Monday, September 19, 2005

don't sad sad. be happy happy.

Email to Ah Choy (& c.c 2 other positively-challenged friends):

"wah, at first this morning i so damn bad mood one (thats why dowan to answer ur phone callslah). then suddenly see u so damn bad mood then see another friend also so damn bad mood then see ANOTHER friend also so damn bad mood. third time's the charm-lah. so now i suddenly damn good mood liao. also post-reading celebrity gossips on tabloid sites really made me feel SO much better. so while mucking about in my room, decided to take pictures with random fun kitsch lying delightfully around my furniture. nah show u 3 saddo dingos some pictures. make u laugh kaukau properly abit. don't you even DARE go and fwd this to ppl. immediately send to trash after viewing. if not janji you get syphillis!!"

cake chick

lager chick

rapper chick

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