Wednesday, August 31, 2005

*don’t phunk with my heart*

I couldn’t really sleep last night. And I’m just feeling rubbish right now with last night’s indigestion. All Ah Yeoh’s fault-lah!! 2 bloody kilograms of crab. You haven’t even seen the portion of crayfish + kangkung + taufoo pok thing + noodles. I can’t believe 3 of us actually finished almost everything sometimes. OK-lah I know they’re boys and they should be able to finish like a truck of food but they had me too the HUGE eater-ette ;D so basically we struggled and finally we really wiped everything out. Wah that Tian Lee restaurant is really quite great. Trust me, I know good eateries. I eat out bloody everyday of my life so I really know what’s good and what not. And the food was waaay good!!

Mamak-ed with Ah Choy on Sunday night. He told me little scraps of stories of his new job and I told him little scraps of stories of my S-Ked business. It was nice to be in his company. Monday night with the Ah Yeoh Ah Choy combo is always entertaining. Going out with boys and their filthy mouths is such a breath of fresh hair. I noticed something funny about Ah Choy’s driving that always drove Ah Yeoh nuts. Ah Choy fumbles with his hand-break knob-tip thing. And I realize he does it a lot when he’s makes sharp turns or when he starts to slow down. It’s bloody funny!! He says he picked it up from his family ‘cos his entire family population (excluding mother I presume) fumbles with the damn thing. KAKAKA. We’re all going out again today: Cosmic Bowl at MidValley. I suggested that. I’ve always wanted to bowl there. I believe the next activity would be minature golf or just plain driving-lah. There’s a driving range just beside my housing area. We haven’t got a club though. I don’t even know how does a driving club look like. I really should find acquaintances that golf.
Being home has been good. Unfortunately the clubbing plan didn’t work out. Miss TanTan has to go outstation, Miss ChongChong has to care for her deaf god son and Miss ChewChew got grounded for allowing Ah Zai to overnight at home. Yaargh!! It got me into such a bad mood yesterday. I suppose this is how it’s like with everyone working *sigh* I know I’m in no position to be feeling irked by all this ‘cos all I am is just a STUDENT. What do I know about yuppie schedule?

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