Monday, October 31, 2005

jimmy choos

I can’t believe it’s still the 30th. Yeay for different time zones!!

So we arrived nicely and being on BUSINESS, we got to hop off the aircraft first so no problem rushing to be in front of the ‘Other Passports’ immigration queue. Mmmy was using a different set of luggage. Having said that, she missed locating it even though it passed right under our noses 4 bloody times!! Oh man. We’re gonna miss the bloody train. And we did miss it. Pushed the damn luggage trolley like nobody’s business and yet we lost it by 8 seconds. M*ther of ass [I coined this term, so this swear-word was developed by yours truly. You heard it here first]!! Plopped our gluteus on the bench and waited for the next train due in an hour.

Sophiekins’ place was an ultimate mess. She could have at least made an effort to clean up knowing we were coming. Bloody f*ck.

Did a lil’ unpacking in what seems like a spaceless dwelling (mainly piling my sh*t on her sh*t), took a hot shower and next thing I knew, Miss KeaKea was on the way to Marybone to come pick me up. She came in her Toyota Yaris which looked a lil’ like Vitz. She did mention, however, that Yaris had a different name elsewhere. It must be VITZ. Oh wow. It’s really cute. I really hope Vitz comes in soon. She dropped her friend Miss AneAne off and we proceeded to BabyCream to have a couple of drinks. We yakked and yakked about her buzzing social life: Ah Ban fancying her, the set-up between Miss AneAne and Ah Keeys [I once sorta fancied Ah Keeys, well at least I thought he was rather cute. What can I say-lah? I FANCY EVERYONE], Ah Keith and Miss LizLiz, progress with that Aussie on work / travel visa in Sheffield, Ah Benedict the engineer consultant from London and my halted progress with Mr Semangka.

T’was such fun fun fun to catch up on gossip.

I forgot that pubs close at 11 pm in the UK. Such a bother. We then retired to her place where I had wine and ogled even more at her stacks of Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks. Miss KeaKea is living the life that I’ve always envisioned myself in my mid-twenties (minus the bank overdraft). When I look at myself and I look at her, I feel a pang of heartache. I should NOT have f*cked up… or this would have been MY luxury apartment, MY stacks of Choos and Blahniks, MY pair of Gucci boots, MY Vuitton collection… the list is endless. Perhaps I should not have heeded my parents’ order as much. I should have stayed on *shrugs* [I did have a 6-year student visa after all], take a year off and start it out again. I would have been done by now and her life would have been mine, slowly but surely. I know there are times when Dddy and Mmmy question themselves if they made a good decision by insisting that I immediately came home because they ask me at the weirdest moments if they did the right thing. Right, like their guilty conscience is even useful in my 4th year of med studies *exasperated look*. Even though I reassure them that all is good now, I might just be in denial. It’s not good. It’s not good that I’m not happy. Why do we live if it’s just to live? I really don’t understand the concept of life.

Had to return at midnight ‘cos Sophiekins was going to retire to bed. Miss KeaKea tried to persuade me to stay but I was due for London early the next morning so I took a rain-cheque. Sophiekins’s new dorm in Marybone has a million freakin’ locks and I would have trouble getting in if I didn’t go back then.

CRAP: our Liverpool-London train leaves at bloody 12pm and not at 6am as I requested her to book. I was so freakin’ pissed ‘cos now my entire schedule is absolutely f*cked up. She could at least have the decency to warn me that she booked a later train. G*DDD this is why I CANNOT rely on her ever. She can be so irresponsible sometimes that I swear I could gorge her eyeballs off if it wasn’t for the presence of Mmmy.

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