Monday, August 22, 2005

when you get what you want but not what you need

Watching The Record Shop of Channel V. Love this slot. Allows me to keep up with new tunes. Wish someone would try to fix me. Sophie Muller did a great job with this clip. She has a knack for colors. I definitely would want her to direct my 1st clip.
Tomorrow we’re gonna go down to KLCC to get me my graduation kebaya. I was thinking of checking out that Sharifah Kinrana shop that everyone’s raving about. I hope I’d be able to score something really nice and not too expensive. The graduation’s not that big a deal to me anymore. It’s funny because I’ve always envisioned it to be something absolutely life-revolutionary and in the end it really is quite mediocre. Perhaps I’m highly disappointed with the lingering Ds in my certificate. Sh*t. I cannot believe there will be presences of Ds in my transcript. F*ckerama. Besides since I did not ‘cumlaud’ (honors?) I won’t be getting the spot on the stage so it’s just a tent thing. How unfortunate for my parents. Frankly, I’m just unhappy that I couldn’t present them with a really worthy graduation experience. For starters I have my Ds and I still hadn’t manage to cut the 3.0 cGPA and my family will be watching me through an OHP surrounded by a Hari Sukan ambience. Shit. Even American high-school teenagers get a cooler ceremony than us.

But if there’s one thing I learnt from this is that whenever you think life sucks, you look over your shoulder and find a person with a suckier life. If I think that it really sucks with my D-laden transcript, Miss KhaiKhai doesn’t qualify to graduate even if she wants to. If Miss KhaiKhai thinks that really sucks, Miss MayaMaya and Miss CrisCris has to go through a block on their own and wait till February or later to graduate. IF the duo think that really sucks, the lot who has to repeat has got a whole year before graduation even though we commenced at the same time. If they think that really sucks, they can pity us for graduating with shitty results. So everyone has got everything to regret and everything to be grateful for.

I told Dddy that I have this theory that for everyone’s strength / asset, that would also be their downfall. It’s always like that. We were going round the table, while having dim sum, over what our strengths were. Sophiekins’s would be her non-stop bull & cock stories. Mmmy’s would be her ‘keeper’ attitude. Mine is my ability to bear. Dddy’s is his chinchai-ness. I’ve always believe that it is our strength that could lead to the demise of us. Perhaps it’s our power is our one weakness.

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