Wednesday, June 08, 2005


OMG!! I just realized that I’ve been totally f*cking my time around ‘cos the deadline for submission of final minor thesis drafts will take place this coming Saturday!! OMG!! I mean I’m hardly even halfway through the damn thing which means I HAVE to finish it by this weekend and get it submitted on Monday and hopefully get the correction by Wednesday / Thursday and pave the road in time by Friday / Saturday. I am so so f*cking dead. Why oh why did I waste my time before?? This is so typical of me. Now I can’t give it my articulate best ‘cos all that’s racing in my mind is the f*cking deadline.

According to Magic-8-Ball, Paul J LIKES me but he WON’T ask me out on a date ever. God knows bloody why. I believe it. I don’t think anything is going to amount from this because what the heck we don’t know each other, don’t mix in the same clique, don’t share common activities plus it’s heading towards the end of the semester and with me having to juggle block exams, minor thesis business and my remedials… this leaves no place for well that-lah. Why won’t he ask me out on a date?? My age? The fact that I’m FAT? What?? I just needed to know ‘cos anyone who happens to fancy me NEVER ask me out. Like I’m some f*cking jinx or something. F*ck.

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