Sunday, August 28, 2005

wisuda yukkk!!

It begins at 0600...

Basically it says UNPAD cordially invites you to your daughter's graduation. Get your ass over quick or got no space left in the tents and you'll have to stand for 4 hours.

Papparazzis surround the main gate in hopeful glimpses of starlets making the way down the paved red (muddy earth) 'carpet'. Dddy is culturally-shocked. MOI, big lover of the lenses, gets groove on.

Shelbulous moi teaches Mmmy to face the camera. Dddy is enjoying the moment. He later mentions that being stalked by the papparazzis will be one of his fond memories of Bandung. Amateurs!!

Damn hot. Smiled anyways. L-R: Miss IyanIyan, Miss HanHan, Miss KosKos, Miss MasMas, c'est moi

3 stooges.

Prof Firman, my hair sucks. How??

L-R: Miss KosKos, moi

Dddy absolutely loves Jonas and the whole studio photography business. All these for RM100. OK-lah...

My face is the shape of a pumpkin PIE :I

Chewah. Keluarga contoh.

L-R: Mmmy, Sophiekins, Dddy, FATgirl

Peranakan gila!! Miss MasMas thinks I'm so NYONYA here. I thought that pose was ridiculously funny. It took me awhile to keep a straight face.

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