Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Today was ULTRA CRAP 2010!! I bloody knew something was going to go wrong ‘cos there wasn’t a Damri bus to Dipati Ukur ready at the Pangkalan Damri when I got there. Now, you’d think “Aiya no bus only what! Just wait for the next one-lah!” Now, listen here merry folks of the civilized realm, Jatinangor is NO Brighton OK where the lovely folks queue up in such an orderly manner and allowing disabled / elderly / with child to automatically have the priority jump the damn queue. Trying to get onto a Damri bus is like having to fight for a space in the last bus which will cross over to the South Korea border (if I got my political analogy right that is). Well the moment the bus arrived at the junction, everyone started to get themselves ready for the ultimate push… and as it made its U-turn towards the stop you could sense everyone scratching their hoofs on the ground ready for the dart to the 2 entrances of the bloody metal box. There are times I feel really bad that I have to shove old ladies away just so I can get a seat in the bus but ayia no choice or I’d be pinned against sweaty sleazy old men who would either attempt at picking my pocket or groping my umm.. anatomy for 2 freakin hours.

So then OK I got a seat in the bus but since I didn’t get the window seat I got pinned against bystanders on the aisle and I really felt like that f*cker was shoving his crotch on my arm. That’s the bus for you. I just pretended I fell asleep but I was so uncomfortable in that position I could have barfed!

And as I made my way to Kantor Kerjasama, I met the nice lady who works as in the Dr’s office and GUESS WHAT?? He’ll be in Jakarta for a damn week. And my deadline for final draft correction is tomorrow. Ah what the f*ck.

And when I got to BEC to buy ink cartridge it wasn’t opened yet so I decided to just bloody go home instead of waiting for it to open. My mood was foul as it is.

Then the bloody Damri I took during the journey back was the slowest piece of machine ever!! And the worse thing was it broke down just after the Cileunyi Tol (I mean I don’t know whether to consider it good luck or bad luck ‘cos it could have been the Moch Toha Tol which would ultimately mean that the only resort is to hang myself) and almost blew up. When it broke down, I assume it would just start on up after some attempts because this is the usual scenario with the Damri buses. Then suddenly it made this really loud spurting noise and everyone (who hadn’t left before, including me, as we were still adamant of having it ferry us to the station) started clambering out. Oh GOODNESS the pushing!! I had to make sure my bag didn’t get all squashed up as I tah-pau-ed noodles from Strawberry Corner and all the shoving might burst the packet and drench my bag.

So I had to walk out to find an angkot so that I could go to the Secretariat and sign my SK-ed form. Thank goodness Miss MusMus had it all ready for me and my pictures didn’t turn out half bad.

Still damn hak-tou-sei today. Feel like crashing dishes to the floor.

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