Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I HEART London / just looking

Dragged our weekend luggage through George (by ASDA), Disneystore, Oasis [my absolute favourite upper high-street boutique which unfortunately is unavailable in Malaysia and even if it was, the currency exchange would charge us with the death penalty] and Gap after having breakfast in Wetherspoon. Wetherspoon is a pub-chain in the middle of the city centre which serves traditional English breakfast for £1.99!! You get a sausage, 2 bacons, 2 hash browns, a mushroom, an egg (sunny side up) with baked beans. What a damn deal, right?!! You bet your ass we plan to eat there almost every day. F*ck my weight, money’s more important!! High-street shopping absolutely rocks. Walking about the cobbled streets brings back good ole memories.

Met Sophiekins at Lime Street train station to get printouts of our Eurostar and hotel bookings. She bloody only printed the Eurostar booking!! OH MANNN she really asked for it this time!! Got absolutely mad at her and yelled at her properly while Mmmy was busy getting a hot ham + cheese baguette at UpperCrust [the last time they were here, I found that Dddy + Mmmy can’t stand cold sandwiches so I introduced them to UpperCrust heated ones. They were so in love with them, they requested for the damn bread almost every day :D]. Sometimes Sophiekins can be so foolish and negligent. I specifically told her to print out copies of 2 different bookings: train and hotel. And she thinks she’s being all high and mighty by doing me this favour. What the f*ck?!! It’s not a favour… it’s a blimin’ chore.

When we arrived at London Euston, Mmmy looked so wiped out I suggested we took a cab instead of the Underground. Mmmy hates the Tube :D She doesn’t understand how come so much walking is involved especially when we need to change lines. I forgot how great taking a cab can be. Perhaps it’s ‘cos taking a cab (in London especially) costs a blimin’ fortune and the fact the traffic jam can be absolute murder. I SO enjoyed watching London life pass me by as we zipped in and out of alleys. On the way to the hotel, I saw Liberty [I ALWAYS wanted to go to Liberty!!] and a Scottish kilt shop nearby. The ultimate excuse for coming down to London was to help get some Scottish kilts for Aunt Biau and some of Mmmy’s colleagues at work. Actually they titip-ed eons ago (ever since I studied in the UK) but they never gave me their sizes so I never could buy them any. I was really delighted that we found that little shop because now there is no need for me to go search for that other kilt shop near the British Museum (goodness knows where that is) I had found initially on the internet. Glee glee glee!!

I very very HEART Regent Palace Hotel!! It’s smack in the middle of the city (L1 L1 L1!!) right in the heart of Piccadilly Circus and just a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square, the West End, SoHo and mere seconds from Regent Street. Despite it being a small hotel with mini rooms, I really believe I got such a great deal: £45 (ensuite) per night. The miracle was I missed the peak price just by 2 days *snap snap for MOI* ‘cos Uncle Matthew had to settle for the £99 rate since they were gonna arrive a few days after us. Usually Regent Palace is booked to the brim and with Halloween and all, I thought I could never have gotten a space [previously I never EVER could] but I did. Bless the internet and the fact we’re staying on off-peak dates.

We trotted off to the kilt store and Mmmy managed to do her kilt shopping. The Greek saleslady really had a good eye for colour. She knew how to match our skin tones with the many different tartan shades. Hats off to her-lah *snap snap*. [I bought a female one initially but decided to get Mmmy to sell it off ‘cos I really should have bought the male kilt. Even though it costs more, it had cuter buckles and it fits me well. I don’t have a waist to save myself so the male cutting would have been more appropriate. Aiii regret regret]. Next stop: Liberty-lah of course!! I’ve incessantly admired Liberty products in Vogue and Glamour and have always wanted to visit the place but got lost every time I searched for it. Now I realize I’ve been searching at the wrong corner of London all this while kekeke :D Oh Liberty, I’m so hooked on you. Their stuff are SO FABulous with a capital F.A.B!! Mmmy and I discovered this Peony Scent body spray. I almost died. I so LOVE products at Liberty. Been meaning to try out Bumble & Bumble hair products to see what the darn fuss is about but decided to give it some thought first. Money is an issue after all. Unfortunately the Memoirs of A Geisha line by Fresh hasn’t arrived or I would’ve bought the flower petal face mask to try it out *sigh* It would be nice if I earned in pounds… shopping would be so much easier. Now every time I pick something up, I’ve got to do multiplications in my head… consequently putting it back down. I cannot spend RM200 on a bottle of body lotion. I’m not the bloody Princess of Arabia!! Sigh again. There’s just so many great products to try out and so limited funds.

The women’s floor was excruciating. Matthew Williamson, Temperley, Ghost, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, etc… I spotted this Matthew Williamson signature frock that I always wish I could afford. This one was a purple Tokyo print silk number. I swear my fingers trembled as they ran through the smooth fabric. The colour was mesmerizing. I felt like I took ‘shrooms or something ‘cos the scent and the sight of that dress gave me such a psychedelic high. I thought the closest I could ever get to a Matthew Williamson outfit was touching the image on the screen of my Vaio. And here I am: face to face with the object of my desire. Must be destiny. I KNEW I had to try it on!! It was now or NEVER. I was so relieved that despite it being a quiet day, all the sales assistants were busy attending to some other rich duchess. I quickly grabbed the dress, and like a commando in a battle field: skidded into the changing room and swiftly tug the curtain close *giggle* The dress didn’t fit me perfectly but I know if I hitched the straps up a bit and wore heels I’d be nothing short of FABULOUS. FAT but FABULOUS. Too bad it cost RM7000++. Sophiekins'd probably think I look preggers (English slang for pregnant supposedly) in it but f*ck that: it's empire line!! Walking away from it almost sent a tear to my eye.

"there's things i want,
there's things i think i want
there's thing i have
there's things i wanna have"

OMG. This SO rocks. As usual what moi cannot buyeth, moi photographeth.

"i'm just looking
it keeps me smiling..."

What else did I fancy in Liberty? I really like this Marc Jacobs twin pocket/buckle leather clutch. And there’s this Liberty silk eye-mask in different motives (comes with matching cosmetic pouches and mini totes) which is so smooth, like a baby’s bottom. They stock Coco de Mer lingerie which so so rocks!! Also love this Lulu Guiness department store tote. Umm… so many many-lah!!

Random window display. London high-street's the best.

Mmmy wanted to eat the same beef hor-fun in some Chinese restaurant during our previous trip in February. Wah(!!) Chinatown so damn big, how the f*ck to find?? Funny though, I did manage to locate it after all. Ordered sweet and sour pork too. I love the English-Chinese sweet and sour pork. Mmmy thinks it sucks ‘cos of the excess flour they use to coat the meat and the fact the sauce is too tangy and putridly red in colour. I LIKE!! Mmmy, on the other hand, love the English-Chinese fried beef hor-fun. Some dishes just aren’t the same back home. She was ecstatic that we could pack unfinished food remains *giggle* I love this about English-Chinese restaurants too.

Finally, I let Mmmy do her souvenir shopping before returning to the hotel. Realized that Guys and Dolls are playing in the theatre just opposite our hotel. Cool!!

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