Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"when you look to the stars in your eyes"

My favourite excerpts from Dan Brown’s masterpiece (at least to me it is one), The Da Vinci Code:

PHI. PHI. PHI. My friend, each of you is a walking tribute to the Divine Proportion. Even in the darkness, Langdon could see they were all astounded. [Me included]

The Priory’s membership has included some of history’s most cultured individuals: men like Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo. He paused, his voice brimming now with academic zeal. And Leonardo da Vinci. [Wahlau!!]
The arrival of this stranger at the base of the obelisk was a signal from the brotherhood. It was a silent call of distress. [OMG their back-up plan damn keng chow]
Amon is indeed represented as a man with a ram’s head, and his promiscuity and curved horns are related to our modern sexual slang “horny”. [KAKAKA]

‘But if Holy Grail is not a cup,’ she asked, ‘what is it?’ [Yalah!! What is it?? Don’t tell me it’s the uterus!]
‘These books can’t possibly compete with centuries of established history, especially when that history I endorsed by the ultimate bestseller of all time.’ [Bet he’s talking ‘bout the Bible or Quran]
The Depository Bank of Zurich was a twenty-four-hour Geldschrank bank offering the full modern array of anonymous services in the tradition of the Swiss numbered account. Maintaining offices in Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, New York and Paris, the bank had expanded its services in recent years to offer anonymous computer source code escrow services and faceless digitized backup. [Wahhh damn glamour man KL]

‘I’m afraid every key is electronically paired with a ten-digit account number that functions as a password. Without that number, your key is worthless.’ [Bloody hell, use the Fibonacci sequence-lah!! It’s the damn Fibonacci!!]
‘The Romans hung a rose over meetings to indicate the meeting was confidential. Attendees understood that whatever was said under the rose – or sub rosa – had to remain a secret.’ [Very very cool]

‘That’s all?’ Teabing fired Langdon a scandalous look. ‘Robert, I thought you were a gentleman. You’ve robbed her of the climax!’ [KAKAKA]

‘Because Jesus was a Jew,’ [Ohh. I didn’t quite know that]
‘You’re wanted for murder, Robert. This scoundrel is your ticket to freedom.’ [Eh quite a smart move also]
‘My plane. She cost me a Queen’s ransom.’ [KAKAKA]

Meditation gurus achieved similar states of thoughtlessness without sex and often describe Nirvana as a never-ending spiritual orgasm. [Whoahhh!! Fuyoh]

‘But if the Sangreal documents remain hidden, the story of Mary Magdalene will be lost for ever,’ Langdon said. [Good point Robert Langdon]

‘Not exactly the ending I expected.’ That makes the two of us, he thought. [That makes the three of us]
New York Times sums up exactly what I felt about this book: Wow… Blockbuster perfection… An exhilarating brainy thriller. Not since the advent of Harry Potter has an author so flagrantly delighted in leading readers on a breathless chase.

Yes, yes, I realize The Da Vinci Code is sooo passé but I just managed to get hold of some spare time hence the extra-curricular reading. I don’t know why Ah Yung believes the book’s rubbish ‘cos not rubbish also. Pretty damn good in fact. I could even put up with the motion sickness while reading it on the bus. It really is the ultimate page-turner. I have got SO many pending books to be read. Trying to get them covered during these few weeks of pre-clinical training. Totally wanna lend Ah Yeoh’s Da Vinci Code to Ah TKL ‘cos this code crap is SOOO TKL!!

Gave Ah TKL / Mr Einstein Dddy + Mmmy’s gift to him. Mmmy got him a Raoul shirt and tie combo. Must have cost them quite abit. They wanted to congratulate him for obtaining the highest results in his Bachelor of Medicine in the history of UNPAD. They cheered for Ah TKL so loudly during the graduation ceremony that people actually thought they were HIS parents. KAKAKA. He has been coming over quite often. Poor boy, he must be bored to his wits at the new kost (dorm). Hah I bet he misses living with me!! He comes over and yaks for hours. Sometimes it gets too much that I literally have to send him off home. People find it bizarre that I choose to room in a different building than everyone else. Miss MasMas, Miss HaHa, Miss IyanIyan, the Miss Twins and Miss KosKos are all across the road from me. But I like my room. It’s gloomy and needs extra lighting but the toilet’s spacey and with some clever organizing it should be a pretty neat place to live in. Tomorrow Ah TKL’s gonna show me an alternate route to Jatinangor using the Elang Damri bus which he proclaims will change my life forever.

Reading Dan Brown reminds me of Sunshine P sometimes. ‘Cos he’s quite into conspiracy and I believe he would absolutely enjoy this book if he ever read it. We would have a ball yakking about this and it’s one of the activities I abso-f*cking-lutely enjoy doing with him.

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