Thursday, October 20, 2005

"whoa, amber is the color of your energy"

Wah. It’s almost midnight. Time flies when I’m home. Didn’t I, like, just wake up? Anyways big problem. I just hate it when things f*ck up properly in the middle of what seemed like a brilliant plan execution.

Mmmy managed to get the 30th October seats after all and I had to cut the trip short to the 6th November ‘cos well we’ll never know when I need to pack to go. Besides if I do leave on Sunday, the extra time would gives me ample time to recover from the jetlag and do more studying. With that I quickly booked the London accommodation ‘cos Mmmy feels uncomfortable staying with Miss ChuaChua. I’m cool with Ah Yann (Miss ChuaChua’s balak) and Miss ArloArlo (Miss ChuaChua’s sister) but perhaps Mmmy feels weird around my friends. I managed to get pretty affordable prices for 3 nites at the Regent Palace Hotel which is supposedly smack in the middle of Piccadilly Circus or something. I had wanted to lodge there before but it’s always bloody fully booked. Subsequently I booked the Eurostar daystripper ticket. We’re departing Waterloo with the Leisure package and the description mentioned something along the lines of champagne… champagne?? Ooooh champagne!! Now for the bloody crap news: no train tickets to go to f*cking London. I’m not sure if I’m thoroughly mistaken or whatever but the Virgin tickets seem to start at the price of £150 a pop. WAHLAU. AYO. Damn worried we can’t get to London now. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t.

Got my hair X-tenso-ed today. Yippee!! *clappety-clap* I’ve been waiting months for this. We’re supposed to allow a 6-month rest period between straightenings. Seriously, next best thing since sliced bread: REBONDING!! Hi I’m FAT girl and I’m a rebondaholic :D KAKAKA, just so excited with my now-hot-again-hair. Must really take good care of my mane ‘cos the ends are disastrous. Despite that decided to not let Ah Gibson trim my hair. Was thinking of getting a chic Parisian haircut at Galleries Lafayette or maybe try that new Umberto Giannini salon in Selfridges. Ah Gibson just got back from Cannes. He was there teaching them Frenchies how to snip Asian keratin.

Aisay, so damn kau gadis baik-baik look. Cis, bedebah!! Still no visible sternal notch!! And I feel, like, my face & arms chubbier weiii...!! Chim*kan >:I

O2 Xda Exec isn’t here yet *sigh* Disappointed. Was really hoping to purchase it now so that I could be familiar with it come internship. But the fella at MAC comp said that it should arrive around the 25th. I can’t wait. Saw Nano skins. VERY VERY NICE.

*sigh* Must support Ikano / Curve / IKEA. Must not let it turn into another Atria. Sigh.

Still have loads to do but I feel so tired. Want to study more but tak larat. Need to go get my blood tested tomorrow. So many nonsensical stuff to do. Aiya f*ck it. Go sleep.

P.S: Wah so damn suka this Warehouse batik dress on 50% sale. Unfortunately 'cos of my Gunung Ledang abdomen, I decided to go home and review properly whether I want this frock or not. So as usual, what moi cannot buyeth, moi photograpeth.

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