Sunday, July 03, 2005


The second he put his John Hancock all over my papers I think I heaved the biggest sigh of relief ever heard. Right now I feel so liberated that I don’t really care much about anything. And my appetite is back. Craps for that but oh well. At least he signed. Now all there’s left is for me to put some finishing touches to my minor thesis and get them printed out in copies of 6. Submit them come Monday and wait for Dr Tina to confirm my seminar date. Whilst that, I’ve got to work on my seminar presentation and MDE remedials. I’m going home. Heck yeah! F*ck anything and everything! Now what I need is a single Exit-Reexit Permit of which I will assign for Ah Kartik’s assistance ‘cos I’m such a bimbo when it comes to visa and immigration shit. He charges me a bomb for it but better than having to tread there by myself. Hopefully he can get it done in a day so I can take the Tuesday plane home. FINGERS CROSSED.

Right now I haven’t done anything. Just basically lazing on my bed. I’ve had SO much to do the past f*cking month that now that everything’s sort of dealt with, kinda leaves me feeling bewildered. I just wanna go home for awhile. Plus Sophiekins’d be back. She’s bringing my stuff home like my Stella Adidas shoes etc. She’s in Paris right now working in Shakespeare & Co. It would be neat to catch up.

Miss RachRach’s arranging a trip to Bali for the entire KPBI batch. Cool. We’re dividing the week between Bali and Lombok just before Judicial II (report card day… or actually worse: declaration of whether you get to graduate or not day). I’m quite excited. I’ve already started organizing my outfits in my mind. Hehe.

Clothes are all that matters baby :P

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