Thursday, May 26, 2005

champagne wishes & caviar dreams

Last night I indulged myself in a bottle of champagne. I had saved it for some special occasion or celebration but I suppose attempting to save myself from suicide counts as a good reason to pop the cork. I got it from Prague. Yup, I carried the bohemian brut all the way from Czech Republic to Malaysia to Indon. It’s great champagne. I don’t think I’ve tasted finer. Even Moet isn’t thaaat great compared to this Bohemia Regia. It’s no wonder they call themselves Finest Czech Sparkling Wine. I can’t quite recollect those connoisseur terms that I used to try to study but this one is sweet, has a full palate and delightful aftertaste. Even the nose is refreshing. Really really nice. Absolute YUM. Problem was, I didn’t want to finish the entire bottle in one setting but I’ve run out of bottle stoppers so I had to stuff the neck with rolled up tissue. It’s not going to stand well for long, I will have to finish the bottle tomorrow. I feel really nice. If only wine was cheap here, I could get drunk by myself after a crappy day like how I used to back in UK. I miss getting drunk.

Sophiekins just msg-ed me to let me know she got me my Adidas Stella McCartney Indranika shoes. Unfortunately they don’t come in her size so she can’t get a pair for Mmmy (they share the same shoe size). I shouldn’t have told Mmmy that I’m gonna get her a pair, she’ll only be disappointed now. As for me, I’m so excited to try on both my Indranika and Kaitara. I really hope they fit me well ‘cos they’re both so lovely lovely lovely!! My Nike (I call them ‘ninja’ shoes) are totally goners. The soles are wiped out and the surface is torn everywhere from the futsal competitions. Those girls are rough! As for the other stuff I wanted especially the hooded sweats and ringerback tanks, they were all out since March (line was launched in February ‘05). Crap. Sophiekins says I should have been more up-to-date ‘cos we were all in the UK in February for Chinese New Year and I could have scored myself some SMC stuff. F*ck!! How was I to know Stella worked with Adidas again?? I live in god-forsaken Jatinangor for goodness sakes!! I only knew bout the line after browsing through Vogue UK APRIL!! I knew that Stella designed some boots for Adidas back in fall ’00 or something but they’re totally limited edition and cost a damn bomb for that matter. Besides I’ve searched Adidas London / Manchester / Los Angeles / Berlin / Paris for them before and nada!! I kinda gave up on the wild goose chase after that. I saw a pair of Pumas that resembled them slightly… a Jap girl who was waiting for Galleries La-Fayette fashion show with me was sporting them (which I found later were on sale there too) but amounted to RM600. I made a pass. Fortunate for me I did ‘cos now Missy Elliot is out with her Respect Me line and she made them boots just like Stella’s. Stella’s classier but OK-lah beggars CANNOT be choosers!!

I know people find my fascination for couture peculiar and most of all seemingly excessive. Everyone has some passion in life, be it Manchester United, bowling, fishing or collecting Coca-Cola cans but amongst hoarding garbage like Pooh Beanies (especially winged and festive ones) and Hello Kitty paraphernalia I REALLY LOVE FASHION. I love watching the new collection sashaying up the catwalk. I love to hear what designers have to say about their mission in life when it comes to making clothes. I love to know which celebrity decides to go to Fashion Week. I have much to learn about the world of fashion and especially details on cuts and textiles. Still, simply, I love looking at great clothes and accessories. Call me materialistic or whatever-lah. I like owning pretty things. Period.

This is partially the reason why Dddy made me study medicine besides the fact it’s closely associated with his pharmaceutical line. The other motive is ‘cos I’m such a BIG-SPENDER. Anyway, in line of bringing me up to be independent and strong, he chose this education line so that I can afford to buy whatever I want with the money that I earn. And I’m a Miss Buy-A-Lot!! Plus now with my intense passion for fashion, it would really help to earn the big bucks. Currently I’m more on a budget scheme when it comes to couture. That’s why now my ranges of purchases are only limited to designers gone high-street like Karl Lagerfeld for H&M, Butterfly (Matthew Williamson) / Star (Julien MacDonald) / Rocha (John Rocha) / GS (Gharani Strok) / J (Jasper Conran) / Floozie (Frost French), Isaac Mizrahi for Target and now Adidas Stella McCartney. Of course there will be moments when I am granted Louis Vuitton (another personal favourite), Dior, Chanel, etc… but only after conscientious application and subsequent achievements. I remember my first couture: Louis Vuitton Vernis barrel bag in beige. Miss FujiFuji (my uncle’s then Jap girlfriend now wife) had one in blue and I was so struck by it. It was a work of art and that Vernis touch was so refined and charming. She mentioned that the Vernis line was sold out in Japan and the beige was a bestseller so after my application into Bellerbys College pulled through, I meekly requested for one while mum was shopping for a purse in LV, Singapore. I almost cried when Dddy, at that instance, called for the Louis Vuitton sales assistant to assist me with my request. He’s like that. He won’t say a f*cking word when you rant about it at home but when the timing is right and he roughly thinks you should own one, he just gets down to it and BHAM BOUGHT!! He kills me sometimes, you know. I know it’ll take him a whole loada effort to regain that sum I splashed on a piece of accessory but he’d do it for his family. This is one of the chief reason why I keep myself in med school for him. People won’t really get it, I don’t expect them to either. Anywayyys, everyone was just so damn shocked that my handbag cost a f*cking RM5000 (I can’t quite remember but that seems about right). They’ve never even heard of Louis Vuitton. I suppose I was way ahead of my friends when it came to couture. Just recently at drinks in La Bodega, Bangsar, Miss ChongChong brought up this whole deal with me and couture-fetish and never forgetting my Vuitton Vernis bag which horrified them then but they understand it now. Like I said, I was way ahead of them when it came to couture. Cos it’s my zeal mah.

Also Miss KhaiKhai celebs news bulletin (‘cos she has Indovision maaah… satellite TV-lah):
Kylie Minogue has breast cancer: OMG, it’s even on CNN-lho
Jennifer Garner has been impregnated by Ben (Bennifer II): OMG II
Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes: OMG III
Aiya bloody hell, Tom Cruise should bloody date me instead. Katie Homes? I mean that Dawson’s Creek chick, I don’t even like her… she, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes. Don’t like ‘em.

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