Sunday, May 29, 2005

3 colors

The enhanced contents on my Weezer: Make Believe and Seven And The Sun: Back To Innocence finally plaaays on my comp. It couldn’t bring the audio of the enhanced piece out this morning and trying to work it out was driving me CRAZY!! But it can play now so no worries.

Last night was pretty good. I had a pleasant time. The day-out started with us being stuck in the Jatinangor jam which took us an hour to get out of. So by the time we hit the toll it was nearing towards evening and the first stop was Kota Kembang, Jl. Dalam Kaum. It’s a pirated haven. I didn’t have any cash on me so I couldn’t buy anything, besides I’m not done with watching 24 (season 2 + 3) and South Park yet so it’s OK. I was looking out for good mainstream dance compilations. I’m not much of a trance fan but more of cheesy dance so the choices were very limited. I ended up buying nothing. Next stop was BSM. The MANGO slutty top I adored came only in UK size12. Oh dear. It’s a little too large for me and the beads are loose which makes for the securing of that part of cloth that secures my tits vulnerable. But I like it so much, it has a babydoll look and even though it takes me half an hour to figure out how to put it on, every single time, I really think it’s the ultimate SLUT top to wear during that post-Bachelor’s of Medicine party we’re gonna have!! Basically we’re gonna all go out clubbing at a good club to celebrate our graduation and we’re all gonna be dressed like downright sluts!! Then I dropped by 3colors to sort out the picture problem I was having, I still don’t know if my message got out right ‘cos we were having the biggest communication breakdown. Before running off I quickly scoured Tarra Megastore for my S Club 7 Best Of. Out of stock!! Alaaa!! But my eye caught glimpse of Weezer’s Make Believe with enhanced bonus content. I was really puzzled because I thought only the North America version was to be with the enhanced section. Asian ones are just gonna be down with bonus tracks as the UK and Japan (you must be thinking how come I didn’t just include Japan in the asian category? ;D) versions. I got real excited and it’s funny ‘cos they brought in Seven And The Sun (with enhanced bonus content too!!!) and I never thought they’d bring Seven And The Sun in. It’s their debut album and although it didn’t contain the track I wanted, I bought it anyway just to try them out. What a score for both of them CDs :) We decided to go eat in Atmosphere after all and it was a really really pleasant place. We didn’t score good seats ‘cos we hadn’t made reservations so that’s a lesson to be learned. After that I got myself a couple of Victoria Secrets shorts which were ultra cute. Tim weren’t really prepared to go home just as yet so we went to have cake in Tomodachi. I think their cake was stale ‘cos my Strawberry soft cheese cake sucked. Or maybe ‘cos I was TOO full. I think the night ended relatively well.

When I got home I put the babydoll slut top back on and boogie-d to Miss KhaiKhai’s R&B DJ mix tracks on full blast. I know people don’t know it (or maybe just Miss KosKos and Miss MasMas ‘cos I told them) but sometimes when I really get the clubbing itch, I’d strap on my heels (in my pyjamas), switch the lights off, pour myself rum (I have a bottle of Bacardi Watermelon Breezer shots at the back of my fridge for moments like this), visualize myself in Paradox and shake my tail-feather to Mona’s R&B DJ mix dance tunes. It’s really pathetic.

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