Thursday, May 26, 2005

"gimme gimme gimme gimme... living in Beverly Hills"

My room is big pile of mess. My desk is filled with CDs and pirated DVDs. My wardrobe is bursting its seams from my expanding collection of clothes. There’s paper ALL over the floor and junk in corners of my room and on my bed. I’m surprised how I can even sleep at night. Actually I’ve mastered the skill of sleeping in a crouched position so that I can still sleep with the sh*t on my bed. Kekeke. Mmmy hates it, she thinks this is the reason why I have such a bad posture.

I’m listening to Weezer’s new album (pirated): Make Believe *sigh* I’m not thoroughly impressed. I know it debuted really well in charts all over the world but those people in favour of Make Believe are probably just those f*ckers who started listening to them from Green Album onwards. Make Believe seems like an updated pop version of Pinkerton. He’s trying to bring back the distortion of Blue Album and lyrical intellect of Pinkerton but somehow there’s just something about it that just doesn’t seem to cut it. And Beverly Hills?? OMG. It sounds like a KFC f*cking advertisement: “KFC that’s where I want to be!” Maladroit may not have been much of press cover but if you were to really compare the quality of tunes, Maladroit is such a revelation to me now (please go listen to Take Control and Burndt Jamb). It’s more mainstream rock, less Weezer, but sheer brilliance nonetheless. I feel they went an extra mile on Maladroit while Make Believe is just something to shelve in between the next better album. I’m disappointed. And any other Asian country in their gig list besides Japan? NEVER. I’m thinking of going to that idiotic Summersonic festival in Tokyo just so I can get a glimpse of them. The other dates bentrok with everything in my schedule. I already missed them in London back in the summer of 2000. I will never forgive myself for that. Gara-gara I had to go back to Malaysia for good. Sh*t. I guess the days of Blue Album and Pinkerton can never be relived. Besides rock stars, like people, change. I’m still their colossal fan. I will still support their future choice of music endeavors. I love them dearly; Rivers Cuomo made my teenage years more bearable and reminded me of home when all I hear on Brighton’s Sunshine FM is cheesy pop and techno dance. At one point I swore I wanted to marry him. I still harbour those feelings :)

Anyway I won’t be buying the Make Believe album here ‘cos the North America version has an enhanced feature of interviews with band members and I really really wanna hear what they’ve got to say bout Make Believe. Also their band martini T-shirt and that black baseball top are super great. They haven’t come out with good girls tee ever since those sheep ones back in I dunno 1996 or something like that. I had already wanted to purchase them online but guess what Malaysia isn’t listed in their list of countries when I attempted filling in the billing details which then deemed my entire information invalid thus no buy-lah. M*ther f*cker. They’ve got bloody Malawi but they haven’t got Malaysia. What th…?? People in Malawi actually buy that many f*cking Weezer t-shirts?? They’ve got to be kidding me. Anyway I wrote a mail to Cinderblock (company in charge of Weezer merchandise) regarding this. We’ll see what they’ve got to say bout that. In the meantime let’s hope they don’t go out of stock.

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