Monday, July 18, 2005

*follow through*

How come I’m not surprised that crap is being laden down the path of my life? Yesterday was Judicial I. I failed all my 4 MDEs and 3 departments (yes, they finally released the ‘departmental’ bomb to explode in my face after 4 f*cking years). So basically this remedial, I’m going to retake 11 papers AGAIN. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Why I can never have the courage to just stick with a few basic papers and try to score hard on with those? I don’t know. I was never born to risk. Ever since I was a child I’ve seen my parents never gamble with circumstances hence they taught me to always to do everything with security.

Hehe, I can still remember the look on Ah Choy’s face last year when I told him I retook 11 papers. He thought it was not the smartest move. So really I don’t know why I’m doing this again. When I look at the remedial schedule, I immediately sense a surge of fatigue taking over my mind and body. It’s going to be such a tiring and hard battle. *sigh*

I really HAVE to pass this year. I really have to graduate with my Bachelor’s (SKed). I really have to wear that hat especially for Mmmy. She was discharged yesterday. That’s good news. I think the most uplifting one is when Sophiekins told me she was cleaning out her hospital cupboard. That’s really Mmmy for you then.

Miss MaziMazi’ floppy was infected with the ‘kangen’ virus and when Ah TKL helped transfer the files from her disc to my flash drive (to help her burn her stuff), it infected the drive and now it has infected my system. It disguised itself as a minor thesis file and when I opened it my start-up button fucked up. I KNEW it was the bloody kangen file because I kena infected by it once in my old comp. Now it’s all over my C and D drive. Mutha F*cka!! I got so pissed. Enough and enough of all these shit happening to me already. So frustrated and bloody pasrah.

Anyway my seminar will be on Tuesday and I don’t think I’m going to do as well as I presume I would. Ibu Diah (she doesn’t wanna be called Dr) asked me some test questions and GOODNESS GRACIOUS they were tough and not something I could answer at the top of my head. Also I have to belanja the entire Medical Chemistry and Nutrition department on that day. Man. It’s going to be quite taxing on me financially. Fortunately I’m gonna go home after that.

Ah Kartik called up yesterday that he could do my ERP after all!! I was exhilarated. I was always clueless about the ERP business and as a regular person I would not have been able to get it done in a day. Only Ah Kartik could have the power to do that. He won’t be going to Jakarta and he’s doing this only ‘cos I told him my mother’s in the hospital which is TRUE. At least the ERP business is already dealt with.

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