boyfriend already or not? Still single ah? Etc…” OK I understand peer pressure can be daunting but nunhood?!! That’s just plain silly and it really cracked me up when people believed her, i.e Miss ChewChew. Adoi. So now Ah Dri’s in the picture and I bet the whole nunhood crap is out of the window. He’s a deacon worr… the level below Pastor. Umm whatever. They met at church here and he’s from Muar, Johor. Also he’s a furniture salesman. They sell furniture to Starbucks etc. OK-lah. They seem quite compatible and he’s also quite cute though he looks real matured for a 28-year-old. Good-lah good-lah. And what’s more he proposed liao!!

So it’s official. I’m the only one in the damn group that has never had a boyfriend. Damn saddo. I can’t really help but feel pathetic for myself. Damn kesian-lah meee. *sob sob* I knowww!! Boo-hoo.

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Ah Dr, Miss YeeYee, Miss ChewChew

Happy to pose for camera as others yabber away :P
Cute couple: Ah Dri & Miss YeeYee


P.S: was too lazy to concoct charming captions.
P.P.S: Damn weird. Ah Zai said that if I saved my jpegs as webpage the graphics are sharper with lesser memory usage but see... so grainy!! What th... ??

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