Monday, October 31, 2005

jimmy choos

I can’t believe it’s still the 30th. Yeay for different time zones!!

So we arrived nicely and being on BUSINESS, we got to hop off the aircraft first so no problem rushing to be in front of the ‘Other Passports’ immigration queue. Mmmy was using a different set of luggage. Having said that, she missed locating it even though it passed right under our noses 4 bloody times!! Oh man. We’re gonna miss the bloody train. And we did miss it. Pushed the damn luggage trolley like nobody’s business and yet we lost it by 8 seconds. M*ther of ass [I coined this term, so this swear-word was developed by yours truly. You heard it here first]!! Plopped our gluteus on the bench and waited for the next train due in an hour.

Sophiekins’ place was an ultimate mess. She could have at least made an effort to clean up knowing we were coming. Bloody f*ck.

Did a lil’ unpacking in what seems like a spaceless dwelling (mainly piling my sh*t on her sh*t), took a hot shower and next thing I knew, Miss KeaKea was on the way to Marybone to come pick me up. She came in her Toyota Yaris which looked a lil’ like Vitz. She did mention, however, that Yaris had a different name elsewhere. It must be VITZ. Oh wow. It’s really cute. I really hope Vitz comes in soon. She dropped her friend Miss AneAne off and we proceeded to BabyCream to have a couple of drinks. We yakked and yakked about her buzzing social life: Ah Ban fancying her, the set-up between Miss AneAne and Ah Keeys [I once sorta fancied Ah Keeys, well at least I thought he was rather cute. What can I say-lah? I FANCY EVERYONE], Ah Keith and Miss LizLiz, progress with that Aussie on work / travel visa in Sheffield, Ah Benedict the engineer consultant from London and my halted progress with Mr Semangka.

T’was such fun fun fun to catch up on gossip.

I forgot that pubs close at 11 pm in the UK. Such a bother. We then retired to her place where I had wine and ogled even more at her stacks of Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks. Miss KeaKea is living the life that I’ve always envisioned myself in my mid-twenties (minus the bank overdraft). When I look at myself and I look at her, I feel a pang of heartache. I should NOT have f*cked up… or this would have been MY luxury apartment, MY stacks of Choos and Blahniks, MY pair of Gucci boots, MY Vuitton collection… the list is endless. Perhaps I should not have heeded my parents’ order as much. I should have stayed on *shrugs* [I did have a 6-year student visa after all], take a year off and start it out again. I would have been done by now and her life would have been mine, slowly but surely. I know there are times when Dddy and Mmmy question themselves if they made a good decision by insisting that I immediately came home because they ask me at the weirdest moments if they did the right thing. Right, like their guilty conscience is even useful in my 4th year of med studies *exasperated look*. Even though I reassure them that all is good now, I might just be in denial. It’s not good. It’s not good that I’m not happy. Why do we live if it’s just to live? I really don’t understand the concept of life.

Had to return at midnight ‘cos Sophiekins was going to retire to bed. Miss KeaKea tried to persuade me to stay but I was due for London early the next morning so I took a rain-cheque. Sophiekins’s new dorm in Marybone has a million freakin’ locks and I would have trouble getting in if I didn’t go back then.

CRAP: our Liverpool-London train leaves at bloody 12pm and not at 6am as I requested her to book. I was so freakin’ pissed ‘cos now my entire schedule is absolutely f*cked up. She could at least have the decency to warn me that she booked a later train. G*DDD this is why I CANNOT rely on her ever. She can be so irresponsible sometimes that I swear I could gorge her eyeballs off if it wasn’t for the presence of Mmmy.

*MAS In-flight entertainment*

By the way, my endless worry for my clinical internship + not being able to meet up with Ah Choy for a long time since he’d have left for Thailand by the time I got home + Ah Yung refusing to speak to me + the fact I didn’t pack till this morning + no sleep + having to type out Dddy’s surat rayuan (or his driving license was gonna get gantung) as well as my personal compilation guide to Madrid + Barcelona for Uncle Matthew + realizing I must have packed so rubbishly left me feeling SO crappy that I figured I’d have to do some stress-release bawling in the plane later after Mmmy dozes off. Thoughts of what Gypsy Sue told me after a tarot interpretation of my career didn’t help either. The line at the check-in was so freaking long and I really thought I was about to lose it but something miraculous happened, something I thought I would only (ever) read in books / magazines or see in movies or probably only get to experience when I turn 40: WE GOT UPGRADED TO BUSINESS!! OMG. Say it with me babydolls: OMG. So I guess my ultra-cute posh outfit combo of basic MNG v-neck vest + jeans + red Urban Outifitters uggs + Stella Adidas jumper + Jasper Conran hand carry + Vuitton Vernis Bedford really paid off!! I thanked the check-in girl profusely [how awfully unDIVA of me but I really was grateful!!]. Mmmy and I were like tweenies in Barbie heaven. Even the 1-hour delay didn’t ruin my mood. We’re GOING BUSINESS!! *Ultraman stance*
This is my 3rd fill of bubbly. Totally taking advantage of the fact I’m here. This may be the first and last time I get to travel this great a class till I’m probably 35!! I have corny songs on my jukebox list: Fix You, You’re Beautiful, Love’s Divine… We get to watch movies at our own pace, they gave us each an Aigner pouch (AIGNER WEIII!!) with cute mini toiletries and even the lavatory uses Crabtree + Evelyn Lavender handwash!! Don’t even get me started on the space. What I absolutely hate about myself is that despite everything that’s good, all that can play on my mind are the bad ones. Why do I let thoughts like those infest my mind? Why do I even put myself into assh*le situations such as those? I don’t know is it a price I have to pay to redeem the penance of having this attitude of mine? Wah 6 hours to destination. Time flies when you’re going BUSINESS. *clappety clap*

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Halloween party was pretty cool-lah. I had good wholesome fun (*cringe*… can’t believe I used the word wholesome). Quirky bit 'bout it is that I stumbled upon Miss RacheRache who’s a long lost neighbour / friend. I was sitting in a corner doing surface conversations with Miss TinTin (Miss PalnaPalna’s assistant: the only person I know there) when Miss PalnaPalma comes up to me with this stern look on her face.

Miss PalnaPalna: I did NOT invite you to sit around and talk to Miss TinTin. *proceeds to grab my hand leading me off into the unknown* GO MINGLE!!

moi: But I don’t know how to mingle.
Miss PalnaPalna: OK go talk to the cowgirl there, she’s my friend. Go play games!!
moi: Hi. So umm… I’m guessing you’re a cowgirl *gesturing to her cow-print hat and checkered poplin shirt*. Hi, my name’s…

Miss RacheRache: I know you’re… I recognized you the moment you walked in. We used to live near each other. My name’s...
moi: OMG Miss RacheRache!!!! I SOOO remember you!!
Miss RacheRache: You never changed abit. You’re the little girl I’ve always remembered. Your face is the same.
moi: Tell that to me again when I’m 35 OK? Then I’ll kiss you!!

What’re the odds of this ever happening?? I remember going cycling [boy I sure did loadsa cycling… I seem to always be cycling with people back then] with her a lot when I was probably around 9 – 10 years old. We even auditioned to be in some Colgate advertisement together. She brought me there but in the end her younger brother got it. He’s supposedly breaking girls’ heart in Singapore where he now works. I think the clearest memory I have of her is once she asked me if I’d like to have ham. And I was, like, I WANT… so she goes into her kitchen and retrieves a ladle filled with boiled ham, plopped the soggy meat into a bowl and served it to me. *giggle* I sure as hell remember the most futile bits.

She’s all good now. Just got married a year ago to a real cowboy. He owns more goats than cows though. In Ulu Langat if I’m not mistaken. Miss RacheRache works in Faces now in the sales department for now. Wow. SO much has happened.

Another quirky thing is that I really think I know Steven Khoo: one of the Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelors 2005 nominees. I think we used to chat quite abit on IRC / ICQ. Too bad I didn’t have the guts to ask him if he knew a person called Jumpstart *cringe*. So lame-lah me. But now, come to think of it, what have I got to lose-eh?? Damn.

I won a trip to Genting with this boy who came as a psycho doctor. Another of the odds happening: being paired up randomly with a make-believe medical personnel in a horrible game called bobbing apples. He does PR for Sunway Medical. Basically someone had to hold the apple up in front of the other fella’s face using a string as the other someone eats it without using the help of hands. Quite tricky-lho. And I was wearing my Ralph Lauren linen frills top and I don’t wanna be bobbing about apples in that!! [I got the top for ONLY RM20 after expertly rummaging through the discount bin *beams with pride*]. We couldn’t decide who should go for the apple and since both of us damn the ja-im (jaga imej), I suggested we "jus". He lost. Kekeke. I think we’re both pretty competitive cos we WON with him crunching on the apple like a starving donkey. YEAY!! *clappety clap* Later I saw that he came with a nurse who I easily presume is his chick. So sweet yah? I told him that he could have the prize to share with his chick. I like it when people are together. They seem delighted.

Afterwards, I joined in another game which was wrapping someone up with a loo roll into a mummy and my partner was this 2 year-old boy Ah Jayden. He’s SO SO CUTE and AMUSING. He was real

shy at first but I think I owe it to my comical face that he warmed up to me soon enough. Anyways I wrapped him up real good. His parents were really accommodating. Ah Jayden is so good looking but his parents damn biasa-biasa only. [I SO WANT MY KID TO LOOK LIKE JAYDEN!! I’ll let him go to Cosmotots so he’ll be as intelligent as Ah Yung but since my husband’s a doctor / architect he would excel brilliantly in science. I’ll bake him cookies and smother him with so much lurrrve :) OK straying from topic] We didn’t win ‘cos children get edgy after awhile and Ah Jayden literally broke free before the due time. Still good fun-lah. What did I say? Wholesome fun-leh? I met so many wonderful people today. Too bad none of ‘em were young eligible bachelors but for awhile it didn’t matter to me. I fell in love with human race :)

I had been acknowledging this old wizard maybe ‘cos of our fellow personas and just as I sat quietly in a corner waiting for Miss PalnaPalna to finish up, he came to say hello.

Wizard: Who are you waiting for?
moi: Miss Palna’s a good friend of mine so I support her events, in return I get a ride home. Wizard: *chuckles*
After some more senseless small talk…
moi: So, what’s your role here?? [very casual tone, like I’m asking how the weather is]
Wizard: *slightly taken aback* Well-uh, what do you mean?
moi: Miss PalnaPalna’s the PR organizing the event so are you, like, the manager or something?Wizard: *chuckles* Well-uh, I oversee everything. I’m one of the directors.
moi: Wahhh!! [OMG *gulp* I’ve been speaking to the director like he was Murni’s waiter… quick think!! Salvage situation!! Salvage situation!!] OHHH SO YOUR OFFICE IS THE ONE BY THE WINDOW WITH GOOD VIEW AND LOTSA CITY MUGS-LAH!!
Wizard: *guffaws out aloud* And how do you know this?
moi: [aiii… bad save bad save stupid stupid] Well-uh, I helped Miss PalnaPalna do free temps, in return I get to peer into everyone’s office…?
Wizard: I see I see.
moi: So-uh what you think of Miss PalnaPalna’s work?
Wizard: *chuckles again* You’re really one with questions-ah?
moi: [everyone say this about me that it’s getting creepy] Just trying to help a friend *big friendly grin*
Wizard: She’s doing a good job.
moi: I’ll help pass on the compliment.

I narrated our conversation to Miss PalnaPalna who was absolutely flabbergasted or perhaps mortified and a little amused I spoke to her director like that. She laughed till no end despite. I didn’t know he was the DIRECTOR mah. Thank goodness I have a funny-haha face. People tend to not be thaaat angry when they look at my cartoon features.

moi: frangipani is a flower usually planted at graves. i think in malay it's called kemboja. ah yeoh: eh i thought it's a spanish word? moi: :I

Notice ultra cool sleek PSP...

What to eat?? What to eat?? [Ya like he needs to think? Well chicken of course!! Ah Yeoh doesn't consume beef due to religious purposes]

The one thing that puts me off going out with Ah Choy is the fact that I’d crave his company even more. Maybe because he spoils me by letting me get my way, yabbering his ear off and keeping quiet as he absorbs my pain. Last night was OK. Not as much fun as I expected it to be ‘cos I wasn’t too hungry at Coliseum and Frangipani was too dead quiet a place with SPGs sitting on angmoh’s laps. Aiii I thought Ah Yeoh has been to these places. Ternyata all he did was read reviews of them in the newspaper. We really should have gone to some place livelier. Ah Choy had another outing up so I decided to call it a night ‘cos he’s always away too, and hardly gets to hang out with his boyfriends. He thinks it's kinda lame I react this way but I don't want to seem like I'm suffocating him. I'm nothing to him. So who am I to try keep him to myself, right?

Ah Choy goes away next week so last night would probably be the last time I ever get to see him in… worst case scenario, 2 years. *gulp*

moi: Do you think I ask too many questions?Ah Choy: In my position, no.Ah Yeoh: Why you ask like that?moi: Just asking mah. I think I do. Stop me if I do.Ah Yeoh: Someone told you that you ask a lot of questions issit?moi: Ya. Something like that.Ah Yeoh: If the fella find you so irritating, no need to talk to the I trust his judgement.Ah Yeoh: He say you like that also you don’t fight back?moi: Perhaps it’s true. Boys don’t like girls who ask a lot of questions what.Ah Choy: See?Ah Choy: At least won’t get boys like me. Maybe can get boys like Ah [I don’t want boys like Ah Yeoh, no offense to him] *giggle*
moi: He also said I was clingy. So. Trying to not be like that.Ah Choy: *pauses for a moment* Is that why you never sms me??moi: *pauses too* Ya.*silence*
Ah Yeoh: *ignorantly breaks the silence and rattles away* [Ah Yeoh saves the day]

Ah Choy is agitated that Ah Yeoh and I get to watch all the action in front of us. Unfortunately my Vuitton Murakami Ceries has no space for compact mirrors.


Ah Choy's.
Ah Yeoh's. Which he did not finish. Hmmph. I hate it when people don't finish their food.

I’m feeling shitty this morning. Ah Choy keeps badgering me for the shopping excursion. I don’t think I wanna go out with him anymore or I won’t be able to control the need to tell him everything on my mind. Must not. I’ve been such a good girl. It’s so bizarre. The moment he’s in my vicinity I just feel like literally pouring buckets of my sorrow and washing it on him. Sometimes I forget how sad I am and the moment we meet I remember. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I really shouldn’t be listening to Sarah McLachlan. It’s, like, automatic: I feel heartbreak, I slip Sarah McLachlan into my mini hi-fi. Miss ChewChew told me that till now whenever she hears ‘Angel’, it reminds her of Ah Han and she breaks down. I, too, break down to ‘Angel’. I’ve cried to it since I was in secondary school. I put it on every time I need to blubber from Brighton till now so much so that just hearing a note of it crunches me inside. This Sarah McLachlan-ah, she makes the most heart-rending songs. Damnit, she kills me!!

It’s almost 9 am. Moving from one thing that makes me cry to another: yoga. Miss ChewChew will come soon. I should get ready.

I should apologize to Ah Yung

departure lounge

SO the journey begins post-yoga. I didn't cry. Good for me.
Miss ChewChew is amused with my pain.
Wahhh!! So keng-chow cool...!!

Wahhh!! So keng-chow cool...!!



Kekeke... the waitress thought we'd be amused with the fact she drew a heart-shape out of coffee foam. Must be some waitress-joke we didn't get.

Me digs in... ITADAKIMASU :P

Ah Zaiderama digs in...

Ah Zai scoffs it all up...
Departure Lounge
*cappucino*croissant*travel guides*travelogues*
B-G-20, Block B,
Jln PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel/Fax: +603-78033418
Boarding hours: Mon - Fri: 1000 - 2100, Sat/Sun/Pub Hols: 1000 - 2100
P.S: While at Mayang Mas...

I've always loved this sign. Dddy pointed it out to me long time before. It's the most hilarious thing.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

nasi glorious nasi

I believe Ah Yung has trust issues. At least I feel he does. Like the solution is done best through running away (to shower?). I suppose having said this; he will NOT be speaking to me for a LONG while. I already told him to use the magic word. Beats me why he didn't... thus I thought I was still in safe base. Oh well. Maybe with some luck, we’ll be on speaking terms next year.

Yesterday I teman-ed Dddy and Uncle Matthew to go buy a Mont Blanc pen + cufflinks for their associate. Uncle Matthew wants me to help them look up some great places to go in Barcelona and Madrid. I did and will type it out nicely for him today. I love Mont Blancs. There’s this new one with sparkly luminescent white finish and a pearl end along with the signature white zenith. SO cute!! I’d prefer the fountain tip but it’ll take me ages before I could get to that budget box. When I start to work I shall save for the ball-point one first. They also have a limited edition range to commemorate, like, Don Quixote etc. So cool.

Years back, the family’d come to KLCC a whole damn lot. And if it’s time to makan, Dddy would drag us all to go eat in the Kelantanese stall at the food court ‘cos Kelantanese kids (he and Mmmy) are ALL like that. They’re somewhat Japanese-like… a lot of patriotism to the state. “Kelantan Kelantan EVERYTIME eat Kelantan!! Damnit…!!” I’d mutter under my breath. Sophiekins’d roll her eyes and do a gagging gesture but no choice-lah. Dddy’s money. So if Dddy’s money puts Kelantanese food on the table then Kelantanese food we shall have to eat. But these days the tables have turned. I realize I have started to like things my parents like. Which, come to think of it, is a rather scary thought. I’m turning into the replica of my parents. OH MAN. Inevitably we all do I suppose. Very scary. So anyways, post-pen + batik shirt shopping, we were supposed to go eat this chicken noodle in Jalan Imbi that I LURRRVE. Dddy knows it ‘cos I make the family fetch me there straight after I land from the airport every time. But as I walked past the food court I couldn’t help but felt a sense of longing for Nasi Kerabu so I turned to Dddy and ask him if that Kelantanese stall still existed [at one point it disappeared-mah to Dddy’s dismay]. He got so boyishly excited and quickly pointed to Mek Kelante. Moi: “Aiya eat nasi only-lah!! Lazy-lah go Imbi.” Kekeke.

New tip from Ah Zai: I didn’t fix the picture quality value box on my far right. Must go check. No wonder pictures are all grainy. All I needed to do was give him the chief complaint and he could immediately tell me the management. *snap snap* for Ah Zai again!! Miss ChewChew had wanted to bring me to this great place called Departure Lounge which unfortunately was closed by the time we got there. How awful for me. It looks so cute from the outside, I bet it’s even greater in the inside. Anyway we ended up in Syed Abu mamak near Miss ChewChew’s and chattered a lot about her beef with everyone: her boss, her colleagues, Miss PalnaPalna (mostly), Ah Han, Miss TanTan… Later on we went back to her place and Ah Zai joined us there. I really think they should be conjoined at the hip ‘cos he just left her place 2 hours ago. Like what the..?!! Miss ChewChew says she enjoys this new clingy relationship as she never really had the boy cling to her before and it felt rather nice. So basically since she’s already clingy a person and he’s clingy too so the whole clinginess makes than breaks the relationship. It got me to thinking. Since I’m clingy, would that mean I should get a clingy boy too so… it wouldn’t matter that I’m clingy?? KAKAKA. I think it’s rather hilarious. But Ah Zai’s fun. I usually never meet Miss ChewChew’s men ‘cos I’m hardly around. I only met Jason (her first) once and now Ah Zai. Ah Zai’s cute-lah. Boyish cute. Maybe because we’re all the same age that we can get along so well and the best thing is we’re all on the same wave length!! He calls me rude, I call him stud... Good fun. Guess it’s the one thing good about dating people our own age.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

"sunny came home"

I was in Rock Corner, The Curve to get The Bravery: self-titled and Tatu: Dangerous And Moving when this boy walks past me and my head seemed to be magnetically drawn towards him. It was his scent. A mixture of stale cigarette smoke and cologne and g*d knows what else. He smelled exactly like SunnyC!! Oh g*ddd how I miss SunnyC. Let me narrate whatever hazy memories I have of him to commemorate my first UK crush. Please excuse moi if there are factual distortions ‘cos it has been such a long time ago.

When I first joined Bellerbys College, Brighton I remember walking past this bunch of boys in their bubble jackets smoking outside the cafeteria. One of them was SunnyC. Although he was vertically challenged there was this ultimate air of coolness, I can’t even begin to describe, that enveloped him. He watched me and I quickly dodged his glance. He overwhelmed me.

We shared the same basic Math class. Since I was such a perky cheerleader back in the ole days I always made it a point to wish everyone a good morning. All his friends must have thought I was this bizarre moron but they loved me anyway. First class he picks the seat right next to me but totally keeps in silence during the entire learning session [I later learnt from Miss ChuaChua, it's what Hongkie people mean by being 'cool']. It wasn’t until we had to use the calculator that there was a form of conversation. I didn’t have an electronic calculator, the one I had was regular. He then asked me if I wanted to share his so we shared-lah. By that time surface introductions have been exchanged. SunnyC was puzzled how come my name sounded Chinese. Ya duhhh ‘cos I am!! As soon as he knew that he refused to converse in English with me and made me reply in Cantonese. Now, my Cantonese is freaking crap but I sooo wanted to talk to him. He told me initially he thought I was a Malay girl since I came from Malaysia. Boy, he sure had a lot to learn!! When the class ended, I returned him his calculator but he told me to keep it ‘cos he had another one. I wasn’t used to this sorta generous gesture but he insisted I kept it and so I did... sending flutters down my stomach.

Regrettably the enthusiasm was short-lived ‘cos I later learnt of Miss KhawKhaw, his girlfriend (who I initially prayed would have been his sister). They seem so sweet together. She was as thin as a bean pole and as nice as cupcakes. I couldn’t dislike her so I just shadowed my fancy. Miss KhawKhaw liked me much too. I know SunnyC found me to be the most endearing thing. Most boys do. They won’t fancy me but they would find me UBER CUTE that they had to keep me close. Not very beneficial in my arena though. And another sickening thing is their girlfriends would be totally fond of me too. Bloody hell. Those sorta loves I DON’T WANT wei. Anyway-lah we all ended up living together in this miniscule flat ‘cos Miss LimLim and I needed some flatmates in order to afford our own pad. I loved living with SunnyC and he loved living with me. He likes it when I teman him to get ciggies and watch him play pool and I like it when he takes the top off his Nissan Sunny (pun not intended) so I can feel the salty breeze on my face as we cruise pass the seafront. He likes it when I watch porn with him or those horny English television and I like it when he hooks my arm into his when we’re walking on the street. He likes it when I cook thong suey and help Samantha whip up miracle Chinese dishes and I like it when he bakes stuff in the oven or makes mayonnaise cheong instant noodles (his specialty). He likes to fall asleep beside me and I like to touch his cheek ‘cos he has the most amazing skin. [Miss NingNing always tells me she finds our relationship to be absolutely mind-blowingly weird. I have no defense. It was a little weird] He likes me to wear his stuff like his glasses (when I broke mine) and his parka and I like to have things of him close to me. He likes to tell me things like his family and I like to tell him about my friends back home. He loves to yap about Hongkie koo-wak-chais and I love to hear about them. As much as I liked him, I was very disappointed when he cheated on Miss KhawKhaw with this irritating b*tch from China. The f*ckerette was over the house a lot and I despised her and him for being such a liar. I still adored him though. And he knew it. Making use of that, he quickly performed extensive damage control and soon things were back to normal… almost.

There were a couple of times when we got really pissed off with each other. Once was when SunnyC arranged a trip for us to go ice-skating in London. I was out clubbing the night before so I overslept. By the time I got up everyone was all geared up to go. I decided to stay back ‘cos the heater was broken and I hadn’t showered and felt like ick. I was thinking of going to use Miss NingNing’s shower at Cambridge Grove halls. SunnyC flew into this rage that I’ve never seen. I was, like, what’s the big deal with ice-skating?? I don’t even like it. I’ve already reminded him a million times it’s the thing I least like to do. Besides minus one me would mean more space in the car. What does it matter if I didn’t tag along since 10 of his mates were gonna go?? He called the event off that instant and stomped up to mope in his room. What the F*CK?! Later Miss ChanChan (b*tch) knocked on my room door and tried to persuade me to approach him. Adoi. I explained to her that it shouldn’t matter that I didn’t go since the entire gang was already going. She also couldn’t understand how come he was so frustrated. In the end I went and apologized to him-lah of course, reminding him that I didn’t enjoy ice-skating… his anger had soften by then and he elucidated that he organized the trip for me and he would not go places without me coming along *sigh* I told you our relationship was weird. [Later he reorganized the trip and reminded me about a million times of the subsequent date. We went. He’s a brilliant skater. It’s no wonder why he takes pleasure in it. He glides like a swan and could even do backwards and side-skating. How cool is that?!! I, on the other hand, couldn’t skate to save my life. Going ice-skating with him is the best ‘cos ever so often he’d swoop over, grab my hand, and drag me around the rink. It feels like I’m walking on water. Miss b*tch wasn’t too keen about that] Now, our house was always filled with people. Mostly of girls who fancied the pants off SunnyC. Ah Jaso’s fan club didn’t help keep the people out either. SunnyC had been craving for some male bonding for quite sometime and when he found Ah BJ, he was ecstatic with his new found boyfriend. I wasn’t familiar with Ah BJ and found him to be kinda cocky so I never joined in their excursions. One evening they were gonna go cook at Ah BJ’s sans moi. I had my jagung thong suey gurgling in the pot for ages. Now fresh corn don’t come easy in the UK so I was really excited. I had only popped out for abit to have dinner with Miss NingNing and when I got home I saw my corn in the trash and in the sink and zero pot!! I was outraged. Could they have been anymore stupidER?? HELLO?? My food in my pot!! Place gurgling thong suey in bowl then borrow pot!! SIMPLE no?!! I gave it to them properly when they got home.

moi: I want to know who here is SO STUPID that he cannot even think to store my food before borrowing my pot?? Don’t protect each other!! Own up!! I don’t need to get all huffed up and waste my energy… if one of you would just tell me. I just need to know who’s the idiot?!!
*giggle* Now when I look back, kick-ass funny. They were all quiet as church mouses. Hehe. Nevertheless we made up in the end with SunnyC rapping on my door and doing his usual schmoozing… he did it with a can of corn between fingers. I couldn’t help but laugh. He knew my weakness as how I knew his.
The day we went our ways for good was at Heathrow after a year of living together in Brighton. All of us were heading home for the holidays and would return to our respective universities after that. We were the last 2 to leave and spent time mucking about the terminal, taking silly pictures and speaking of the past. I told him I used to fancy him kaukau. He asked me why I didn’t do anything about it? Perhaps ‘cos he cheated on Miss KhawKhaw… thus he wasn’t as nice as I perceived him to be. He vindicated that it was a one-time incident and that I shouldn’t judge him on the one mistake he made. I still wouldn’t trust him.

Years have gone by and we’ve totally lost touch now. It was still OK last year… he’d slaughter his wallet and call me in Indon trying to persuade me to be his girlfriend. We have this hilarious game where he’d try to convince me to get with him and I’d tell him he’d have a chance in the next lifetime. But I think he’s back with Miss KhawKhaw now. I should make it a point to call him sometime.

Our most recent picture '02. Somehow I look a lil' mongloid there *cringe*. He bought me my first Birkenstock Birkis that I had been meaning to get myself for 2 years. It's fire-engine red and I love him.


First up: Ah Yung, what did I tell you about reading here?? Ah Zai, if you’re reading this GO AWAY. I’m SERIOUS. And don't you even dare tell a soul about this. I’ll stick a Hepatitis-infested needle up your ass. Same goes to you Easter.

Today has been filled with activities. First up collect air tickets at MAS office in New Town. Then Dddy sends me home ‘cos he had a luncheon to attend to so I decided to go have sashimi in The Curve’s Sakae Sushi that I quite love, on my own. I thought I was having such a mode moment as I sauntered in with my Stella Adidas sweats, pink Old Navy shorts with my Vuitton Vernis Bedford bag and Vogue October 2005. I had wanted to order the Ikura sushi but a pair of it would set me back almost RM15. I know Ikura’s generic caviar but damnit?!! In Jaya Jusco it’s only like RM4.50 or something. After that I proceeded to Tango Mango currently my ultimate favourite haunt. I especially love the fairy and unicorn dolls. Somehow I just can’t seem to bring myself to buy them though. But they sure are endearing. I’d buy a million cards for those just-in-case measures and ogle further at the Moleskines. They really should do something about making the place cuter ‘cos it feels like just a bunch of furniture put together in a space… not so optimal in area utilization. I then went to get Zero7: When It Falls at Rock Corner… an album I’ve been forever (say… 2 years?) wanting to hear out but never did. It all changes today.

Home was filled with personal chores. I finally BOTHERED to wrap a year’s worth of post and pre-birthday gifts up. Thing is I hate giving gifts unwrapped. I love to put them in nice packs with ribbons preferably. Gifts just aren’t gifts without ribbons. I bought all my friends a pashmina scarf ‘cos they are so stylo and every lady should own one. I had decided on the 70% pashmina / 30% silk blend ‘cos it feels more luxurious than 100% pashmina ones. I wrapped them up in nice bronze tissue and place them in cute elegant red cardboard boxes. I also attached a Muji metal name-card holder with a name-card folder ‘cos they’re all working lu…!! Last year I gave them Gap pajamas… hopefully they find this year’s offerings to be pretty damn good too.

Met up with Miss PP. My, there the chicks are pretty high-fashioned. Working here would mean planning tomorrow's outfit in my mind today. I had to wait for her at a bench outside her office while she hurriedly finished off some stuff and even that she had to bring work home with her. Also she has a meeting at 9pm. She was supposed to fetch her colleague’s son to tuition as a favor return later in the evening so to kill time we hung out at this place called The Place [which I thought was rather dodgy but she says it’s OK ‘cos work people hang out there a lot… OK *phew* then]. She has a medical condition which I wasn’t surprise of with regards to her lifestyle. Perhaps she expected me to be livid but things are different now, besides it’s my role to remain calm and put on an expression-less face when it comes to hearing those sorts of things. She told me the past 1 week had been hell for her and she was going through a bit of a breakdown [which is not unusual for Miss PP ‘cos she goes through a breakdown like every season of the year(!!)] It must have been hard to learn about such horrors. I wasn’t familiar with the condition, heck I’m NOT familiar with every condition(!!), but I managed to tell her a couple of management and prevention measures she should take. For every action there are consequences… at least that’s what I realize when it concerns health. She was surprised that the stuff I told her were exactly what her doctor prescribed. Ya ampun, but of course!! We read similar books except I know lesser :P So right now the only people who knows are her physician, her boyfriend and moi and she intends to keep it this way.

During happier moments, L-R: Shelbulous moi, Miss ChongChong. Miss ChongChong's signature: HRC Melbourne phone strap. Examine specimen Miss ChongChong with well-defined sternum and possible sternal notch. Compare with specimen me... highly noticeable presence of FLAB FLAB FLAB.

When the time was up, I went with Miss ChongChong went to pick Ah Niel (damn big size for an 8-year-old), her colleagues’s son, to drop him off at Kumon which is a personal development centre. Somesort like a private tuition place. In the car he was rattling on about hurricanes and tropical storms. He fancied those sort of stuff and proceeded to show me an exercise book filled with newspaper articles of the recent Hurricane Wilma. I noticed something different about that boy. When we dropped him off at Kumon:

Miss ChongChong
: Ah Niel suffers from…
moi: ADD, yes I know.
Miss ChongChong: HDD
moi: No, it’s ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder.
Miss ChongChong: YAH YAH… Eh wah how you know ah??
moi: Can tell lah.
Miss ChongChong: Can meh?? But I couldn’t the first time.
moi: I’ve seen kids like those in pediatrics.
Miss ChongChong: What makes you think he’s ADD ah?
moi: The way he couldn’t sit in one place, fidget about, lunging about the car, whining, yabbering etc…
Miss ChongChong: Some more you said you know nothing.
moi: I don’t-lah. I can just tell you little bits of stuff. Trust me; if it was Ah TKL you’d have the case summary in your hand by now.
Miss ChongChong: Then how you know bout Miss PP stuff too??
moi: :I

We had a snack and drinks at Bernard’s while waiting for Ah Niel to be done with class. On usual occasions Miss ChongChong would do her work on her notebook but since I was around we had girly chat instead. She says nobody really enjoys teman-ing her on these Kumon trips… Miss TanTan would be like “What are you doing with that child?” etc. I never told her but I thought she handled Ah Niel well. It must have been the practice she gets from taking care of Ah Shua (boyfriend’s adopted deaf child). She knows basically how to speak to children and how to maneuver them. I was quite in awe. No wonder she boasts that she is such a mother. She is. Anyway she proceeded to tell me the perils of taking care of non-normal children and how she could relate to Ah Niel’s father. Ah Niel’s father is another pitiful case. Ah Niel's mother was a Filipino lady who he later found out after the marriage was a drug trafficker and hid drugs in the kid's teddy bears. He deported the mother home after Ah Niel was diagnosed as a ‘refused-attention’ child. So Ah Niel never had a mother in his life. Watching Ah Niel and knowing that he comes from a single-parentage family saddens me. It’s because ADD children need mothers more than normal ones. Firstly they need someone who can give them all the love and patience in the world. Secondly, the mother can cook MSG-free food according to Dr Ben Feingold’s diet: [finally some thesis knowledge put into good use!!]. Thirdly, the mother can coach her child properly… after all it’s her child... who’d care more bout the welfare of the child than the own mother (not under influence of alcohol and narcotics of course)?? I told Miss ChongChong that Ah Niel needs a full-time nanny. But where can you get someone like that in Malaysia?? Oh well. Bringing up a child is no easy feat. The more I see it the more I fear it. Anyway I told her the story of Sylvester Stallone that Sophiekins told me. When Sylvester was born, the doctor told his mother he would have little use of his legs ‘cos of a medical condition (which I was not sure of). Sylvester’s mum was enraged. If she was a Malaysian Chinese, these would have probably been her words: "M*CHAUHA*, CHAUCH*BA*!! F*ck you-lah little use of his legs!!" So Mrs Stallone quit her daytime job to fully attend to Sylvester… everyday physiotherapy and massage, physiotherapy and massage. And look where that meek polio-esque child is today? The love of a mother blows you away ah?? Ah Niel asks his daddy where his mummy is A LOT since everyone in school has a mummy. [So remind me again why Miss NaNa wants to be a single-parent??] When Miss ChongChong asks Ah Niel where his mother is, he’d reply: "She’s in Filipino. There’re no hurricanes. She is safe there." *tear*

We also spoke about stuff like Miss ChewChew's beef, who’s getting married, who’s having a child, how come some people despise Miss ChongChong so much? Etc… mostly what’s happening with her life. Catching up aka gossip feels good.

P.S: Ah Niel's father is fortunate he has some good friends (like Miss ChongChong) and relatives to help keep his world spinning. Ah Niel even had to take a cab home, once, from school. I know this is new-age parenting. Maybe I'm just a frigid conventional piece of log. I believe in a nucleus family. I believe in monogamy. I believe in virginity...??

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

mary magdalene

Aiii my return kena kantoi. Miss PalnaPalna msg-ed my phone and I thought that all had been revealed, THEY KNOW I’M HOME. Ahh crap. No point disguising further, so I msg-ed her back to let her know I was going to the Halloween party after all. Actually it’s just that she had accidentally msg-ed my M’sian number. Damn, shouldn’t have replied(!!). So anyways she tells that Miss YeeYee's having a thing at Darul Ehsan mamak at SS3. I didn’t think it was a wise thing to just crash Miss YeeYee’s thing in case she might feel uneasy that I suddenly popped outta nowhere. Besides, I’m not 100% comfortable with Miss OiOi and Miss LeenaLeena so… it might turn out to be the worst idea ever to show up at the thing.

A couple of days ago Jennifer from Anya Hindmarch contacted me to tell me the jpegs I provided for my Shopper bag were not big enough files to make a good print. I had to get a scanner asap and thus had to contact Miss ChewChew to let her know I was home ‘cos Ah Boon (Miss ChewChew's brother) supposedly has a scanner. She was disappointed that I didn’t let her know I was back. Well, if it makes her feel better I didn’t contact Ah Choy yet and might not even. Ah Choy’s the first I call when I get home. I don’t know why. It used to be Miss ChewChew. Things change I suppose. So anyways things ran late ‘cos I think I kinda f*cked Ah Boon's comp up at a certain point… thank goodness it wasn’t serious though [lesson learnt: don’t touch people’s comp] and in the end Miss LeeliLeeli (his wife) suggested that Ah Boon should just do the scanning by himself. He offered to do some touch-ups while at it. WAHHH free touch ups-lho!! *snap snap* for Ah Boon and Miss LeeliLeeli.

Miss YeeYee's back from Singapore [she’s a science lecturer in a university there and is bonded to stay with them till 2007 as she had received a scholarship for her studies prior to this]. SO I had known bout this as she had emailed me telling me she was going to be back and it would be nice to meet up. Thing is, I didn’t feel like meeting up with her so I never bothered to contact her (or anyone for that matter). But we went after all and it didn’t turn out half as bad as I expected. I suppose EVERYONE made real effort to communicate. I know I did and I could feel Miss LeenaLeena and Miss OiOi did too. Miss ChewChew had some beef (Ah Zai’s word for issues) with Miss PalnaPalna and Miss TanTan. Explanation later. So the whole point of going to Darul Ehsan and also the ultimate reason why I bothered to tag along is ‘cos Miss YeeYee has a boyfriend and it was more of an introduction thing that day. Now Miss YeeYee used to say that she had decided to remain chastise as a patronage to God or somesort like that. Something along the lines of nunhood except she’s not permanently at church. I knew it was sheer bullshit. Just that she didn’t have a boyfriend ever and it was some stupid defense mechanism against questions like “So you have boyfriend already or not? Still single ah? Etc…” OK I understand peer pressure can be daunting but nunhood?!! That’s just plain silly and it really cracked me up when people believed her, i.e Miss ChewChew. Adoi. So now Ah Dri’s in the picture and I bet the whole nunhood crap is out of the window. He’s a deacon worr… the level below Pastor. Umm whatever. They met at church here and he’s from Muar, Johor. Also he’s a furniture salesman. They sell furniture to Starbucks etc. OK-lah. They seem quite compatible and he’s also quite cute though he looks real matured for a 28-year-old. Good-lah good-lah. And what’s more he proposed liao!!

So it’s official. I’m the only one in the damn group that has never had a boyfriend. Damn saddo. I can’t really help but feel pathetic for myself. Damn kesian-lah meee. *sob sob* I knowww!! Boo-hoo.

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, Ah Dr, Miss YeeYee, Miss ChewChew

Happy to pose for camera as others yabber away :P
Cute couple: Ah Dri & Miss YeeYee


P.S: was too lazy to concoct charming captions.
P.P.S: Damn weird. Ah Zai said that if I saved my jpegs as webpage the graphics are sharper with lesser memory usage but see... so grainy!! What th... ??

Monday, October 24, 2005

online & offline punching bags

I'd better f*cking go socialize. I’m turning into a bit of a f*cker for every minute that I lay idle.

sophster says
: I don’t want to give them varsity
sophster says: if I kick them out they’ll prob start their own anyway…
moi says: hmmm I waiting for ah yung's response but he away
moi says: and he kinda not in mood to talk to me anyway cos I pissed him off yday
sophster says: ask him to hurry up…
sophster says: Ohh
sophster says: Why?
moi says: I asked him personal questions and he not the kind to answer also I was probably rude to him too
moi says: hehe cos he’s kinda like my online punching bag

sophster says: See? Told u you’re a b*tch… ppl down to answer, so dowanlah…
sophster says: U already got few friends and u piss em off…
sophster says: Sommore he help u so much…
moi says: I know. Sh*t.
moi says: Just that sumtims its funny to irritate him

sophster says: Does he understand that?
moi says: dunno. Maybe I shud tell him. But then it takes the fun away if knows that I do this for fun.
sophster says: I know u’re a b*tch so sumtims I just tell u to PISS OFF
moi says: waitlah. Maybe he really busy
moi says: somehow he will talk to me one
moi says: or maybe not. Maybe I too cocky bout our relationship
sophster says: yah.. u are..
sophster says: I bet u think u damn cun wit ppl
moi says: hahahahaha. Yah. [cringe]

Aiii. I already wrote an apologetic email to him-lho. Still, he refuses to talk to me. Man, damn kau mengada right??

I raised my voice at Dddy too. Feel real rubbish now ‘cos after reviewing the conversation in my head I realized it was me who was petty and absolutely immature. It all started with the bloody Kenari acting up-lah. Stereo system fail, air-cond buzzing like a pasar malam generator and now it can’t even central-lock. I’ve gotta manually lock every f*cking door on my own before leaving the car. SO 80’s. Since Dddy was going about how he intended to replace the problematic Kenari (given that Sophiekins partially murdered it by smashing the entire frontal into a truck) I asked him bout the progress. Then he goes and tells me Mmmy decided to not replace the Kenari till I graduate and they'd get me a 3-series then. WHAT?!! I’ve got to be stuck with this junk for 2 years… and it’s going to be more than that ‘cos I can’t be driving a blimin’ 3-series to housemanship. The hospital staff is going to target me properly. I will still require the use of the small-car for a minimum of 3 yrs. Since other small-cars, i.e. Cute, don’t have AP no more, what’s left is just MyVii (waiting list so f*cking LONG-lah!! Bloody 8 mths. Furthermore loadsa opportunists want an extra RM 1,000 to supposedly ‘help’ secure an earlier date), Swift (Ah Choy was thinking of getting that and I’m damn kiasu. I refuse to have the same vehicle as he. Besides that thing cost like RM 90K or something like that. RM 90,000 for a small-car!? I don't think so :P Also it looks more Kelisa than Kenari and I do NOT fancy the Kelisa look), Atoz / Picanto / Jazz (old model-lah… they’ve existed for years and if I’m gonna pay RM 60,000 it might as well be a new model), Getz / Savvy / Matrix (UGLY. Period). We were targeting the Vitz but it’s gonna probably be priced at RM 60 – 70K (CBU: Complete Built Unit) arriving in March ’06 and really, I don’t know why I became so mangchang I started yelling at the top of my voice that I don’t wanna have to pay RM 60K for a small-car and in that case I want a Smart car instead (4-door, engine in front) / A-Class!! Dddy explains that a Smart car would not have a good second-hand value etc… making me even more adamant bout test-driving one that instant. With the way he way trying to sweeten the situation, I really should have cut the old man some slack. I’m such a good-for-nothing child.

P.S: Honey-dew Vitagen ROCKS!! So sedap. I drank Yakult for years till this came along. [ya ampun strabismus gw jelas banget!!]

P.P.S: I finally figured out how to spruce up my pictures via Photoshop!! Ah Zai taught me. He didn't even have to yap much since I'm such a great student. All he said was "She use Adobe Photoshop. Snowflake is inside. But you have to find one...". Wah Ah Zai damn terror. He's now my Yoda Master of Zen kelima. With just those absolutely BOGUS navigational tips (3 to be precise) I found what I needed almost instantly. *snap snap* for Ah Zai :)

P.P.S: L'Occitane rules!!

Do you know this mosaic (available in every L'Occitane counter) is shipped in especially from Francais? Tres cool no?

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