Monday, June 13, 2005

sitting waiting wishing

I should get on with my learning issues asap. Moreover it’s pathogenesis which is bloody hellin’complicated and not a no-brainer like lab diagnostics or definition and epidemiology. My eyes are stinging. I haven’t slept in 2 days. All gara-gara minor thesis. Anyway it’s quite done, I already submitted the sort-of final draft (crappy and incomplete but at least something better than nothing, I’m still gonna keep working on it of course) to Dr R. “I’m very busy today.” Yalaaah I know!! It’s not as if I wanna sit and chat anyways, just wanna personally pass him my work so he doesn’t complain it gets lost or whatsoever you know. Furthermore I was suffering from lactose intolerance at that moment after the morning Milo and was too busy thinking of finding a loo. I heard so many horror stories about him from Miss PrisciPrisci and Miss ChiChi and the whole damn gang that he really kinda terrifies me. I hope he doesn’t yell at me or throw my thesis on the floor (which he always do or so I heard) when I go see him on Thursday ‘cos my work is kinda crap-lah. F*ck.

Anyway today I FOUND Jack Johnson’s ‘In Between Dreams’ in Disc Tarra which I NEVER thought I would have stocked him. Thank goodness I hadn’t ordered one online from HMV. I’ve been searching for that track ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’ for what seems like ages. OK-lah not like ages but awhile juga-lah. Also finally got my hands on S Club 7’s ‘Best Of’ :) Happy-lah me. And I bought this Mossimo bikini which totally rocks except the bottom of it is loose. Aiya. Bila pakai M, top tak muat but when I bought L bottom pula yang tak muat. Bloody hell. I’m just gonna have to get them altered but it might turn out to be disastrous, what to do, no choice. I really should have been a little more earnest and tried the bottoms on in the fitting room. Good lesson learnt. Although there was this really nice MNG pin-stripe blazer that was sooo classy but I couldn’t button it close even though it was a size 10. Sh*t. I suppose I’m still NOT an ideal size 10 yet. Totally sucky feeling. I might reconsider to get that Nike bomber jacket in fire engine red. It’s DA BOMB but the only sizes left were L and XL. I should try the L one the next time I go around.

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