Saturday, September 17, 2005

vanity fair

I woke up. Got dressed and ready with my crap of a hair. Missed Body Balance class so decided to skip gym for today ‘cos I’m in a somber mood (yoga makes me cry so doing yoga in a filthy mood is a recipe for disaster) and trotted off to The Curve to get a haircut. It’s a Friday yet everyone’s busy working their asses off to earn a living. So no invitation to party and especially no msgs or phone calls for hanging out purposes. This is where it sucks to be a student when ALL your friends are working. I mean if I come home for a week, they will all chau (serve?) me as it’s such a short period of time but now it’s coming on to 3 weeks so I have turned into more of a economy than a business class passenger in their lives. I’m used to being alone but being alone at home takes some practice.

Peek-A-Boo had a free schedule today so I easily slotted in with the stylist of my choice: Ah Gibson. He’s umm… a bizarre conversationalist but he cuts OK so anyway here’s how it looks like. No difference from the style I had before just 2 inches shorter and more defined layers. The style can't waver far 'cos my pumpkin pie face isn't very compromising. Was talked into getting hair treatment. As much as I try to remind myself: NO HAIR TREATMENTS, I end up succumbing. My hair was pretty shitty after all. It might have really needed it (Trying to convince myself I did right, cringe!!). It’s shorter now. A lil’ healthier maybe. It always looks great when you leave the salon. The real challenge is post-hair wash.

I wanted to get my brows done today. I heard of this place called Brownaissance or some sort like it. Supposedly corrects disfigured brows and more. Mine is really in bad shape. I’ve been doing a bad job for years and incompetent beauticians haven’t helped either. The only time I was ever pleased was when I got them waxed in a tiny beauty shop along Lime St, Liverpool. So I get them done there whenever I go over. Which is once in a blue cheese moon. Anyway after I got my parking validated at the concierge (OK important tip for all of you Martians who visit The Curve: every time you purchase / dine with a receipt over RM30 you are entitled to free parking. Just get your ticket validated at the concierge and proceed straight to the exit. You needn’t put it through that yellow autopay machine. Just go home!) I asked the lady there where this Brownaissance place was and she pointed out to the pile of flyers available on the counter. Aiya it’s brow tattooing. They offer semi-permanent ones too but umm… no-lah. Mmmy would be livid. So with a heavy sigh I proceeded towards Ikano to collect my laundered jeans and to get brunch: A&W. I’m a big sucker for coney dog + onion rings + root beer float.

Gave up trying to watch Rain Man. Bloody pirated DVD kept getting stuck. Napped awhile. And now just waiting for Mmmy to heat food up (her idea of cooking) for dinner. Just some gulai and curry the parental units brought back from their brief Kelantan trip. They’re anak Kelate-lah. Nobody’s on my MSN and the ones who are like Ah Choy and Ah Yung are too busy to yap. HE was online too. I didn’t know whether to say hi or not but I figured I had nothing to lose. We had a fleeting tête-à-tête. I know I’m inconsequential to HIM so he probably won’t remember who I am 10 mins post-conversation but I felt kinda squidgy nice after that. And watching the Daily Dancer reruns sent me guffawing down the street.

Isaac and Ervin. Isaac and Ervin. I must remember those names. They’re the 2 lil’ neighbour boys and I wave hello to them a lot but I keep forgetting their names. Isaac and Ervin. OK.

Dddy’s all geared up to go out. He’s even more happening than me. I told him to bring that pharmacist he’s supposed to entertain to Pharmacy in Bangsar. The waitresses supposedly dress in cute nurse outfits. I’ve caught a glimpse of it from the outside but never bothered to go in. He said he’d take it into consideration. I think he’s just pulling my leg when he says he’s gonna go clubbing. So I play along-lah!!

Friday night approaches. And I’m gonna have to stay in. I think Ah Choy’s too busy to remember 'bout shopping today. Besides I didn’t establish firm understanding that we’re to go out today so my fault-lah.

Someone at Cheers once said that: Loneliness is a good thing to share. Sure wish I could share mine with someone of equal mental aptitude.

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