Friday, September 23, 2005

Shoning Happy People Holding Hands!!

I HEART SHON. That guy up for the UVJ post. Usually I don't really watch Channel 16 except to lookout for HIM (not Shon) or to read those hilarious msgs posted up at the side of the screen. I luurve reading their crap. Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos think I'm so wu liao but it's really funny-lah. Not funny weird but funny haha. And those bloody msgs cost 50sen a pop. Yet I see them people msging as if money falls from the sky or something. Some stuff they say are so hilarious. KAKAKA. It's one of my secret pleasures. OK anyway a couple of days ago there was a slot on those 10 UVJ contestants. A lil pan yeh but damn he's so made for UVJ. His charisma blew me away!! Bet Malaysians won't make him the VJ, they usually opt for morons who can't say anything for nuts. Frankly almost all the other contestants are such dorks. But hey they look good so, as we all know, if you're good-looking you're already 70% a WINNER. In that sense, they damn stand a chance. Vote for Shon. Shon, date me!!

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