Friday, September 09, 2005


I’ve finally conviced Dddy to watch 24. I’m
really more of his TiVo ‘cos I tend to select shows which I feel he might like and most of the time he ends up liking it.
Anyway he’s watching it now.

I just got back from an outing with Miss PalnaPalna. We went to American Chillis ‘cos that so-called Jazz bar called No Black Tie has been closed since forever!! I KNEW it!! Ever since she told me about that place (of which I interrogated her regarding the frequency she has been to the place and to my utter horrors she replied once LAST YEAR) she’s been raving of how we HAVE to go there. WHATT??! Miss TanTan knew better. We had been circling the place forever. Now we know it’s closed. She should have known better. I knew that entertainment spots in KL don’t last long so I really had this coming. It came.

I’m high. I had like 3 heavy drinks which came in giant glasses. Giggles!! Wish I was in present in Miss WeeWee or Ah Choy + Ah Yeoh combo company. They really know how to make me laugh. I could giggle all nite!!

So I really am slow at typing this ‘cos I HATE spelling errors and everythime my fingers miss a spot, I’ve gotta go back and retype things. but now I think I’ll just go on; I’ll just type and type with crappy typos. F*ck grammar!! My contact klenses are really dry and I really should take them off but I don’t want to or it’ll ruin my writing mood.

I was in the s*BIUCks headquarters yesterday. And had real fun like mooching around and taking pictures of random paraphernalia. It’s a rweal fun place to work in and the environment seems to cheerful. Miss PalnaPalna was really busy with OT work so I helped her write on a couple of CDs. She offered me a temp job if I wanted to for a couple of days to do temp crap like paperwork for RM5 / hr. I figured I might just do that for the heck of things. know what I mean. Though I absolutely dread the idea of data entry and invoive filling. Yuck :P

She leaves for Penang tomorrow. They have an event up there tomorrow and efforts to support the Hope clinic of which S*bucks stupports. I told her to look out for single eligible doctors and lelong me properly. I’d even throw in a free gambar glamour with seductive poses for free. Not to mention my biodata!! Kakaka :D so anyways this means I’ve gotta think up Friday’s event which is tonght on my own and I have to let everyone KNOW. I don’t think Miss TanTan can make it so it won’t be as fucn with just Miss ChongChong and Miss ChewChew alone whit their significant other. I mean I might be bringing Ah Choy and Ah Yeoh so it’ll be more bouys then girls. Ficuk. Sh*t. I dunno-lah how nw. whether to just go ahead with Friday plans or not. See howlah. Oh well.

Sophiekins leaves tomorrow. I really should start cleabing up my mess in the living room and the house. Besides my parents are going to Kelanatan and I’m gonna be all alone.

I spoke to HIM (Mr Semangka) yesterday. It was SOOO brief that could not even outrun a mouse’s stroll but it wasss something. It has been MONTHS sice I had any progress. REMINDER: what had happened was NOT PORGRESS but it wsd something. Dunno how to categorize it. HE’s hjuilarious but also highly guarded. Dunno why.

I’m gping a lil nuts aleready. Miss RachRach just sms-ed me in CHilli’s that prako is gonna start on the 26th of this month!! WOWWW 2 qhole weeks more!! I could have cried. Zana was ecstatic too. Jass seemed a lil dismayed.

Stella Adidas isa HERE. I saw the line in Kuala Lumpur and m,anaged to get hold of the waterbottle. I already have the yoga mat and Sophiekins realized that it‘s pricier in UK than Malaysia due to the exchange rate. F*ck. I shall have to buy more of my sh*t here in the Malaysia!!!

I’m still confised over hwat to let Ah Choy get me. I don’t wanna be a b*tch and totally take advantage but not really also cos I would have gotten ghim that PSP thingy but now I want that personalized Anya Hindmarch purase. I do I do!! Ah f*ck I’m such a f*cker. I feel bad he has to pay for me when I’m SO insignificant to me and really quite more of a pest than anything else./

So many random thoughts haunting my mind.

Miss PennyPenny: Miss TanTan's sister is pregnant. 8 mths that is and it’s a boy. I could feel the head and back. It was miraculoius. I forgot how to measure the fundus but I hope I Leopolded well. Oh shit I should brush up on my O&G clinical skills.

OK tired. The end.

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