Tuesday, October 18, 2005

janji ko-ass

Can feel my heart LUB-DUB-ing frantically. What if my group is crappy?? What if I'm alone without KPBI friends?? What if I'm the only Malaysian?? What if my starting department is something really hard like Public Health or Pediatrics etc?? What if I'm the stupidest there?? What if..??

Waiting for the bus to fill up properly. The PangDam (pangkalan Damri) is situated opposite the UnPad (Universitas Padjadjaran) Dipati Ukur campus. It flanks the Freedom Monument, at least I believe that is what it's called, which is that funny staircase build and to me really pretty much looks like ultimate crap. Just a plateau of cement... very canggih meh?

*gulp* Wah this is it. The reading of our Sumpah Ko-Ass.

M*ther of Ass so many. Dunno whether I can keep all these pledges or not.

*gulp* Aiya f*ck it-lah!! I'm signing!!

L-R: Dr Dinan (Vice Dean), Prof. Dr. Firman (Dean), Dr. uh oh forgot her name and she's SOO VIP some more (Hospital Chairperson), Dr Seno (Vice Dean), Dr Thambrin (Co-ordinator of internship & clerkship program)

L-R: Miss IyanIyan, Miss MasMas, Ah Koso, Ah Jan, Miss KosKos

L-R: Ah Koso, Shelbybaby (so nerdo yah), Miss KosKos, Miss GradGrad

L-R: Miss GradGrad, Ah Surya, Ah Virdio, Miss NiNi, Miss RachRach

Group E: ENT, Dentistry, Opthalmology. Lucky I wasn't as hakk as Miss KosKos... she got the dreaded Public Health.

As a representation of Ko-Assisten-ship election, the Dean pins the official name tag on 'us' (those duo up front) so that we're sah Interns liao.

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