Sunday, July 10, 2005


It’s been a somewhat rough week. Now I thought coming home (illegally) would just help me leave my troubles behind and I could maybe get some peace of mind. Clearly, I was mistaken. In fact, my troubles double-packed its suitcase and followed me home instead. First it was the whole trouble with my minor thesis seminar date which I really thought I had gotten all under control and it was set on the 19th of this month but then there was confusion and more confusion… drove me up the f*cking wall. And the best thing about it is that in the end, it just flipped back to its original date of 19th. Whatever! Then Sophiekins goes amissing and it drove me insane trying to get hold of her ‘cos she was supposedly on the way from Paris and I wasn’t sure if she flew there or went by train. She didn’t leave a detailed travel itinerary and so I didn’t know if she took the Eurostar or a flight and if she took a train she might have been in London and if she was in London she might be amidst the whole terrorist explosion business at King’s Cross. Anyway in the end I figured her password out checked her email and Easyjet itinerary (which I knew from itemized Amex billing narrated by the Amex operator) realizing only in the last minute she flew directly from Liverpool. OK phew for that. Then Dddy decides to tell me the agonizing trouble that has been burying his thoughts. Some lab value went amok during Mmmy’s general health check-up and the doctor came up with a probable diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer! It’s the worse of the worse. Low survival rate. Horribly painful. Go to any cancer ward and you’ll know that the bunk which the wailing sources from would be a pancreatic cancer patient. I couldn’t even swallow my saliva. Anyway after further CT scan, they determined that the pancreas was OK. But there was some cysts in her ovaries. One of which was 4 inches big. Huge. I’m still really concerned over the pancreatic cancer bit and will have to brush up on that tonight. It bugs me indirectly and I know this because I squint when I think of it *sigh* The trouble never ends, does it? Anyway she’s scheduled for an operation next week to remove the cysts. OK. And I heard Miss MuniMuni got a B for her seminar which is a shocker because this means it’s REALLY possible to get something lower than an A. G*ddd!

I don’t even know how to breathe anymore. I’ve been overloaded with chief concerns for a month now. So tired to even feel like thinking.

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