Monday, October 10, 2005


“You’re in 9 kinds of pain. You don’t know what’s going on inside of you. And you are so locked into damage control that you can’t…”

... Dr Stanley Keyworth (The West Wing) ...

Hmm. Fascinating.

Finally cleared my room for real. I am so proud of myself somewhat. There’re still fringes of mess that needs to be swept under the bed (quick fix: no eyesore, no problem) but apart from that my room is feelin’ pretty damn good. I have fixed an extra tube of fluorescent lighting last week so it’s now nicely-lit which definitely improves the aura. I’ve laid out the new bathroom rug so once the new curtains get done and the new shelving unit gets put up, I’ll bring that hand-made Turkish carpet Mmmy bought me while on a company trip there out so my toes can do a little snuggling. Things are looking up slowly. I strongly suspect I owe it to the extra lighting. Dddy was right. He recommended it.

Basically things that need to be dealt with in the near future are:

  • clear desk
  • sort rack
  • put up paintings / posters / corkboard / pictures
  • fix shelving unit
  • replace old dingy green curtains
  • organize CD & DVD collection into pocket folders
  • get IKEA cardboard boxes and fill ‘em with books (under bed)
  • lay out Turkish carpet
  • clean ‘porch’ rack and organize drawers into: plastic bags, paper bags, paper, etc
  • can’t remember

Today I also bid goodbye to my faithful pencil-case which has served me throughout my years. I fell in love with it while browsing Topshop’s retro collection approximately 4 years ago… something bout it’s Lolita-esque persona and the crappy (probably) Japanese rendition of pointless English quotes: The Grapevine america’s most gramorouse sexist female super star hyuk hyuk* It’s broken now and the contents keep spilling out. I felt sad to see it go. It has gone through so much with me. Oh well, nothing is forever. No point holding on I suppose :(

I cannot believe BBM (Bahan Bakar Mentah) is going to increase AGAIN!! Bloody hell. Damri bus rides went from 2500 rp to 3000 rp, ojek bike rides from Damri Jatinangor terminal to Unpad is now 1500 rp and I can’t even begin to start rattling bout food / grocery expenses as well as exorbitant angkot prices. Guess it sucks to not have oil. No wonder so many wars have been waged on the basis of petroleum. I roughly get it now.

Ah Gil (regular program, my batch: 2001) is my new neighbour. He moved into that 1 jut / mth room opposite my place. Mas Budi (caretaker) was going on and on about how I really should considering switching rooms ‘cos it was more spacious and all that. Bloody conman. Highly untrue. Anyway Miss KhaiKhai was kinda hyped up when she saw that Ah Gil was living opposite me ‘cos well Ah Gil is half-Arabic so loadsa Muslim chicks fancy him. I know Miss EnaEna has a small crush on him and so does Miss MasMas. I don’t. That’s why it wasn’t much of a big deal that he’s living across the corridor from me. His chick is h-h-hot so those girls have no chance-lah.

Miss IyanIyan belanja us dinner last night. It was a belated birthday celebration. I got a free movie treat too ‘cos my chicken schnitzel wasn’t too pricey. We watched Sky High. Good good. I highly enjoyed the movie. If there was a power that I’d like to have, it’d be that idiot who can shift into another person. Something like what that scaly girl has in X-Men. What I’m curious about is if that doctor has X-ray vision, which proves to be highly useful in the medical field though probably not too useful in normal circumstances, would that make her a HERO or a SIDEKICK?? Sometimes I wonder how Coach Boomer actually makes his decisions ‘cos that rock boy isn’t exactly that bloody useful. Yeah he’s all big and strong. But they already have other strong people. Perhaps strong already means hero in their context. I really like that girl who can give life. If used wrongly, her power can be so so EVIL. Also I think it’s a little lame she got with her best friend in the end. I mean that fire-hurling boy is so hot. Again the whole love thing. If she marries that Stronghold boy, MAN the child’s gonna be so packed with extra-power!! Or he could be the utter fluke which is gonna be real tragic. SKY HIGH 2, please come soon!! I bet UK’s Disneystore is gonna be filled with Sky High merchandise this Christmas. Damn. Nak!!

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