Friday, June 17, 2005

sigh VI

He hates my minor thesis. My supervisor, Dr R. I went to see him today armed with what I THOUGHT was a good complete minor thesis (considering I worked on it day and night for a week now literally with only 2 hours of sleep a day and meticulated on it to what I thought was almost perfection) that probably just required some minor formatting control or mini-additions here and there. I overrated my work. He thought it was a pile of trash and contained no information. He also believed I had horrible English because I sure as hell didn’t seem like I knew what a paragraph was at the rate I was going in my Literature Review. He’s utmostly taken aback with my singular sentence paragraph. “Don’t you KNOW what a paragraph is?” “It begins with an idea and have several other sentences to support that idea!” I know-lah. I didn’t have any other sentences to support that singular idea. I couldn’t find any other source that supports Olney’s retinal damaged rats which also turned obese due to excess ingestion of MSG in any other place. It’s not as if their library department is bursting to the seams with journals. Anyway, he refused to sign the approval page and when I brought the whole deadline issue up, he went ballistic and gave Dr Tina a ring. So now this puts me in a stitch with Dr Tina too. Just what I needed. The deadline don’t matter anymore since I’m deemed ill-prepared. There goes my chance of ever graduating in August. I was strong enough to not break down in front of him. I just shed a few tears in the bus and waited till I got to my room before I bawled. I have nothing to say. Whoever said that hard work pays off is probably related to a mule. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother to live.

I’m so tired. I cried for 6 hours straight. Now I will go shove an entire cake and 2 McChickens down my throat.

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