Sunday, September 11, 2005


It’s a new day. Feeling much much better. Had a hangover yesterday. Thing is I NEVER get hangovers ever!! And what makes me even more surprised is that every time I go drunk it’s when I’ve been out drinking with Ah Yeoh + Ah Ng + Ah Choy. Quite malu. Tried to hide the hangover from the parental units. Pretended to be the usual perky morning me but felt like a rotten aubergine inside. Fortunately I brought a mini plastic bag with me ‘cos I ended up puking whilst on the way to lunch at Sook Yee’s. The first few times were pretty silent but the last couple Dddy turned around and saw my face down the bag. Crap. Mmmy wasn’t pleased. In the end they seemed kinda alright with it. Only because I’m absolutely putting up the best front ever (like it’s just some mini emesis and I’m really damn alright). I’m quite the actress. Really those Oscars people are absolutely making a mistake overlooking me.
Went to The Ivy the night before. It’s along the Asian Heritage Row. Wore my MNG plunging neckline blouse with MNG green silk flare skirt and black knee-length boots. Ah Yeoh + Ah Choy thought I looked hippy. Sh*t. Now I know what boys think. I thought I looked kinda cute. Sexy cute. But I don’t I guess. Just mere boho hobo really. It was more of an outing so that I do get to go out with Miss ChongChong and Ah Ng and get both meet-ups all done with. So everyone’s happy. Present: Miss ChongChong + Ah Clar, moi, Ah Yeoh + Ah Ng + Ah Bry + Miss WanWan + Ah Boon (Goon? Forgot… their friend)... Ah Choy: He came after all. He’s such a sweetheart sometimes. Besides, Mmmy says that he’s the one to be bringing me home. She’s right ‘cos now when I think of it he’s the only one who would NOT take advantage of me ‘cos for starters, he doesn’t fancy me and secondly, he’s REALLY responsible. It took a million years for Ah Yeoh to arrive as usual and there I was rushing at every ticking second thinking I was so f*cking late. And he happily arrives fashionably late. Bloody hell. If I knew I could have taken more time with the eyeliner and not, like, f*ck it up as much. Then he proceeds to tell me that everyone’s gonna berkumpul in Dharoos before convoying off to The Ivy. What the..?! Sh*t. Miss ChongChong was going to be so mad for keeping her waiting. It was already 10 pm and the appointment was 10pm!! Then instead of parking at Dharoos, Ah Yeoh starts circling the entire Uptown for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON.
(shitty reenactment of conversation)
moi: I thought we’re going to Dharoos?Ah Yeoh: Oh since noone’s there at Dharoos yet so go buy magazines first.
moi: WHATTT??!!
What the f*ck?? Buy magazines?? We’re supposed to already be one the way and he’s gonna buy magazines first. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to f*cking scream!! Adoiii now when I think of it, it seems kinda funny. Traveling with Ah Yeoh’s like this. He’s SO like that. So then we met up with Ah Bry and Ah Ng. Then we were all supposed to travel in Ah Ng’s Audi but in the end Ah Bry went to pick Miss WanWan up and Ah Choy drove his own Kelisa. It created a small tension between the group that Ah Choy wanted to drive on his own. And it worried me ‘cos he mentioned something bout leaving early which is why he wanted to go solo. Crap. I don’t wanna leave with anyone but him. And if he has to leave early then paii-lah. Where got fun like that?? Oh well. We made our way to The Ivy (supposedly in between of The Loft and Bar Savanh (??)). Ah Ng was peeved that I kept making sure that Ah Choy was trailing us. Most of the time I was just staring out into space but maybe the angle of my head looked as if I was really anxious to make sure he was behind us. KAKAKA. Funny. When we arrived, we kinda walked into the wrong damn bar (pointed out by a stupid f*cker) so basically Ah Yeoh and Ah Choy toileted in some random bar. KAKAKA. Funny. Met up with Miss ChongChong and Ah Clar inside. She got us a table but not a sitting sort. Sh*t. Better than no table of course. She opened a bottle of WINE not liquor. Ah crap. I had to open a bottle ‘cos everyone thinks a bottle is going to be open. Besides I DID want to open a bottle in conjunction with my graduation, just unhappy that my girlfriends weren't around. She made me down a few glasses of wine. And by the time the Absolut arrived I was a lil high. Music started picking up and I got down to jiggying with Miss ChongChong. Very fun. Downed the Absolut + Cranberry Juice with her and then with Ah Choy and then with Miss WanWan and then with everyone. Very fun. The char kuey teow I had at 7pm must have worn off ‘cos I became high really quick. Mixing of the drinks did not help at all. Suddenly I was drunk. Absolut-ly HAMMERED. Can’t remember much. Just lots of giggling. And during sobered moments I motioned Ah Choy aside to tell him that Mmmy kau-tai that he drives me home no matter what. After that it’s just more giggling. And drinking. And sitting down. Ah Choy dancing. He dances like a mechanical Kadazan hamster. Downright funny. Turning to my side and puking a lil’ on the floor. Miss WanWan and Ah Choy hoisting me to the loo and making me puke but I couldn’t. Someone was knocking hard on the door ‘cos I think we took longer time than usual. Ah Choy started yelling back at them. I didn’t want a fight to start. I suppose he gets quite violent when he’s high. I remember apologizing a lot and physically trying to make him shut up. Ah Choy instructs me to shaddup and stay put. I don't and continue to yap on and move about. Kakaka. Funny. Then Miss ChongChong goes home. I hear her making Ah Choy msg her once I’m safe. She makes a big deal outta this. He gets irritated. KAKAKA. Funny. Next thing I know I’m in the car and we’re whizzing down the highway. And I’m rambling bout random gibberish. I don’t know what I spoke about but I know that my mouth never stopped yapping. I just yabbered and yabbered away. Now when I think of it there were moments of flashback about me wishing I was a son… trying hard to make Dddy proud… will back off once Ah Choy gets a chick… he tells me he’s lonely too. F*ck. Not good not good. What about those stuff that I don’t remember saying?? I hope I didn’t say something stupid that I will come to regret. Abruptly we were parked in front of Dharoos. I remember yabbering some more then I touched the whole “I don’t wanna go back to Indon issue”. Next thing I know I was sobbing. Ahh f*ck. And Ah Ng was seated in the Kelisa’s back seat. So he heard. Ahh f*ck some more. Only Ah Ng knows bout my sh*t and I intend for it to remain that way. OK Ah Yung kinda knows bout it but I don't mind him too. And Ah Choy was yelling to Ah Yeoh on the phone about troubles of handling me. And then I puked out the window onto his car door. And he picked tissues up and wiped my tears and snot off my face. I was still yabbering on in tears and he tried to calm me down. I like it when he tries to calm me down ‘cos he treats me like a baby. And I like it when I’m treated like a baby. But I don’t remember much though. Just mere glimpses of scenarios. I remember kinda falling asleep. He shakes me awake. We’re in front of the Captain’s (pilot) house. He asks me to go home. I stagger into the house and plop onto the couch. My mobile rings. He coaxes me to go to my room. I do that and fall asleep on my bed. So that’s that.

I enjoyed being so pissed out. It has been ages. Last time I got pissed out was when I was perhaps with them over cheap tequila in some random cheap bar in Taman Megah. Or was it in The Cooler with my Lpool flatmates and Samantha and gang? Anyway all those happened at LEAST 4 years ago. But the aftermath is the real sucker. The hangover. And most of all the RANDOM RUBBISH that falls out of my mouth and into Ah Choy’s ears. He later told me that I told him a lot. A LOT?? A LOT?? What’s A LOT?? F*ck. AND THE BEST PART IS the boys discussed about me!! Bloody craplah I tell you. I told them all to disregard me. Rubbish only mah. Why discuss?? Don’t discuss!! I don’t need for everyone to know I’m psycho. It’s NOT supposed to be universal knowledge. Now it is. Ahh f*ck.

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