Tuesday, May 17, 2005

do the shuffle

It has been ages since I last said anything. I think I have lost a significant amount of weight. Last I weigh-ed in, I was 58.8 kg in Serdang Pharmacy. Funny enough I was supposedly 55 kg in clinical skills lab last week but I deem that impossible because I CANNOT be 55 kg. That would make me the same weight as perhaps Miss GradiGradi or Miss MusMus and I am nowhere near the size of 55 kg. That scale is broken. But if it ISN’T broken then Miss IyanIyan and Miss KosKos has definitely put on some blubber as they claim the clinical skills lab scale to be approximately right. Anyway I’ve had lots of exclamation coming from friends back home and lecturers who haven’t seen me in awhile and even Ah Yung this acquaintance of mine who I have been recently webcammin’ with kinda thinks so too. Speaking of webcam, I really adore this whole idea of being able to view a person who could be right over the ocean from you. It brings internet communication to a whole other level. I find it so bizarre but delightful to see Ah Yung puffing into the camera as I fumble with my laptop trying to give him a 360ยบ tour of my kitchen. It’s a funny thing this webcam. ANYWAY, back to the weight-loss issue, I contribute it a lot to the evening runs and futsal competition practice I have been going through lately. Unfortunately ever since I hurt my knee at the semi-finals, I have not been able to walk properly for a week which TOTALLY compromises my whole exercise routine.

Like I said before, we won the first round of futsal girls game. 0-1/1-0/1-0. I had the biggest buzz ever cos when I play, I play to win. I think we did pretty good for a team of oldies who practiced only a week before the competition without a coach. I was striker / midfielder. Anyway we were creamed the next day at the semi-finals. Not quite creamed-lah but we lost and I hate losing so let's just make it sound more melodramatic. I hurt my knee so now I can't flex or extend my left foot on effort. It pains to freakin’ death. I walk on crutches for now but I think the killer is trying to SQUAT over the toilet. I still don't know how to position myself so that I DON’T bend my knee, at one point I accidentally flexed that f*cking joint and I almost passed out on the toilet bowl(!!) The hurt is unbearable. I guess I'm not as tough / fit as I thought. And I can't even do floor exercises cos’ I tried that and oh well toilet-bowl incident reenactment. Very very ouch.

Other than that, Miss KosKos + Miss MasMas + Miss JoeJoe pulled in some money and got me an IPOD SHUFFLE for my birthday. Very very nice!! I think it tops my entire list of great birthday gifts though this one I kinda had to pay my way too cos’ I wanted a 1GB version (they overheard me ranting before). So it was like surprise, "here's your birthday gift and now you gotta fork in cos we're short” It's OK. I love that thing. It's a brilliant contraption the iPod shuffle. I would have liked a pink mini iPod better but this is damn great too. Not that we can afford the previous anyway at our current financial status.

So haven't been up to much except trying hard to finish up on my minor thesis. In case I haven't already mentioned, it's regarding the differences in levels of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) in leading brands of instant noodles between developed and developing countries. Boring boring medical chemistry and nutrition business-lah. There will be no need for elaboration. I'm not excited about all the typing its requiring anyway.

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