Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"and there's you and me, and all other people"

“And I dunno why, I can’t keep my eyes off you”: bloody killer. Sure killed me.

Had a regular crappy day and I figured what better to do than to indulge myself in some online retail therapy. So I whipped my plastic out to get myself that Anya Hindmarch handbag I’ve been meaning to get when I realize mutha f*cka: Credit card blimin’ expired. Bloody hell. This means cannot get that Jasper Conran bustier too. Ayo it’s on sale some more. By the time I get home to my new card sure sold out liao. One of life’s cruelty.

Plus I accidentally took Mmmy’s visa and left mine at home so now I have no damn card to use.

*sigh* Thought of going home for the weekend but ticket’s gonna amount to approximately RM600. So cannot. 3 days here to do f*cking nothing. Bloody f*ck again.

We might have to travel back here on Raya day itself ‘cos of some pre-department briefing. The crap never ends.

They haven’t decided on the date we get to go home. Sh*t. Tickets are running out and they just REFUSE to make a damn decision. My father isn’t a pilot so I don’t have no jump-seat I can hitch a ride on anytime I want. I really don’t know what goes through their thick minds sometimes.
Miss MasMas was having the Indon blues. So I cheered her up by lugging my bridal magazines and letting her look through the invitation cards catalog. It’s my new secret little hobby: making my wedding book. Miss MasMas, Miss IyanIyan and I are on the lookout for good wedding ideas so we’re having like a mini Wedding Club to exchange ideas on cool stuff we’ve found. I intend to collect bridal magazines from all around the world. I really like this Vera Wang dress which is probably gonna cost me a bomb but will be something I will start saving for the moment I start working.

HOT DRESS ALERT!! Damn sure wish I could get hitched in that.
It sounds saddo but really it’s kinda fun (for me anyways). It made Miss MasMas happy too. That and lending her my Pride & Prejudice series. Aisay no one can pull of a Mark Darcy except for Colin Firth. He’s the ONLY Mark Darcy EVER!!

'Cos your love's the killin' kind... Killin' kind...!!!

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