Thursday, October 27, 2005


First up: Ah Yung, what did I tell you about reading here?? Ah Zai, if you’re reading this GO AWAY. I’m SERIOUS. And don't you even dare tell a soul about this. I’ll stick a Hepatitis-infested needle up your ass. Same goes to you Easter.

Today has been filled with activities. First up collect air tickets at MAS office in New Town. Then Dddy sends me home ‘cos he had a luncheon to attend to so I decided to go have sashimi in The Curve’s Sakae Sushi that I quite love, on my own. I thought I was having such a mode moment as I sauntered in with my Stella Adidas sweats, pink Old Navy shorts with my Vuitton Vernis Bedford bag and Vogue October 2005. I had wanted to order the Ikura sushi but a pair of it would set me back almost RM15. I know Ikura’s generic caviar but damnit?!! In Jaya Jusco it’s only like RM4.50 or something. After that I proceeded to Tango Mango currently my ultimate favourite haunt. I especially love the fairy and unicorn dolls. Somehow I just can’t seem to bring myself to buy them though. But they sure are endearing. I’d buy a million cards for those just-in-case measures and ogle further at the Moleskines. They really should do something about making the place cuter ‘cos it feels like just a bunch of furniture put together in a space… not so optimal in area utilization. I then went to get Zero7: When It Falls at Rock Corner… an album I’ve been forever (say… 2 years?) wanting to hear out but never did. It all changes today.

Home was filled with personal chores. I finally BOTHERED to wrap a year’s worth of post and pre-birthday gifts up. Thing is I hate giving gifts unwrapped. I love to put them in nice packs with ribbons preferably. Gifts just aren’t gifts without ribbons. I bought all my friends a pashmina scarf ‘cos they are so stylo and every lady should own one. I had decided on the 70% pashmina / 30% silk blend ‘cos it feels more luxurious than 100% pashmina ones. I wrapped them up in nice bronze tissue and place them in cute elegant red cardboard boxes. I also attached a Muji metal name-card holder with a name-card folder ‘cos they’re all working lu…!! Last year I gave them Gap pajamas… hopefully they find this year’s offerings to be pretty damn good too.

Met up with Miss PP. My, there the chicks are pretty high-fashioned. Working here would mean planning tomorrow's outfit in my mind today. I had to wait for her at a bench outside her office while she hurriedly finished off some stuff and even that she had to bring work home with her. Also she has a meeting at 9pm. She was supposed to fetch her colleague’s son to tuition as a favor return later in the evening so to kill time we hung out at this place called The Place [which I thought was rather dodgy but she says it’s OK ‘cos work people hang out there a lot… OK *phew* then]. She has a medical condition which I wasn’t surprise of with regards to her lifestyle. Perhaps she expected me to be livid but things are different now, besides it’s my role to remain calm and put on an expression-less face when it comes to hearing those sorts of things. She told me the past 1 week had been hell for her and she was going through a bit of a breakdown [which is not unusual for Miss PP ‘cos she goes through a breakdown like every season of the year(!!)] It must have been hard to learn about such horrors. I wasn’t familiar with the condition, heck I’m NOT familiar with every condition(!!), but I managed to tell her a couple of management and prevention measures she should take. For every action there are consequences… at least that’s what I realize when it concerns health. She was surprised that the stuff I told her were exactly what her doctor prescribed. Ya ampun, but of course!! We read similar books except I know lesser :P So right now the only people who knows are her physician, her boyfriend and moi and she intends to keep it this way.

During happier moments, L-R: Shelbulous moi, Miss ChongChong. Miss ChongChong's signature: HRC Melbourne phone strap. Examine specimen Miss ChongChong with well-defined sternum and possible sternal notch. Compare with specimen me... highly noticeable presence of FLAB FLAB FLAB.

When the time was up, I went with Miss ChongChong went to pick Ah Niel (damn big size for an 8-year-old), her colleagues’s son, to drop him off at Kumon which is a personal development centre. Somesort like a private tuition place. In the car he was rattling on about hurricanes and tropical storms. He fancied those sort of stuff and proceeded to show me an exercise book filled with newspaper articles of the recent Hurricane Wilma. I noticed something different about that boy. When we dropped him off at Kumon:

Miss ChongChong
: Ah Niel suffers from…
moi: ADD, yes I know.
Miss ChongChong: HDD
moi: No, it’s ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder.
Miss ChongChong: YAH YAH… Eh wah how you know ah??
moi: Can tell lah.
Miss ChongChong: Can meh?? But I couldn’t the first time.
moi: I’ve seen kids like those in pediatrics.
Miss ChongChong: What makes you think he’s ADD ah?
moi: The way he couldn’t sit in one place, fidget about, lunging about the car, whining, yabbering etc…
Miss ChongChong: Some more you said you know nothing.
moi: I don’t-lah. I can just tell you little bits of stuff. Trust me; if it was Ah TKL you’d have the case summary in your hand by now.
Miss ChongChong: Then how you know bout Miss PP stuff too??
moi: :I

We had a snack and drinks at Bernard’s while waiting for Ah Niel to be done with class. On usual occasions Miss ChongChong would do her work on her notebook but since I was around we had girly chat instead. She says nobody really enjoys teman-ing her on these Kumon trips… Miss TanTan would be like “What are you doing with that child?” etc. I never told her but I thought she handled Ah Niel well. It must have been the practice she gets from taking care of Ah Shua (boyfriend’s adopted deaf child). She knows basically how to speak to children and how to maneuver them. I was quite in awe. No wonder she boasts that she is such a mother. She is. Anyway she proceeded to tell me the perils of taking care of non-normal children and how she could relate to Ah Niel’s father. Ah Niel’s father is another pitiful case. Ah Niel's mother was a Filipino lady who he later found out after the marriage was a drug trafficker and hid drugs in the kid's teddy bears. He deported the mother home after Ah Niel was diagnosed as a ‘refused-attention’ child. So Ah Niel never had a mother in his life. Watching Ah Niel and knowing that he comes from a single-parentage family saddens me. It’s because ADD children need mothers more than normal ones. Firstly they need someone who can give them all the love and patience in the world. Secondly, the mother can cook MSG-free food according to Dr Ben Feingold’s diet: [finally some thesis knowledge put into good use!!]. Thirdly, the mother can coach her child properly… after all it’s her child... who’d care more bout the welfare of the child than the own mother (not under influence of alcohol and narcotics of course)?? I told Miss ChongChong that Ah Niel needs a full-time nanny. But where can you get someone like that in Malaysia?? Oh well. Bringing up a child is no easy feat. The more I see it the more I fear it. Anyway I told her the story of Sylvester Stallone that Sophiekins told me. When Sylvester was born, the doctor told his mother he would have little use of his legs ‘cos of a medical condition (which I was not sure of). Sylvester’s mum was enraged. If she was a Malaysian Chinese, these would have probably been her words: "M*CHAUHA*, CHAUCH*BA*!! F*ck you-lah little use of his legs!!" So Mrs Stallone quit her daytime job to fully attend to Sylvester… everyday physiotherapy and massage, physiotherapy and massage. And look where that meek polio-esque child is today? The love of a mother blows you away ah?? Ah Niel asks his daddy where his mummy is A LOT since everyone in school has a mummy. [So remind me again why Miss NaNa wants to be a single-parent??] When Miss ChongChong asks Ah Niel where his mother is, he’d reply: "She’s in Filipino. There’re no hurricanes. She is safe there." *tear*

We also spoke about stuff like Miss ChewChew's beef, who’s getting married, who’s having a child, how come some people despise Miss ChongChong so much? Etc… mostly what’s happening with her life. Catching up aka gossip feels good.

P.S: Ah Niel's father is fortunate he has some good friends (like Miss ChongChong) and relatives to help keep his world spinning. Ah Niel even had to take a cab home, once, from school. I know this is new-age parenting. Maybe I'm just a frigid conventional piece of log. I believe in a nucleus family. I believe in monogamy. I believe in virginity...??


yeahway said...

It's a good thing I've gotten my jabs for hepatitis.

shelbybaby said...

nothing is fool-proof sayang.

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