Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yung Ach Tung!!

Mr Yung,

I would cordially like to UN-invite you to readings of my blog. Come to think of it, I don’t even want you to look at the pictures as looking at pictures might spur the catalyst of further curiosity. So please yah. Be a good sport and NOT ever come here AGAIN EVER. Thank you for the tuition on links. If you persist in disobeying my order, I’ll send this picture to your chick and make BIG problem. And as a peace-loving apathic creature you are, I’m sure you ain’t want NO trouble, right babydoll? Right. Bisou bisou and bid this venue au revoir forever. Forever ever forever ever forever ever Forever ever...

Sexy Groovy Jazzy Funky Me. Boy I am your luurve kamikaze.

1 comment:

yeah way said...

I'm assuming I'm suppose to have read this entry? -> as it was after all addressed to me.

Oh my, what ever should I do? The threats, the shame... Oh NO!!! I know, I better tell her about it first. Clear my name, explain myself, I was forced to do it! I am framed! But.. if i do tell, that counter-productive to what you're trying to do? Reducing viewship numbers?

What ever am I supposed to do? I don't tell, and you show that incriminating picture of me. I tell, and she sees it for herself! The dillema!

Kinky picture though. If only the picture actually fit. I'm in a car, and i can see crack lines around your silhouette. Oh... and she was there when i took that picture! HA! HA!

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