Tuesday, September 06, 2005

*somewhere only we know*

Got back from Ah Yung’s place. Popped him that Batik Semar tie I got him ages ago but never got round to giving him. It was his birthday a couple of hours ago so I bought him a Raoul tie. It’s really cute. I should have taken a picture of it before sending it off into his postbox. That and that hilarious batik tie. Ayia wasted. Hope it perked his day anyway. Miss ChewChew and Ah Zai was going on and on about how come I’m giving him something when well… I told her that he may be insignificant to her but he is of significance to me. He fixes me at moments when I need it the most. Dunno how to explain. Anyway he owes it all to his uncanny perfect sense of timinglah. Like the night before and I had been bawling for an hour in the bathroom (strategy: shower drowns out heavy sobbing) and went online in the foulest of mood. Next thing you know he invites me in for msn video and plays me scales and nursery rhymes on his violin. He remembered. An old request. I was fixed.

So tracing back to yesterday. Went to the Mont Kiara Sunrise building ‘cos S*bucks was having a charity sale event at the weekend flea market. As much as I understand the need for us to offer support to her event, I really think that Miss PalnaPalna shouldn’t really pressure us that much into purchasing above RM50. I think I was nice enough to get a wristband and a tumbler. OKlah. She and Ah Choy got into abit of a stitch bout the whole sales pressure business. Oh well.

The weekend outing with Ah Choy was charming. Dunno if he had fun or otherwise but I quite enjoyed myself. Perhaps it’s the trash talk or mindless conversations or just the streaking hot sun. Whatever it is, it was amusing. We started out with the flea market and had my fortune told. Had lunch in KimGary, The Curve and proceeded to walk abit around Ikea and Ikano. Then he started getting restless and edgy so it’s a sign he wants his personal space. Then balik. I still haven’t figured out what I wanted as a graduation gift ever since Miss ChewChew bought me the Moleskine pocketbook. Although he looked as if he was gonna buy me an iPod. Whoah. iPod. I mean that thing costs like RM1000++!! More to the point he wants to change his car (‘cos his dad think he’s driving a Milo tin around town which is exceedingly dangerous considering he has to usher outstation and about) as well as haven’t paid up his student loan of RM100,000. Anyway he was raving on and on about this thing called PSP. Later I surfed on it: Play Station Portable. Wah very very sleek. Ultimate boy’s toy. Anyway, I went over this with Mmmy already… should he go ahead and get me something as pricey as an iPod then I’ll go shop for a PSP for him. I found from a random site that it’s possible to get a basic PSP package (whatever package means) for around RM830 in Sungei Wang Plaza. Till now I don’t really know what I want. Thing is I already have my Shuffle so there’s no point getting another iPod but then again Shuffle features are soo limited and I really wouldn’t mind an iPod photo or the U2 iPod seems real cute too. Even the new basic iPod is nice. Or perhaps that Phillips keychain camera that I’ve always wanted. Now that I’ve viewed the PSP that’s pretty damn cool too!! But it’s going to be pretty silly to buy each other PSP. But then again we are pretty silly people.

So about the fortune-teller Master Chin. He writes for the Chinese Zodiac section in The Sunday Star newspaper as well as read former Prime Minister Mahathir’s fortune. I really should have written down things he said since the fee was so pricey ‘cos I can’t remember much now. Anyways the one that struck me the most was the statement he made about me not knowing how to love. Amongst others: I’m brutal, no money no talk (friends included and especially boys), successful in career, married only at 30, first child’s a girl, my ability to bear children is like a hen’s ability to lay eggs, selfish, leadership quality, CRY EASILY AT EVERYTHING, effortlessly angered, afraid to show emotions: won’t hold his hands if he won’t hold mine first won’t kiss him if he won’t kiss me first, yes-no person, live to the age of 80, good wife, faithful, etc. (Will add more if I can recall more).

How is it that I do not know how to love?

Like I was incapable of showing sentimental values! But I’m a hopeless romantic and I really think I express love really well. Don’t I? F*ck.

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