Tuesday, September 20, 2005

soul-ed sistas

You know how since magazines make celebs empty their handbags and show the contents (surreptitiously hoping for real exclusive discoveries like cocaine-filled Hello Kitty balm pots or 100 Trojan Extra-durable singles etc…)? Since I’m the NEXT BIG THING, decided to let you all in a Shelbulous hand bag too. Just realized I haven’t been talking bout my FAT self in g*ddamn ages!! Must must. It’s not a FAT girl’s post for nothing. All my friends think that I carry so much junk. OK j’presente la Chanel Ligne Cambon bucket sac. Woohoo!! CHEER CHEER CHEER!! I absolutely love the fuschia pink lining made of silk (I think) and the mini zipped up compartments they provide you for storage of miniscule nothings. And the best part is the little strap that allows you to hook up any side merchandise you wish to purchase. I couldn’t afford that 4x3” minute pouch, though absolutely divine, that costs a whopping RM1000++. Nya m*hai. I believe this is the first time I said nya m*hai here because I never ever do so much but it really is of absolute appropriate for this occasion. But the strap is cute nonetheless. Inside my cutie bucket bag is:

a) house-key with remote buttons for automatic door
b) Louis Vuitton ceries change purse for change-lah bangang!!
c) Le Petit Prince purse for notes
d) Muji name-card holders for name-cards
e) Moleskine organizing folder to hold credit card receipts and other bits of scrap
f) Muji dropper containing saline
g) Bodyshop mini hairbrush for hairbrushing
h) Muji credit / i.d. card holder for credit / i.d. cards
i) Biotherm Glossy Shine luminous crystal gloss for lip glossing
j) Royal Gold Luxury Interleaf Hanky
k) iPod shuffle
l) Muji black pen
m) Usually I have a candy bar lurking inside but I already ate that Cadbury Flake (wahlau best choc in the world babydolls!!) and forgot to replenish stock

Anyway-lah. Day before yesterday was Saturday rite? And supposedly the plan was to go help Ah Choy get his PSP games loaded. But early in the day, Ah Yeoh msg-ed saying he wanna go jalan-jalan at Times Square. He tried contacting Ah Choy but couldn’t reach him wor. I told him to not kacau the latter ‘cos the fella had to work till past midnite on Friday so let him have his rest. Either that or he might have gone back to resume work. He quite chiarlat kesian. Then the whole day silent. Tiba-tiba at 14:45, got phone call:

Ah Choy: Assuming you don’t have a life, pick you up at 3. OK?moi: (%^&&%$^$$%^%@@##@@@^&*!!!) Ohr.
In the end Ah Yeoh was supposed to be in charge of the outing. Aiii immediately I lost interest. I not only dislike shopping with him (after Mid Valley experience enough to make my tongue turn shades of blue), I absolutely despise his lack in punctuality. So when Ah Choy sends sms “330”, I replied “I expect alrdy”. Then when clock struck 15:30, I wasn’t surprised I had to wait right until 4pm for the buggers to arrive *Sigh* Was my first time in Low Yatt Plaza-leh. Quite cool place. Lotsa comp fanatics and such. Raining testosterone-lah there. You cannot imagine what I found in one of those shops: PINK SONY MEMORY STICK!! Damn!! Didn’t even know those exist. Looks so so cutie :) Funny thing is it’s called Aibo. Well… wa AIII!! Sg Wang is brighter than I ever remembered. In the end, Ah Choy couldn’t find any stores that could help him load games for RM30. I was SO sure he could ‘cos those people at the PSP forum said it’s common to get it loaded there. Funny. Maybe they just didn’t like his face or something. I pula had to teman AH Yeoh up and down bloody BB Plaza so he can scout for yet another pair of Adidas trainers and mini DVD hi-fis. B O R I N G. I believe now when I recount the results that it was a wrong strategy altogether. Ah Yeoh should have shopped alone. I should have gone in search of downloadable games (they might have liked me enough to show me the wares since I ask moronic questions well). Ah Choy go find his memory disc. M*ther of ass. In the end the outing not so productive-lah. So anyways while having tea in KimGary, we’ve come to a realization that between the 3 of us, Ah Yeoh was the most successful in endeavors of lurrve. Yikes. Kinda goes to show what losers me & Ah Choy are. So anyways Ah Yeoh believes the reason why I’m still unhitched is due to the fact I don’t mix with boys enough. Point taken. True enough. I really only umm… hang out with 3 boys ever. 2 of them in person and 1 online. Yikes. But then again, I don’t really function well with boys. I f*ck up conversations A LOT. Seriously. Even more if they’re strangers. Then he tells me to start learning up on football, cars and technology. WHAT?!! I have to go learn about Beckham and Manchester Uni… oops pardon me… AC Mil… oops pardon me again Real Madridd so that boys can LIKE me??!! What sorta b*llsh*t is that?!! I don’t see Angelina Jolie ever having to go memorize who’s Arsenal’s goalie or umm… whatever crap mumbo jumbo bout car engine cc or how fast the newest Pentium is blabla. That’s crap. Never see The Pussycat Dolls ever having to do these sorta homework. So why must I? I don’t expect a boy to memorize Betsey Johnson’s spring / summer line or even know the latest hot colour to join the MAC lipstick family. So yah bloody hell that’s just plain stupid. So anyways just to irritate Ah Choy I did mocking goal cheers and jeers while he was watching the sports channel at an electronic shop. Kekeke. Funny.

Ah Yeoh has this big thang for skin-tight floral shirts now. G*d knows why. I mean I always thought it was a mistake for any label buyer to bring in such jenggg clothes and I figured they were asking for a sales loss ‘cos noone would ever buy it. I had to eat my words-lah. My own good friend is a big supporter for funky blossom motifs etc. Ah Choy asked me why I didn’t try to point Ah Yeoh towards the right way of fashion. Ayia it’s his way of expressing himself mah. There isn’t really much of a right way to fashion. I mean for me to say NO to his flowering threads is like him to say NO to my ugg boots. Which he does but I’m NOT going to be that person. And I don’t f*cking care about what people say about my uggs (mind you, they say very horrid things) so he shouldn’t f*cking care about what I say either. Everyone has a right to express their individuality.

Frankly, I’ve toned down my dressing A LOT when it comes to hanging out with them. ‘Cos Ah Choy for one absolutely CANNOT stand my style. And the thing is, I once asked Ah Zai (Miss ChewChew's balak) about this matter and he came up with a scenario that made me comprehend perfectly:
(sh*tty reenactment of conversation)
Ah Zai: OK picture walking around the mall without your bra on.
moi: Uh… OK yah.
Ah Zai: That’s what people feel when they look at you with your uggs.moi: What??
Ah Zai: I mean it’s not wrong but it’s unusual. Just like your boots, they’re not wrong but they’re still unusual. People would still stare.moi: Oh. (now I get it)
Ah Zai: Also, you could picture the most jeng item a boy could wear.moi: Uh huh
Ah Zai: Imagine him walking beside you.moi: OK I get the picture.
So yah. Don’t want them to have to be so conscious walking with me. But I still get the itches which explains basic Gap T-shirt in black (oh so normal) + blue Topshop Moto jeans (oh so normal) + Chanel Ligne Cambon bucket bag (oh so normal) + PINK UGGS (kuakuakua). I need that in order to breathe. At least it’s inconspicuous. I get to express myself more when I walk with myself. So there. Hopefully one day I’ll find a non-jeng boy who’d adore me and my pink boots. Holding out for a hero!!
He left already today. To Singapore for work for 3 weeks. Already miss him much. I cried. ‘Cos now it’s like a ticking time bomb to the moment I, too, have to leave. If Ah Choy thinks that he hates going to Spore then he only has a petite inkling of what I feel for Indon. Now that he’s gone, I’m gonna have to find another remedy to buffer the pain. Spoke to Miss MasMas on the phone after wailing for half an hour. Felt a lil’ better after that. Felt even better reading up some hilarious blogs and celebrity gossips. I really should learn how to put links up. I mean I tried reading Blogger’s help but when I tried to do something, it didn’t work out. M*ther of ass.

It gets so exhaustive having to hide my unhappiness from my parents. In a sense I want them to know but then after thinking it over, not the best idea after all. It’s wearing me down, all those fake perkiness and plastic happy fa├žade. Sh*t. People think what that doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. But let’s say you take a dam wall that holds the reservoir on the other side and bang it once with a hammer. Nothing much. Probably just a chip off the cement. But don’t you think years and years of build-up stress would one day cause it to crack. And with that crack, the pressure build-up would overwhelm and next thing you know, the wall bloody crumbles!! Water rushes in, drowns the world. So don’t tell me what don’t kill me only makes me stronger. ‘Cos what don’t kill me now could always still kill me later.
It was Mid-Autumn / Mooncake Festival yesterday. Mmmy wanted to get Hotel Equatorial ones but the yolk sort with lotus paste was absolutely sold out. Peculiar thing was it’s one of the most expensive mooncakes in the market. A box of 4 could come up to blimin’ RM80. What the…?? And it sold out faster than the others. Most expensive becomes most elusive. Wahlau. The celebration doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Not really interested in carrying a lantern around town. It would be great to have a kid. I know the little rascal would have field of a day. Especially with the lantern selection they have nowadays. The battery-operated ones can even flap wings or move about. Wahlau again. Much has changed. Much has changed. Every year those lantern makers would have to come up with a new gimmick that would make the lanterns even cooler than last year’s. I cannot imagine lanterns of the year 2050.
So for dinner, Dddy brought us to a Japanese restaurant in Hartamas. It’s called Aoyama. It was really bizarre because Dddy never suggests food type apart from Chinese or the Mamak lineage. I had sake for the 1st time. It was fresh sake and really umm… yuck. I mean, people go on and on about sake and really I think there’s nothing to go on about (though it did give me real cute rosy cheeks for a bit)… Still it sucks-lah. Bleurgh :P Took Mmmy around. I GOT MYSELF MY FIRST SWAROVSKI SET OF CRYSTALS. It’s a matching charm bracelet and pendant + necklace. I only wanted to get the pendant ‘cos the bracelet seemed too expensive for me and I was so afraid I might lose it but Mmmy thinks I should just bloody get it. So it was more of a belated turning 21 gift ‘cos girls tend to get those when they hit the freedom age. I didn’t, so I get 1 now and they’re just so heavenly. Got some L’Occitane products for her. Learned how to properly apply the shea butter ‘cos it’s so tough to use but the results really just gave me such a kick!! My skin literally became a ‘shade’ softer. Seriously. Bought this gorgeous strapless tube from Warehouse that I’ve been eyeing like FOREVER. It refuses to go on sale and there’s never my size available. In the end, I opt to get it in a size 12. It’s such a lovely top. Decided to wear it to dinner with the girls at Souled Out, Hartamas. The meal was superb. Miss TanTan had this delish claypot lou shee fun. Miss ChongChong and I shared the woodfire Beefed Out pizza while Miss ChewChew had spaghetti bolognaise. Miss PalnaPalna had fettucine carbonara and everything just tasted simply YUM. We had sparkling red wine to accompany our drinks and the party of 5 was really good. Also Miss ChongChong knew those people at Souled Out good so we got like a complimentary Polaroid shot of all of us (which turned out to be SO pretty) and another of me drinking off this weird flaming tower of glasses. Almost like a Flaming Lamborghini but not quite and even better!! I think we all had quite a good time in spite of people having to leave early ‘cos of late night dates and early morning presentation. I sure wish I had a boyfriend. Everyone at the table at least have had 1. Not fair!!

Complimentary Souled Out polaroid: Miss ChongChong looking over as I downed the flaming business. You can see Miss ChewChew's hand up my back holding my hair from being fried crisps. See the lovely Warehouse top or not?? Chun-leh!!

ANOTHER complimentary Souled Out polaroid (thanks to Miss ChongChong and her major connections!!): Clockwise from top left moi, Miss ChongChong, Miss TanTan, Miss PalnaPalna, Miss ChewChew

I almost had to leave tomorrow ‘cos Miss MasMas called me up to tell me that Miss IyanIyan got a msg that there’s to be pre-clinical briefing tomorrow. I immediately tried to call Miss RachRach / Miss MusMus and in the end I managed to get hold of Ah Prada. It’s gonna be in Jatinangor and everyone had only found out bout it today. Also it seems that the closing date for certificate signing would be Wednesday. I was not prepared to leave at all. I hadn’t packed. I hadn’t organize the notes. I hadn’t everything. F*ck. In the end I consulted Ah TKL and he wasn’t gonna budge from home till Sunday so I suppose everyone will follow suit. F*ck them. I almost bawled in the Souled Out loo. Thank goodness I had so much of a good time so I could still hold myself together. They ALWAYS do this to us *sigh*

Met Ah Yung online and video MSN-ed!! Love to video MSN nowadays. It’s so cool. He just got back from work and I was high. Yabbered crap to him. Bet he thinks I’m nuts. KAKAKA he is so cute sometimes.

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