Friday, July 29, 2005

*all the way*

I really fancy these sort of tunes. Very Millenium Marvin Gaye. I call it ‘poncy-poncy’ music. Right now I’m waiting for Miss MuniMuni to get the answers to Gastrointestinal System questions from Miss HaHa so that she can hover them here pronto and I can quickly compare them to whatever meek answers I already have, and get them stored in my bloody frontal lobe. I failed this paper so the remedial had better score me a B so between SOCA, I might be able to scrape an A which would be of real help to my GPA.

Miss WongWong will be getting married on Boxing Day this year. Both the church reception and wedding dinner will be held in Sibu. I’m not sure if my schedule would permit this but I sure hope so. Also early in the month of December, Ah Siv will be having his wedding as well. Wow. I guess it starts pouring in from now, them wedding invitations that is.

I’ve just finished the 1st season of Desperate Housewives! Mighty fine series and they sure make them up well. Teri Hatcher actually looks like she’s 28 or something :D You know, I’ve always wanted to be a housewife. Perhaps this show has made me think twice about making housecleaning and childbearing a career. I’ve always told people that I really don’t enjoy the thought of having a job and I really don’t mind if my husband was filthy rich and begged me to stay home and help raise a family. They shun me for my careless waste of a higher education and my consent to SUBMIT to my husband as he would hold control over all financial duties. I’ve always envisioned myself to be very much like Gabrielle Solis: not know what to do but shop all day. But in the end, I think I’m really a combo of Bree Van De Kamp and Lynette Scarvo. It’s Lynette’s ridiculously low self-esteem which is slowly eating into the destruction of her household. I should really learn from that. I mean, people go on and on over how one day a man is going to stumble upon me and be blown away by my enigmatic personality. But I don’t want him to just like me for who I am, I want him to lust over me like a Playboy bunny. That every time he turns a page of The Penthouse magazine, all he sees is ME (in an erotic position hyukhyuk). I want a man who thinks I’m cute and gorgeous at the same time. I know I am no Carmen Electra but hey I should have a right to want this in my man, right? Watching these women struggle to keep their family integrated and functional, it makes me sad to see how everything turns out because in reality, this really is how it’s like most of the time. We will always have to suffer as a woman, a wife and especially a mother.

It’s what people call sacrifice (in order to compromise).

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