Friday, September 30, 2005

"lie back and suffer now, we've both earned our rewards now"

Had to sit by the door. AT least needn't stand. Damri bus rides last for 2 whole hours. Sometimes when it brakes or goes over a bump, I can feel myself being hurled out!!

I love it when the bus passes this shop. So pink and cute and affordable too I bet. Those Indons, they're so good for making generics of everything!! I never had a Barbie house.

They’re selling Final Straw in Tower Records!! Bloody shit I tell you. I bought mine for freaking £9.99 ‘cos I figured they’d never bring Snow Patrol in. Whadya know. They would after all. Bloody damn crap. All I needed to do was wait 8 months. I would’ve. I could have saved RM30++!!

My latest obsession is Swarovski crystals!! Miss VeiraVeira and I (SWAROVSKI SISTAS) were exchanging pictures of our fave Swarovski items and of whatever we already have. My! Miss VeiraVeira sure has loads. I only have the Ginger lock & key pendant and bracelet set. Though I have got the clear crystal button studs and a pair of butterfly danglers on the way but that makes it only a total of 4 items. I figured that was a lot already but Miss VeiraVeira has like 7 or 8 sets or something. I bet there are people who have more. Swarovski has been around pretty long, but since I’m such a snail when it comes to couture, I only got hyped up about it now. It’s an Austrian label and what makes it really special to me is that the metal-hold is made of Rhodium. I have highly sensitive skin and I can’t wear anything beyond gold. My grand-aunt Wee tells me that it meant I’m born to be rich. KAKAKA I almost fell off my chair!! So anyways the sales girl at Swarovski tells me that Rhodium is like a mix of white gold. And I was like WHOAH. It’s a pretty fine price for white gold. White gold is a cheapskate of Platinum and basically I figured, from her explanation, Rhodium must be some alloy of white gold and maybe silver or something. The next day I went to ogle some more and it was this other different girl who told me Rhodium was actually silver and I was given the wrong information. I was outraged. There is a BIG difference between white gold and silver. How could the sales people simply dispense crappy information about their product?? I mean freakin’ Swarovski even make them sign a contract ‘cos of the training they provide. Some training!! Keeping that in mind, I Googled up Rhodium and YES *sigh of relief* Rhodium is in the family of White gold. The latter lass should be fired. Kudos to former sales girl. I was formerly never a big lover for bling-bling (as opposed to Sophiekins) mainly because I’m allergic to sans gold metals and also ‘cos really cute ones cost a damn bomb. Look at Tiffany. I went there the other day with a noble attempt to purchase my first necklace / pendant bit. Looking at it from the showcase I realize that internet can really play tricks on your eyes ‘cos the pendant bit was SO MINISCULE. And for that they’re charging me RM7000. Out of my price range (FOR NOW). Poh Kong stuff on the other hand ARE SO LAME. Teddy bears and Mickey Mouse?? What the…?! Ugh. Which explains why I don’t wear jewellery. But all that is in the past tense now.

(msn)moi says: why u think they're so expensive?Miss VeiraVeira says: the braelet? ... detail and colourmoi says: hmm. i guess. still its just too expensive. i mean hello 700 bucks for a bracelet. i mean tiffany ok but swarovski. mannnMiss VeiraVeira says: exactly!!
Miss VeiraVeira says: hey anythime u buy Swa or any expensive jewellery... send me pics.. i like to look

moi says: OK hahaha i knowww what u mean. i too. it's like window shopping.
moi says: u a jewelklery kinda gal?
Miss VeiraVeira says: i do like it a lot but don't get opportunity to wear so much
Miss VeiraVeira says: i mean i wear the cheaper stuff
Miss VeiraVeira says: but not Swa very often
moi says: yah as for me i'm NOT a jewellery wearer other than that i'm naked
moi says: besides Miss IyanIyan thinks i'm such a BUTCH for not owning any jewellery

Miss VeiraVeira says: hahaha
Miss VeiraVeira says: is BUTCH same as DYKE?
moi says: ahahah yeaaah
moi says: she was so flabbergasted. she believes one way to actually hook up with guys is wearing nice jewerllery
moi says: i started by wearing a ring my aunt made me
Miss VeiraVeira says: well is makes you look nice
moi says: and now my first necklace purchase. miss iyaniyan will be so proud
Britney’s coming out with a new scent called Fantasy. Really excited about this ‘cos Curious was really crappy. It smelt like perfumed puke. And I was in such a hurry to finish up my Burberry Brit and Hilfiger True Star in order to have an excuse to get a new bottle of eau de toilette. Disastrous. Bloody let-down. Dior’s Miss Cherie did not live up to my expectations either. Now I’m absolutely directionless. I feel the ultimate shopping haven for perfume is Selfridges. I mean Boots Manchester City Centre is pretty good too but they only have mainstream stuff. The good thing about that place is that they have everything just lying there on an amphitheatre-like rack waiting to be tested. You could contract nasal cancer just sniffing up everything under the sun at your own pace with no one to hassle your behind. Selfridges isn’t accessible but they carry really cool unconventional fragrance labels i.e Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb.

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