Sunday, June 05, 2005

1 3 hill

It is 12 minutes to midnight and a start of a new day. Don’t want to speak of the crappy sh*t that happened today. Let’s just take a breather from my broody behaviour and speak about something nice. Like tonight. Tonight ended fairly nicely. I just came back from Miss KosKos’ room (upstairs) where we finished 2 episodes of One Tree Hill. The ones where Brooke turns sweet and Nathan battles between popularity and heartfelt friendship while Lucas. Lucas nothing, he’s just a damn great guy-lah… a little too naïve but all-round nice guy. And Nathan KISSED Hailey. SO SWEET really… I mean even HE caught me off guard. I mean I ALWAYS see these sort of stuff coming but bloody hell that was really so so out of the blue and great. And then Karen kisses Keith. RIGHT ABOUT TIME. I mean no guy sticks by you thick and thin and through everything… lending her his everything… putting himself out there ALL the time and NOT have feelings? Yeah, right. So anyway it’s really f*cking sweet of her to give him that goodbye kiss. He’s been so so great. What really took them this long to get like this?? And Nathan isn’t THAT much of a f*cker after all. I mean he did fall for Hailey who is like Miss Nobody in school. G*DD 2 damn great episodes. And Jake, that hottie, is a father!! No wonder he’s so grounded. Oh Brooke, I love Brooke. She’s really HOT. And those 2 dimples are to die for. Wish I looked like her. Sure as hell wouldn’t be in the tragic spinster situation I am in right now if I did. I like the whole not-afraid-to-be-flirty and just really a do-do person. I suppose it helps that she’s a slut where she gets most of her confidence from but then again, I think she’s a real delightful character. I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to instill a bit of Brooke in me. *SMILING*

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