Friday, September 23, 2005


It’s already 10:17. And I’m feeling bad. I hate it when I realize it’s countdown to the trip to the airport. Maybe I should have just gone ahead to The Loft as planned. Still haven’t been there.

Previously unmentioned...
Ah Choy
: Rebel. Don’t listen to them, they are d ones who need your money. Don’t start classes so soon. You can do it just like what you’re asking me to do. You know d amount of nicotin, tar n god knows what else they put inside. Its gets to you, like after 9 yrs and you do’t get the normal dosage. You do get cranky. Hehe.
moi: wat u mean by do like I ask u? eh beating an addictn is nt d same as ponteng class. Supposd go loft thurs but now hv 2 cancel. Again miss chance. waitg in line 45 mins liao cos jusco j-card day n every1 shop groceries like nobody business. Hd 2 do mum’s shop list. Damn bad mood. Nicotin is hardest substance abuse 2 kick. Its nt cranky just nt ur usual dose of euphoria n focus.
Ah Choy: What you mean miss chance? Don’t be a wuss n listen 2 them, take ur own sweet time. Go back only when you want 2 n not need to. Stay la. Damn sien ere, I know what. Come 2 singapore 4 d weekend, I bring you around. K.
moi: dunno whether u mockg me or wat but ur offer I almost cannt resist. Seriously. Aiii u shud hv invited earlier. I wud hv followd u tat Sunday. Sigh aiya u kno-lah they rule my life. Alwz did. In ur words: “mahai. Fuck offlah. They damn chat ctrl me. damn siuhai.”

I fear the law. As much as I SO SO SO really wanted to go to Singapore, in the end, I know I’d still pack my bags… wear my uggs… put on my Adidas jacket… and drag the suitcase to counter L, KLIA. I don’t know why I won’t defy them. I just won’t. And everyone gives me a hard time about it. Not that I’m gonna have to heave a heavy sigh saying “they don’t understand” and all again (which they don’t) but I fear the penalty would be more than I can stomach. And after some losses, I don’t want that anymore. Like how you threaten to put an ex-convict back into prison and his eyes well up in tears and in a whimper he begs you “Please don’t put me back there. Please.” Me three. It probably sounds so bloody ass melodramatic. But to me it is.

I was at the Swarovski counter in Jusco awhile ago and this dude (who I thought was kinda cute... aiii should have made conversation!!) bought the Harmony set. I think he did anyway. Wow. So Malaysians DO buy those crystal thingies. What do they do with it? I mean they bring it home… take it out from the packaging… place it on their mantelpiece… view. Finish. End of Story. I really should have asked him what does he do with them clown fishes. Maybe when he takes a bath he brings them in with him and reenact Nemo scenes. KAKAKA. Funny. I mean I collect Pooh beanies but it’s not the same. Pooh beanies don’t only function as a spectacle but you can hold them and nuzzle them against your cheek and kiss them and talk to them and throw them about without fearing they’ll crash to pieces etc. You cannot do those with crystals. OK you might be able to kiss it but the saliva might ruin the sheen and the edges poke. G*D if you’re listening. Please let me bump into him at the Swarovski counter the next time I come home so I can ask him what he does with the fishes. Thank you.

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