Saturday, June 11, 2005

f*ck II

Finally sorted out my C drive. Took some programs out and shoved them into D drive instead. I hardly had any space left in the former and Windows kept popping out messages to get me to clear my memory. But there wasn’t anything I wanted to throw out-lah. Crap. Anyway I did something today but I’m not sure if I did the program transfers properly so I suppose I’ll only know later when something craps up. Adoi, I HATE computer tech, it drives me f*cking crazy.
Today Ah Prada was all over my back bout the Paul J thing. And now, the story seems to be switching towards me chasing HIM!! OMG!! I KNOW!! I mean, like hello?? Me doing the chasing?? Hoho I don’t think so. I don’t even know the fella and we’ve never even had a freaking conversation and I’m NOT stalking him like how I usually would (hehe, did I just admit I’m a stalker?). And I don’t want the Regular program people winding up with the wrong story or I’d be known as “that girl AFTER Paul”!! OMG!! That cannot bloody happen. I’m egoistical and if I’m not doing the pursuit then I don’t want to be known to do so. I admit there is a perk of interest but it stops there and besides I only started noticing him ‘cos he was sweet to me. At least I thought he was sweet to me. Thank goodness everyone so caught up with the minor thesis and up-coming exams that this whole issue won’t blow out of proportion. He’s sort of high-profile-lah, so the fact that “oooh anak KPBI Malaysia lagi ngejarin sama anak Regular Indonesia” is going to send me straight to mortification hell. Especially since it’s not even true!!

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