Thursday, September 15, 2005

Too Young To Die

"Tokyo-based artist Yoshitomo Nara is one of the most influential contemporary artists in Japan and worldwide. With a graphic style influenced by Japanese anime, poetry, graffiti, and punk rock, Yoshitomo Nara’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures touch the hearts of his audiences."

I was highly disappointed when I couldn’t attend Nara’s show in Christmas last year. I mean really good exhibitions rarely come to KL and when one did, I couldn’t make it! Double f*ck. Anyway fast-forward half a year and I don’t know why I even bother going to KLCC Petronas Gallery to check if there were remaining merchandise still lying around in their souvenir shop. Apparently they don’t even know who Yoshitomo Nara is. Bloody useless. Fortunate for me I managed to stumble upon a collection of postcard from his “Oh! My God! I Miss You” line in Kinokuniya. Yeayyy!!! My favourite images are:

Too Young To Die
Sprout The Ambassador

I was delirious. I really wanted to get his art book too but I couldn’t quite afford it just as yet. Maybe next time. Nara’s work reminds me of an Asian version of Mark Ryden’s. I really like these sort of devilishly sly looking children art. So cutie yet so sickly. So twisted yet so tweety.

So I got the PSP yesterday. In that store just beside TGV cinemas at 1Utama (old wing). It cost me RM1199 ayiaaa RM1200-lah pokoknya!! So basically I’ve used up some of my saguhati for my Chanel Ligne Cambon and I was supposed to use the remaining money to get myself that personalized Be-A-Bag Anya Hindmarch purse but I decided to get Ah Choy the PSP value pack instead. Well my money wasn’t quite enough so I had to borrow about RM500 from Mmmy. So now I owe her big time and can probably afford to pay her only at my next graduation. Ack! The store people took quite a liking to me maybe ‘cos of my million and 1 moronic questions. I did my homework. I mean, like, wait a minuteee did they think that just ‘cos I dress like Jessica that I’d buy like Jessica?! Nuh-uh. Thanks to: liewcf PSP forum I absolutely knew what to ask about: How much? Discount? Which version? What’s in the value pack? What type of memory card? Etc… I love those people at LCF’s discussion forum. They were highly informative and I just totally had a crash course on PSP purchasing thanks to them. So after I bought it I wrapped it up in newspaper and stuffed it into an IKEA plastic bag along with an imbecile card and told him to come collect this IKEA deco that I got him. Kakaka. Told him it was pink and made of wood and clay. Don’t think he bought it though. His immediate response was “Eh PSP-ah??” On the bloody phone some more. Aiya surprise ruined. Anyway I think he liked it. He said he was lost for words. Wor. I don’t know how to let people thank me. I don’t respond to thank yous well enough. Besides I always felt it’s like an obligatory measure people perform when receiving gifts. I hate that. I mean I like to be thanked but… ayia dunnolah I’m psychotic! I really hope he likes it. I mean it’ll be a good substitute for boredom. I know much about boredom (I told him that too). Just wanted to give him something nice because he means so much to me. It sounds so dumb ass mush. I don’t want him to think that there’s more to this or something. Sometimes it’s hard to be nice. I try to make it sound casual. Japanese slippers casual. Oh well. Gift given. He still keeps asking what I want. I really don’t know. Maybe now I can ask for the Anya purse in exchange. Seems so lame. It’s not really something I SO want like how he SO wants the PSP. I thought of waiting but perhaps it’d make him feel bad. He leaves this Sunday. Already I feel my mood taking a swing for the misery bat. I’m going to miss him much. Whenever we go out, I have so much fun that when I get home, I cry. I weep because that afternoon I was delightful. How shittily crazy am I? It’s like I’m AFRAID to be happy. The FEAR of JOY. There is seriously something wrong with me. It’s the stupidest thing in the world. To be frightened of pleasantry. I'm scared because with pleasure comes pain. And I'm really tired of the pain. I don't know how much more hurt I can handle. That one time, when we went out to the Hartamas flea market and walked about The Curve. I was really blissful. When he sent me home I realized that I was happy the entire day and suddenly I felt really horrid. The anticipation for sadness worries me. But in that sense, thank goodness Ah Yung was around to save the day. I logged online. He miraculously was around and just proceeded to play me the violin. And I didn’t even have to say I felt crappy. I think I’ve probably mentioned this before. But he saved my spirits from demise that day. Maybe we’re connected by a weird manner of ESP. He fixes me sometimes. Them both. I think that there is alot of unhappiness to be channeled my way with all the goodness I've been enjoying.

I kinda like mahjong. Although there’s just so many mini rules. It’s confusing. And I have a problem getting the word “phoong” out of my mouth. It just cannot formulate as a word in my brain. Also I have problem realizing that I can already end a game. So there I am still sitting waiting wishing for some g*ddamn tile when I don’t need one. I can already open my tiles. Ack! I think I lost about RM20-30 that night to Ah Yeoh and Ah Choy (biggest winner-lah). Although the best part was at the last game, the 2 geckos proclaimed that that particular game would be the highest definition of who the dices truly belong to. So far it had been Ah Choy. I WON THAT LAST GAME. With MIRACLE card some more. Mother of ass!! Not bad not bad. We ate in my house. I got Fasta Pasta take-away (yucky foodlah, DON'T BOTHER TO EAT THERE). Tipped my bed over and used the wooden platform as the ‘table’. SO much fun. And I think the whole “reading newspaper” jeer is SO SO FUNNY. Good laughs good laughs.

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